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Wisdom of the Ancients by dvdvnr
Wisdom of the Ancientsby David Viner
A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It re...
Unintended Consequences & How to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle by ellelawrence
Unintended Consequences & How to Ellie Lawrence
A short story I wrote for a National Geographic contest and a list of the ways that I'm trying to cut down on single-use plastics & be more environmentally friendly & le...
Island Girl #PlanetorPlastic | ✓ by ivojovi
Island Girl #PlanetorPlastic | ✓by jovi
'It won't be long until our world disintegrates into a mass of debris, filling it with the mistake of people's ignorance and greed.' This is my entry for National Geogra...
A Mother's grief by Shifting2wolf
A Mother's griefby Too much inspiration
A short story for National Geographic's challenge #PlanetOrPlastic . The struggle of animals living in the world we pollute and destroy. 500-word count in Office Word, 4...
Plastic Tide #PlanetOrPlastic by AnnaAlbo
Plastic Tide #PlanetOrPlasticby Anna Albo
When I was asked by National Geographic to participate in their #PlanetOrPlastic campaign, I can't tell you how honored I was. As someone who cares so passionately about...
The Pod by greenwriter
The Podby J.D. Ruiz
The Pod centers around a young man's adventure in a place he never knew existed with the help of a beautiful woman who lived there. I am among the lucky ones to write an...
A Bag's Purpose by Peachlette
A Bag's Purposeby Peaches 🍑
#PlanetOrPlastic Short Story for National Geographic
Dead Zone | #PlanetorPlastic ✓ by tsukkki-
Dead Zone | #PlanetorPlastic ✓by Jess
In 2035, the ocean was declared a Dead Zone...
One Step At A Time by Secretariat16
One Step At A Timeby Molly
The consequences of our actions will go on to affect the generations after us. Make a change now. This is my entry for the writing contest #PlanetOrPlastic. I hope this...
Pollution: a fairy tale by Annalisa_Coppolino
Pollution: a fairy taleby Pandora’s Box
Wattpad teams up with National Geographic to raise awareness of pollution issues. This is my 500 words contribute to the cause. I hope they're enough!
Collision by not_you_too
Collisionby no u
Choking. Fighting. Gasping. I can't stand it any more. When plastic clogs the gills of a stingray called Toothed, he finds himself caught up not only in the Southern Pa...
Ouroboros (#planetorplastic Entry) by Sandcat-
Ouroboros (#planetorplastic Entry)by Liliana Sandberg
Ouroboros is a world of ocean, one with no beginning, no end, and no plastic. Coda-9994, an intelligent, technologically-enhanced sperm whale, has been sent to explore t...
My Dearest Pawikan #PlanetOrPlastic by KuyaRonnieTagumpay
My Dearest Pawikan #PlanetOrPlasticby KuyaRonnieTagumpay
"One little way means a lot for an ocean of change." My second Entry for National Geographic Writing Contest #PlanetOrPlastic WORD COUNT: 494 RANKING PERFORMAN...
Planet or Plastic by akyinnamon
Planet or Plasticby အကြင်နာမွန်
Plastic is useful and makes our life easier and more comfortable. We don't need to use most of our time and efforts thanks to plastic material. The question is 'Is it w...
DREAMING by alexandrawintr
DREAMINGby alexandrawinterauthor
A twelve-year-old girl dreams of scuba diving.
#PlanetOrPlastic by littlexwings
#PlanetOrPlasticby littlexwings
Who would've thought that one day scuba diving would have done so much? #PlanetOrPlastic Enjoy!!
A Poisonous Gift   #PlanetOrPlastic by AGMeira
A Poisonous Gift #PlanetOrPlasticby Alex Meirfire
This is my submission for National Geographic's "Plastic Or Planet" contest. Writing started as a hobby and a way to give life to some amazing dreams I had. In...
Concrete Jungle by OlgaPinsky
Concrete Jungleby Olga Pinsky
Alexandra Feodorovna Morozova or Sasha as she's known to everyone is a highly successful journalist for National Geographic Magazine. She has the job of her dreams and...
Gods of the Sea by Linnaeus_Sky
Gods of the Seaby Linnaeus_Sky
Another entry for the planet or plastic contest, this one written in prose.