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Number Neighbors- Natasha Romanoff  x Reader by Upon-A-Starry-Night
Number Neighbors- Natasha Starry<3
When you catch sight of the newest trend going around you know you're all but bound to at least try it, it was harmless anyway. What could possibly stem from something s...
It's okay (Natasha Romanoff x female reader) by 777sunshine777
It's okay (Natasha Romanoff x 777sunshine777
Y/n's mental health isn't really the best. She becomes a new Avenger and meets all of the Avengers. Everyone is really nice to her and she feels very safe especially wi...
Summer's Love (Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader) by lihoromanoff
Summer's Love (Natasha Romanoff lihoromanoff
Experiencing summer love with a former assassin isn't what you expected.
Mornings - (A Natasha Romanoff story) by nicole_oopmarvel
Mornings - (A Natasha Romanoff Nicole :)
Avery is at her job at a small coffee shop. The avengers come by one day and Sam Wilson starts flirting with her. Although she's flattered, Sam isn't the one who catches...
malignant (Natasha X Reader) by dexnumber
malignant (Natasha X Reader)by dexnumber
/məˈlɪɡnənt/ adjective 1. evil in nature or effect; malevolent. What happens when a ruthless ex-hydra experiment gets captured by the Avengers? Natasha x fem reader
Seduced by Natasha Romanoff  by Hannah22F
Seduced by Natasha Romanoff by Hannah22F
This is a Nat end game story through and through. I'm going make one for a Wanda as well, if you want the best of both worlds check my story swapping sides
Take me home : Natasha Romanoff x fem reader by g0lden_pages
Take me home : Natasha Romanoff g0lden_pages
A slowburn, Natasha Romanoff/ Black widow x Fem! Reader. Through the events of Captain America Civil war - post endgame! [Note, not all chapters are spell checked so pl...
Natasha Romanoff Imagines  by ILoveNatashaRomanoff
Natasha Romanoff Imagines by NatashaIsMyWife
They aren't enough Natasha one-shot books out there so I thought. Hey, why not make one myself?
Natasha x Reader (Y/N) - Female Reader -HIATUS by Symp4Nat
Natasha x Reader (Y/N) - Female Symp4Nat
Y/N is the child of Tony Stark. *Her life is like a rollercoaster. She discovers that she has powers, that she has family and that she even is a demigod. She spends he...
natasha romanoff x reader one shots  by alilfruity
natasha romanoff x reader one d <3
just fluff for yall bc i know u love it xoxo not clean language lollol [natasha romanoff x female reader one shot stories :))]
See You Again by Cherrybomb4444
See You Againby CHERRY BOMB
You are The violet death, daughter of Loki, Red Room student, Y/N. You met Natasha in the Red Room and became friends with her witch evolved into something more. You hav...
The forgotten child by Mollyromanoff
The forgotten childby Mollyromanoff
Tony stark famous Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist and father to the child he left behind. y/n stark daughter of tony stark left behind by him after your mother...
Poseidon's Daughter ψ Natasha Romanoff by yourtaletotell
Poseidon's Daughter ψ Natasha Tales to Tell
Your father, Poseidon, was not as powerful as they imagined, but you were. With the combined powers of your father, and your mother, Demeter, you brought life to the mos...
black widow imagines [DISCONTINUED] by svllengirl
black widow imagines [DISCONTINUED]by k
incomplete! for all those nat stans who broke after endgame (slow updates) all credits go to marvel for the characters natasha romanoff x reader, gxg, some parental ...
Dating the Black Widow (reader X Natasha Romanoff) by ItsmeCharly5
Dating the Black Widow (reader X It’s me Charly
Natasha Romanoff starts dating you, an agender person. Everything is going well, but what happens when Steve Rogers finds out you have powers and wants you on the team?
Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshots by emerson_writes18
Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshotsby emerson_writes18
these are all from my tumblr @/natsfirecat all are written with the intent of fem reader but some don't use any gendered pronouns for reader aNYWAYS enjoy besties :D
Natasha Romanoff x female reader One shots by I_l0ve_M4rvel
Natasha Romanoff x female reader I_l0ve_M4rvel
Fluff Maybe smut (Will be noted) *English is my second language* I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS Also I don't know how often I will update the stories, but I'll try t...
Marvel (x Reader) Oneshots by ZeroThePumpkinKing
Marvel (x Reader) Oneshotsby ZeroThePumpkinKing
a collection of marvel oneshots inspired by songs in my playlist. intrigued? see A/N for more details!
Here For You by SuperMarvelLocked
Here For Youby Trixter Nyx
You, Summer, are taken in with the Avengers. After you meet Natasha, it gets a bit better. But- it took some time, but during some game, you find out you're actually tra...