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Megami Tensei: Supernatural World by ShinzaGodWarrior
Megami Tensei: Supernatural Worldby TechnoGodSaga
Alex Bright (Me) was just your average person. He liked to read books and study. However he was a quiet person so he rarely talked. One day he was walking home from scho...
ATOMIC STRUGGLE by worshipmezashu
ATOMIC STRUGGLEby 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫
having overpowered main characters can be boring, right? the Mary Sue or Gary Sue types that are just there to look good and take over the show/fanfic, right? let me te...
Dominance in the New World: An Overlord Fanfic by randomuser855
Dominance in the New World: An RandomAuthor
Kara and Diana are back for Round 2! A Continuation of 'Justice in the One Piece World' This time, the sisters are reincarnated into the Overlord Universe Earth of 2138...
Gravity by Ayojemaat
Gravityby Ayojemaat
C-moon user x Date a live C-moon is severly underrated we need more stories about it!
Kpop Imagines *girl groups* by na_bongie
Kpop Imagines *girl groups*by uwu_yeon
Requests are open All genders Random updates because of school... Mostly twice No smut Please don't be shy to request (^__^) Achievements: #3 in neutral 7/25/2019 #6 in...
James x Reader by xKozyWozyx
James x Readerby xKozyWozyx
When Y/N is traveling through the Johto region with their team of rookie pokemon, what will happen when Team Rocket is desperate to get their hands on their starter, Tot...
Decepticon Island (TF Aligned continuity AU) by KentroKreations
Decepticon Island (TF Aligned NET
Not long after the false Council was defeated, things seemed to return to normal on Cybertron. For some, however, this isn't an entirely good thing. Former Decepticon me...
Enemies and Lovers? by Im100Fruity
Enemies and Lovers?by
There's no smut as I am not comfortable writing it also this has been in the works for so long- I just haven't had Wattpad as an app so I wasn't able to post the story...
The Angel's Little Technician by Diamondwarrior2007
The Angel's Little Technicianby Mr. Assistant
Yuki Theuseus, A Smart And Strong boy, and a strange anomaly, Who has a knack for technology, embarks on a journey of love, and meets the Angel of his life, Origami Tobi...
Saving Them Sans x Reader by CozzyTuxKitty
Saving Them Sans x Readerby SpaceKitty >:3
The three powerful humans in control... Frisk- pacifist. Can reset. Chara- genocide. Can reset. Y/n- Neutral, though they haven't ever killed anyone. Can't reset. Y/n f...
The Golden Soul [Sans X Reader] by AwesomeSans101
The Golden Soul [Sans X Reader]by AwesomeSans101
This adventure takes place after a neutral run where Frisk doesn't Reset. The new human that falls, (Y/n), is a very optimistic character that will once again bring happ...
Reacting To Our Adventures (UnderTale Fanfic) by Peanut_Butter_Donut
Reacting To Our Adventures ( a. av
DISCONTINUED! [Please, oh god, I was a stupid and ignorant child with very mediocre writing skills when I was writing this fanfic. Read with caution, for I was one of th...
Wanda Maximoff Imagines by nats-sunflower
Wanda Maximoff Imaginesby know that they'll be loved
One shots/imagines featuring Wanda Maximoff x Reader All stories are written as gn!reader with female intent I try to be as inclusive as possible when writing Genres wi...
Don't Hold It Against Us (Circus Baby X Reader) by Yeehawian
Don't Hold It Against Us (Circus Rayna Quince
Congratulations! You are the new security guard at the new Freddy Fazbear's: Sister Location! However, weird things begin to happen along the way in your night shift...
[ENG] Agatha's fics 2021 (Agatha Harkness x reader, one-shot/blurbs) by thetinyharkness
[ENG] Agatha's fics 2021 (Agatha tiny witch
Hey y'all! I'll be posting SFW one-shot fics or blurbs (Agatha Harkness x reader). ◾ Updated: 31st December, 2021 Genres I write: 🔮 Fluff 🔮 Age regression 🔮 Romanti...
Help From The Creator(fgod story) by Terbangtime
Help From The Creator(fgod story)by Why_i'm_here?
Alright- *inhale*ATTENTION PLEASE EVERY READER/CREATOR/WRITER!!, We're going on a field trip! yes, you hear me! field trip!, to where you may ask? you will know later. S...
Mated to the Potions Bat and Slytherin Prince: Sub Harry by Ima_nugget
Mated to the Potions Bat and sammy
Harry Potter. The famous boy who lived. The precious prince. But no one really knows his story and no one will until he goes through an inheritance and discovers that he...
Sans aus x reader oneshots  by April_Gianttale
Sans aus x reader oneshots by April_Gianttale
No vore for this book. Just sweet scenarios where the skeletons are being the best at how scary they are when you first met them or how cute boyfriends they are
Valentine's Day Special by nats-sunflower
Valentine's Day Specialby know that they'll be loved
Blurbs of Natasha, Wanda, Kate and Yelena for Valentine's Day Directly from my tumblr event where requests using a prompt list were sent in Super fluffy, and themes of l...