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Who Knew I'd Be Back | (Editing In Progress) by ScarHunt2017
Who Knew I'd Be Back | (Editing Kas Poberezh
Blair Jacobson's life was a joke. She was never liked by any of her peers and bullied ever since she could remember. She had one friend, when he turns on her and makes h...
Vengeance ✔ by officialzephyrtaylor
Vengeance ✔by zephyr | on hiatus
C O M P L E T E ☑️ 46 Parts. 36 Chapters Featured in What's Hot List - Teen Fiction Highest : #8 In Teen Fiction. Scarlet Winters. She is the last girl you want to talk...
Not The Same by jordan_tangitu
Not The Sameby Jordan-Crystal
My name is Naomi-Grace Taylor and I'm a non-shifted, rejected, ugly, fat, werewolf... Or at least I was. Until alpha Blake Parker, of Ash Rock Blood Pack, rejected me i...
Dare night by izzy_bunker
Dare nightby Isabelle
Athena is a good girl with good grades and would rather be in bed reading a book than out partying, but does dare night change her?
Amelantò Academy : Too Late by Gobbeulin_Sinbu
Amelantò Academy : Too Lateby Jihyewa_Sin-ang
Sakura Nerezza Meyers . Half Korean , Full magician . Sakura Nerezza . A sixteen year old teen who was---is , cold to everybody . Why ? Well you'll know if you read thi...
The girl who lived by TheMeanGirlsBeShook
The girl who livedby kira
Emma Smart was an average student until it happened. Then she became a shell filled with grief. Until she received a text. He did it for a dare. The rich boy. Money real...
Queen of hearts (#1 of the Queen of Cards series) by PersonThatLovesBooks
Queen of hearts (#1 of the Queen PersonThatLovesBooks
Irene Cardial was the basic nerd, she wore big black glasses, silver braces and messy black hair, but guess what? she was bullied, like any other cliché nerd wattpad sto...
The One and Only by MaShyyZeBoss
The One and Onlyby Mashy
THIS IS A NALU STORY ONLY. Lucy Heartfillia, better known as lonely. With being confronted in the hallway by the schools biggest bullies what is she to do? Why the answ...
rejected but special by COOOOOKIIIIIIESSSSS
rejected but specialby COOOOOKIIIIIIESSSSS
Rose is a normal nerd, round glasses, likes to study and read... and like any other nerd in her school she was bullied, however her home was her base. Her family loves...
Say goodbye to this good girl  by CarolineK141
Say goodbye to this good girl by Caroline <3
Mikayla Johnson. She's drop dead gorgeous with her blonde waist length hair and bright blue eyes that change color depending on her mood. She's a real goody-two-shoes th...
Mine and only mine. by ellabelificent
Mine and only Ariella ✍️💕
When young anna has to move away from her small home town at the age of 6 she leaves behind many secrets, her best friend, her home and her father. She makes new friends...
Nerd to Badass by josiejames_203
Nerd to Badassby Josie Alexis James
Josie Mathis, she is classified as a nerd, people walk all over her and is mean to her. She has these thick glasses that fall off her face and orthodontic headgear and p...
Special, Judged, but Rejected by AhkimMoody
Special, Judged, but Rejectedby _.4.13._
Skylar is a hybrid but she didn't know until she got rejected by her mate. She ran away and walked to another pack and asked can she become a member. What will happen w...
Things Change (Jungkook Fanfiction)  by CitlalyAran
Things Change (Jungkook CitlalyAran
In every nerd story has to be Karma, so why would this one be any different? Typical bad boy and nerd story, with a surprising twist.? --------------- (A/N)...
I'm back by darisdarling
I'm backby daris darling
After being kidnapped and raped by a gang (justin,James,John) Vanessa almost died.She was taken by some and trained to be badass. She was trained how to kill and defend...
I'm Back bitches, and you better run. by 2JorDunDunDun2
I'm Back bitches, and you better 2JorDunDunDun2
WARNING: RATED R Clarie Mondes is a nerd she's finally fed up with people. She fakes her own death and goes under for 5 years, when she come back with new confidence and...
The Nerds Found Karma | Ongoing by Shauna_Lilly
The Nerds Found Karma | Ongoingby Ⓢ Ⓗ Ⓐ Ⓤ Ⓝ Ⓐ
"I don't consider any of you as family" "Young lady you will take that back right now" "Make me" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Livia Brown. Your typical...