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A Namesake Couple (Completed) by ra_shi10
A Namesake Couple (Completed)by metamorph
*************************************** He is cruel but he has a heart!! She is kind but misunderstood!! He is like fire!! She is like rain!! He is cold hearted!! She is...
My Heart Beats Only For You | ✔ by Ramzz005
My Heart Beats Only For You | ✔by HappySoul
Claimed #1 ranking and also #1 in hotlist many times. MY HEART BEATS ONLY FOR YOU MY HEART SAYS TO LOVE YOU BUT MY MIND SAYS TO HATE YOU. ...
Summoning Indonesia Empire by boya-kun
Summoning Indonesia Empireby boya-kun
Without Japan's intervention, Louria Kingdom successfully conquers Qua-Toyne Principality and Quila Kingdom. The surviving civilians of both nations evacuate to islands...
Mere Humsafar by Kirtika202
Mere Humsafarby Kirti
Sequel To My Previous AnuSeena Fiction- Bringing You Back. AnuSeena are engaged and living together handling their Duty And Family, in a perfect balance? No... Sometime...
Summoning the Kingdom of Erusea by _Daen_
Summoning the Kingdom of Eruseaby Daendels
1 August 2019, Usea, Strangereal On Usea, there's a country called as the Kingdom of Erusea. This country is well known for its Industry and Militarism. After the Contin...
Unique -AnuSeena OS/TS/Series by ILemonhavi16ar
Unique -AnuSeena OS/TS/Seriesby Jane Blue
All about Anubhav and Hassena (AnuSeena) SS/OS/TS/FS based on different situations, how Anubhav and Hassena overcome difficulties and face them happily. Their hearts are...
City builder in another world (Male reader city builder x harem) by 221September
City builder in another world ( bucketman
Y/N Reagan (Descended of Ronald Reagan) was killed by nuclear explosions in san francisco. But he was given second chance and sent to another world.
Breeder Nation by karamichellebooks
Breeder Nationby Kara
Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of ferti...
|| QISMAT || by Sru_writes
|| QISMAT ||by Mechanical_Sundari
"Teri QISMAT da likhya tere to koi kho nai sakda. Je us di meher hove te tenu o v mil jae jo tera ho nai sakda" No one can ever take your destiny from you. If...
See what happens when a tensura fan gets reincarnated in TENSURA AS his favourite charater 'Rimuru Op rimuru Feel free to suggest, and point out my mistakes I DO NOT OW...
Peace within (Prince Zuko x Reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
Peace within (Prince Zuko x Saretha
(y/n) (l/n) was born into a small water tribe on the other end of the south pole. You loved to watch your mother and father water bend and loved to hear there stories on...
Rise of The Aether Empire! by TOWEC_Official
Rise of The Aether Empire!by TheOneWhoEatsCheese
Mark Davis and Cynthia Bell are a couple for 3 years, this two lovebirds are different from your average couples, this two loved playing games especially Nation/Empire-B...
Stray Kids IMAGINES by yehetchicken
Stray Kids IMAGINESby Anastasia❤
SKIDZ Imagines / One Shots • 스트라이 키즈•
North American Secrets by LuciiPL22
North American Secretsby LuciiPL22
The Nations like to think of the "New World", or North America, as childish, young, inexperienced even. What if there's more? ~ The classic tale of the nation...
Heir Apparent: A Nigerian Story. by WinterBearz
Heir Apparent: A Nigerian Inner Child!
The Heir Apparent. The Vier Republic is a nation, ruled by one person, The Emperor but under this nation they're 4kingdoms ruled by different families but all answer to...
Vindicita by Her_roses
Vindicitaby holyn 💙
It's been 5 years since he last saw the sun, after escaping the mental asylum Aro starts a new life while hunting down his enemies. Legacy Wade has recently been promote...
Fatal Secrets by Demonic__Flame
Fatal Secretsby Demonic__Flame
The nations have problems. They hid it from the rest of world. So the ancents decide to change it, to help them. To fix broken relationships and bring attention to the o...
Mannat......A Love Story by erumkhan19
Mannat......A Love Storyby erum khan
it is Dhoombros Fan fiction, actually a Hussain Asif's story, his journey towards the stars he wanted to touch and that one special girl he kept on meeting in his life...