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Can hate turn into love? (Natasha Romanoff x female reader/ enemies to lovers) by 777sunshine777
Can hate turn into love? ( 777sunshine777
Y/n was 24 when she joined the Avengers. She got friends with everyone except for Natasha. The hot red-haired woman who hated Y/N as such as Y/n hated Natasha. !!! I do...
Mornings - (A Natasha Romanoff story) by nicole_oopmarvel
Mornings - (A Natasha Romanoff Nicole :)
Avery is at her job at a small coffee shop. The avengers come by one day and Sam Wilson starts flirting with her. Although she's flattered, Sam isn't the one who catches...
Black Widow Oneshots (Natasha x Reader) by trekkingroundasgard
Black Widow Oneshots (Natasha x startrekkingaroundasgard
A collection of Natasha Romanoff x Reader oneshots, reposted from my tumblr. Please read the tags/warnings/ratings on each individual fic.
Forever Yours Natasha Romanoff FF (English part) by bimarvellover
Forever Yours Natasha Romanoff Cloud
The 19 year old (Y/n) is kidnapped by the Avengers. However, they quickly realize that they have kidnapped the wrong girl. However, they can't just let her go because sh...
Natasha Romanoff One Shots by natromanoffdanvers
Natasha Romanoff One Shotsby lissie
some one shots for the loml Natasha fluff and angst writing is mine, characters belong to Marvel
Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshots by emerson_writes18
Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshotsby emerson_writes18
these are all from my tumblr @/natsfirecat all are written with the intent of fem reader but some don't use any gendered pronouns for reader aNYWAYS enjoy besties :D
Natasha Romanoff fluff imagines  by lololover14
Natasha Romanoff fluff imagines by Naturesapphic
These are my tumblr imagines and I decided to put them on wattpad too :)
Take me home : Natasha Romanoff x fem reader by g0lden_pages
Take me home : Natasha Romanoff g0lden_pages
A slowburn, Natasha Romanoff/ Black widow x Fem! Reader. Through the events of Captain America Civil war - post endgame! [Note, not all chapters are spell checked so pl...
At Worlds End (Iron Man) | Natasha Romanoff x Reader by Lesbian_Deadpool
At Worlds End (Iron Man) | And I Killed Sparky Too!
The Truth Is... I Am Iron Man. --- As a Staff Seargent for the United States Air Force, it was in the cards for you to witness demonstrations of weapons that your superi...
At Worlds End (Thor) by Lesbian_Deadpool
At Worlds End (Thor)by And I Killed Sparky Too!
This Drink... I Like It! ANOTHER! --- After receiving a medal for your involvement fighting against Whiplash, you were off to New Mexico as your new position as an Agent...
Natasha Romanoff Imagines (editing) by nats-dreamland
Natasha Romanoff Imagines (editing)by she’s not alone
Main pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader These imagines will be reader insert and mostly gender neutral unless stated otherwise (if not gn then will be fem!reader). All...
Marvel One shots by adrisparkelz
Marvel One shotsby ilike2writesumtimes
Self explanatory... - Please Please Please request anything that you want to see - I don't really write smut (sorry) - these may be friendships or romantical type shiz ...
The Girl Between Two Worlds by RainbowNonie
The Girl Between Two Worldsby I love you 3000
Part two of The girl who fell between two worlds! Please read it before you read this it might get a little confusing. After Y/N Stays where she belongs, A new threat...
Mutants (Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader) by CaitlynsWh0re
Mutants (Natasha Romanoff x CaitlynsWh0re
How will The Avengers react when they find out Hydra created more than one super-soldier with deadly abilities?
And the death knocks by hulahippo
And the death knocksby miamorromanoff
What happens when a young women's gym get blasted away? She continues training at the Avengers Compound. This is a storyline between Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova and...
The Other Romanoff by cathrrrine
The Other Romanoffby cathrine
Y/N Romanoff finds herself in a strange predicament when she lands in a universe drastically different to her own. The Avengers are basically non-existent in the present...
These Kinds Of Mornings (Natasha Romanov x Female!Reader) by dxncingwithastrxnger
These Kinds Of Mornings (Natasha Alexxx
You enjoy a calm, sweet morning with your girlfriend Natasha, and a break from the usual chaos of your guys' everyday routine.
Streams Of Danger by grxwingstrxng
Streams Of Dangerby » Čøtë. «✨
3 am written fanfiction, Natasha Romanoff x reader as you might have noticed. There's a multi-part story and some one shots, you can also find them on my Tumblr @/sing4p...