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Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader)  by Knotavin
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader) by Knotavin
(Y/N) is a Mind Reader. At a young age, he caused trouble for his family because of his semblance...and now he's a runaway. How will his ability affect his hopes for bec...
Moonlight's Guidance  by MehFuckIt
Moonlight's Guidance by Señior Fuck
To be quite frank, it was tiring. The dream, then Lothric, then whatever the fuck was happening in The Lands Between. A normal being would have lost all semblance of san...
Pyrrha's Baby Boy by 200806175ABC
Pyrrha's Baby Boyby Dylan Orozco-Morales
Just a bonus story (Has nothing to deal with RWBY Next Gen Timeline "This story is it's own Timeline)
Revenants and Remnants (Star Wars Male Rebel Jedi Reader x RWBY Fanfiction) by BradyTurner8
Revenants and Remnants (Star Starwarrior 868
The Galactic Empire has control over the galaxy. The Republic has been replaced with a fascist regime that nearly worships the emperor Shev Palpatine, aka. Darth Sidious...
The Silver Dragon  by JrocksUSA
The Silver Dragon by JrocksUSA
Y/n Wick was the last faunus of his kind, a dragon faunus. Forced into hiding after his family was murdered, Y/n has survived by disguising himself as a human for the la...
RWBY: Mind Over Mutant (RWBY harem x Male Reader x Crash Bandicoot) by sambamhaw
RWBY: Mind Over Mutant (RWBY sambamhaw
There was a time when Summer given birth to a young boy who named is Y/N Rose. For a long time he was loved by his mothers, sisters, and aunts. One day, he found a stran...
The Auraless Huntsman  by Shotabell
The Auraless Huntsman by Gaming
Remake of my first Quirky Hunter book
Never For The Money: Neo X Male Reader by UndesiredLeftovers
Never For The Money: Neo X Male UndesiredLeftovers
Nothing ever goes wrong between an infamous duo of criminals as they go about their business in Vale. Although, the leader was never greedy since he only left on the job...
Jaune Arc, The Cyberpunk of Remnant by Countrywide22
Jaune Arc, The Cyberpunk of Remnantby Countrywide22
When Jaune has his transcripts revealed he decides it's best he leaves. After traveling around Remnant he meets up with people who not only change his life....but also h...
Neo x Reader - Alone Wolf (RWBY) by Obahar_
Neo x Reader - Alone Wolf (RWBY)by Obahar_
A gender neutral Y/N was nothing but an old folktale to the people of their village. So when an imminent threat of Grimm begin to approach, the village is abandoned and...
One Punch Man male reader x RWBY: The Strongest Hero's Student by Ballislife2310
One Punch Man male reader x The_One_TrueSaiyan
(Y/N) was a student of the most powerful hero he's ever known who was called Saitama. (Y/N) may seem like a normal guy, but he has tremendous power that no one except hi...
Rated R Neopolitan/Weiss RWBY by lowdrive
Rated R Neopolitan/Weiss RWBYby rocky
This will be three chapters long and this is R rated. This will contain sex, hurt, and non-consent theme. Main characters are Weiss and Neopolitan. Enjoy!
The Darkness Inside (Vaatu host reader X rwby Harem) by Kyriakos_rebels1
The Darkness Inside (Vaatu host Hello there
"Pain!Hate!" That's all what he felt when he was brought into this world. His name is Y/n L/n, adopted and eldest son of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xia Long. Y/n...
For my Queen (Gears of War Reader x RWBY) by __Neopolitan__
For my Queen (Gears of War Dennis R.
Near the End of the Locus/Lambend War, Queen Myrrah ordered her highest General and King Y/N to lead his Crimson Brigade and a reawakened Riftworm into the remaining dry...
RWBY: Chains of Society (Blake Belladonna x M!Reader) by BoSoknJOC
RWBY: Chains of Society (Blake BoSoknJOC
[CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN. ON A SLIGHT HIATUS.] Chapter 1-5 are updated. Faunus. The backbone of society. Used for other people's benefit. An "old acquaintance&quo...
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Grimm Never Cry by farmerabe
RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry: Farmer Abe
After a long hiatus, Grimm May Cry has finally come back! Join Team RWBY, Team JNPR, and their friends as they kick back and watch the next exciting installment of the G...
The Arc Wolf Warrior by PatrickEstvo
The Arc Wolf Warriorby Patrick Estêvão
(OC Brother of Jaune Arc X Neopolitan) Robert Arc is the brother of Jaune Arc, and is considered a Lone Wolf due to barely talking with his family and always training on...
RWBY: The Ronin Rose by farmerabe
RWBY: The Ronin Roseby Farmer Abe
He was always going to be regarded as a Beast. A raging bull; a cursed rose to the world. But fear can be a tool for good as much as it can be evil. As the criminals of...
RWBY X Reader One Shots (Requests Closed) by DevilishMan87
RWBY X Reader One Shots ( Devilish Man 87
Since I am bored and came up with certain ideas I decided to write this. I will write Canon X Reader, Canon X OC, Reader X OC, Canon X Canon, RWBY ships X Reader, can do...
Love Crimes (Cheater! Neo X Male Reader) by Primeval64
Love Crimes (Cheater! Neo X Male Primeval64
I don't own RWBY, any of its characters, or any of the art shown in this story. This story is an act of Fan fiction and can thus be judged, but not sued, it is also non...