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Project: 863 One Shots  by Wesley_My_Beloved
Project: 863 One Shots by Wesley_My_Beloved
A series of One Shots/AU Stories from Project 863.
Poor Old Nathaniel by Lilliana_DSMPSIMP
Poor Old Nathanielby Lilliana_DSMPSIMP
Scott Clarick x Fem!Reader Y/n Nathaniel has always been amazing friends with her father's employees aka. Her coworkers. Her two favorite though, we're Benjamin Cobalt a...
Project:863 Onesots , Imagine, & Prefrences  by FireWolf428
Project:863 Onesots , Imagine, & FireWolf
Just some Oneshots, Imagines, and Prefrences about the cast and characters of Project:863 created by Matthias on Youtube. I'll do Spellbound Cast Syntec cast (can by cu...
Project 863 stories by Eomi_Cobalt
Project 863 storiesby
I will write stories about -Wes -Nelson -Ben -Deb
me and my broken heart by Darkesse-evermore
me and my broken heartby Darkesse-evermore
Multishot B27 angst containing DebxWes and B27x??? #34 project863 - 6 april 2022 #13 project863 -8th april 2022 #11 project863 -20 april 2022 #8 nelsonsyphus -29 april 2...
Eric Williams: A Phantoms Beginning by TheUnknown863
Eric Williams: A Phantoms Beginningby TheUnknown863
How does one start working for Syntec... How does one become mad enough to do anything for those you love... how does one become a phantom. This Story will tell you how...
treat you better a DebxB27 story by Darkesse-evermore
treat you better a DebxB27 storyby Darkesse-evermore
A mix of fluff and angst #44 project863 - 5th april 2022 #43 project863 -8th april 2022 #41 project863 -8th april 2022 #62 deborah -20 april 2022 #7 benjamincobalt -28 a...
From The Desk Of Jordan Kendall by Wesley_My_Beloved
From The Desk Of Jordan Kendallby Wesley_My_Beloved
Important Notes From The Desk Of Ms. Jordan Kendall, Syntec Employee, Journalist and more.
Little experiment  by Lily34141193
Little experiment by Lily
(Project 863 x reader) What I mean is the reader is an eleven year old orphan that reaches the hi5 studios because she gets adopted by Matthias Frederick. Being roped i...
My Project:863 Head Canons book by FireWolf428
My Project:863 Head Canons bookby FireWolf
Just a book for all my head canons about Project:863.
The Backrooms: An 863 Story by Writinggirl10132 by Writinggirl10132
The Backrooms: An 863 Story by Writinggirl10132
As I wandered through what was seemingly an endless maze of rooms and hallways, my heart began to sink. Was I ever going to get out of here? As my feet clopped down on t...
Success: A Project: 863 Backstory by MCRohweder
Success: A Project: 863 Backstoryby Mari C. Rohweder
What if Wes was wearing the Absalate around his neck because Nelson had already succeeded in his mind control experiments? Wesley Nathaniel was his first successful test...
The man behind the phantoms by toxicheadshot863
The man behind the phantomsby Winter Mac
Everyone has heard about project 863, the workings of Syntec from one side. But nobody knows The project that started all of this. They don't know why all of this has st...
863 Oneshots  by Jaq863
863 Oneshots by Jaqueline A
I do not own or take credit for either of the logo pictures used in the cover. Just some Project 863 Oneshots. Requests are welcome! I am only going to be sticking with...
Becoming a Phantom by Jaq863
Becoming a Phantomby Jaqueline A
Ben's decent into mind control. From the first serum injection to his days as a phantom. CONTENT WARNING! -Blood. -Needles. -Mentions of manipulation. -Pain. -Vomit. (Po...