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Trapped in the storm by NinaGaetana
Trapped in the stormby NinaGaetana
Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie Sancoeur are on a business trip, however, destiny leads them to be trapped in a hotel room with nothing more than the other's company.
Maternal Instincts by NinaGaetana
Maternal Instinctsby NinaGaetana
When Adrien Agreste becomes ill with appendicitis, Nathalie Sancoeur will be the one taking care of him. Will this stressful event soften up his father's hard and cold h...
Masked Permanently by kelseybluewolfe
Masked Permanentlyby Blue 💗
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has disappeared for good. Chat Noir refuses to give up on finding her, even if Ladybug already has. * * * Started: July 27, 2017 Finished: Decembe...
Cold Stormy Night (GabeNath) by ItsLoveableBelle
Cold Stormy Night (GabeNath)by LoveableBelle
It was a cold stormy night. Tonight, Nathalie's life changes forever. The story is MINE, but all the characters, (Minus Ellise, Agnes, Henri, Kai and Eli) belong to the...
Nathalie is a Kid? by DespicableBird
Nathalie is a Kid?by Sky Keku
An Akuma attack gone wrong has turned a bunch of busily body adults in Paris into little children! Ladybug has lost her Lucky Charm and was unable to fix the damage. Gab...
Gabenath One shots by Editcenteral
Gabenath One shotsby QueenNath
Gabenath Oneshots !PROMPTS NEEDED!
Mystery Mate by poniesandthorns
Mystery Mateby non
Nathalie is not an average girl, she is to everyone, everyone who is human. She has two sides of her that only her friends Zach,Kent, and Lara knows. Every popular boy d...
What is the harm of excitement? by ParisianAmour
What is the harm of excitement?by ParisianAmour
At the first annual fashion show of the year Nathalie and Gabriel are very close friends but Nathalie feels like that'd all that's going to happen, so she takes her chan...
Gabenath One Shots ❤️ by StarryTheNoob
Gabenath One Shots ❤️by StarryTheNoob
Hey everyone! I'm Starry! This is my first Wattpad story, I really hope you all like it! Keep in mind that this is not in the actual show, it's an adulterate universe. O...
Rainy day secrets by ParisianAmour
Rainy day secretsby ParisianAmour
As Nathalie has trouble getting to work one morning, Gabriel helps her by canceling their day of work, and with nothing else to do they begin to get to know each other b...
Whats wrong with Assistant Nathalie? by Lexiana_06
Whats wrong with Assistant Lexra
This story is inspired by whats wrong with secretary kim Pls just try and understand my typing Nathalie has been working for gabriel almost 15 years one day she desides...
Psycho by holistyle
Psychoby Filasta Tyle
Marinette and Luka recently broke up but stayed friends. Then, a week later, Luka asks Marinette to meet him later that week. Marinette goes, feeling bad for not being a...
Training To Be A Gangster Queen (Under Editing) by QueenOfZii
Training To Be A Gangster Queen ( 👑ZiZiries👑
Hey mga ZiZiries ko. I'm your beautiful author, QueenOfZii or just call me QueenZii. Fionha Zhen Zamora is kind and smart. Her family including her is poor. That's why w...
If only I got there in Time by DespicableBird
If only I got there in Timeby Sky Keku
What would of happened if Hawkmoth didn't get there in time, in the episode Ladybug. Would Chat Noir have hurt a defenseless woman so he could take out his anger from Se...
Complicated Love (gabenath story) by Gabenath_21
Complicated Love (gabenath story)by Interesting account
The story is about Gabriel and Nathalie changing their relationship. She from a normal assistant later a friend is becoming love. But it is more complicated than you th...
A Little Help by DespicableBird
A Little Helpby Sky Keku
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. As Nathalies pining has gotten to the extremes as what she calls, Singles Awareness day is coming. Adrien even got through naivet...
gabenath oneshots by ParisianAmour
gabenath oneshotsby ParisianAmour
If anyone has any prompts, I will be writing them on here, and maybe turning them into chapters. 🎉 🥰 PROMPTS NEEDED! 🙏
Alone by Lexiana_06
Aloneby Lexra
Nathalie is suffering from depression and trauma but doesn't show it to others until it's the time she wants to kill her self will Gabriel and Adrien be able to stop her...
Gabenath the flu by Lorraine287204
Gabenath the fluby BLACKBUTLER fanfic
Nathalie has the flu and doesn't know till she is pined to the ground by ladybug and starts feeling sick and cold. Will Gabriel catch it?
My bucket list by Lexiana_06
My bucket listby Lexra
adrien found nathalies bucket list with The help from his father the two will make nathalies dreams come true