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Her Broken Heart by bluerose_garden
Her Broken Heartby Bluerose
She had sacrifice everything for him but knowing that he is in love with someone else. she become bitch to him and never tried to look at him and always whine for someth...
His Angel by Janya_112
His Angelby J
(Detailed description in the book) A small peek into the book :- I stay there in half lying position whilst my angel sleeps peacefully with her face half buried in my ts...
Finally Found by MoonBeam1504
Finally Foundby MoonBeam1504
Gabriella White is a 14 year old girl who's had to face more tragic events then a 14 year old should. At the age of 12 her mother was brutally murdered in a home evasion...
!ON PAUSE! Faulted Desires: A Culpa Mía/My Fault fanfic  by ra1sa06
!ON PAUSE! Faulted Desires: A ra1sa06
TW: Mentions of abuse! - *Chapter 36 out now* This story is on pause! - A story about Nick and Noah from the movie 'My Fault' , also known as 'Culpa Mía' . Enter the...
From Promise To Betrayal by authorayla
From Promise To Betrayalby authorayla
As the text message notification pinged on her phone, Maria's heart sank. She knew who it was from and what it meant. Her husband's infidelity had been an open secret fo...
The Choice (a Painful Past) by Jessie_SnC97
The Choice (a Painful Past)by Jessie_SnC97
⚠️ CW ⚠️ this story will contain emotional and mental abuse/conditioning/coerced rape/and other possible triggers, as well as drug use. this will be the ONLY warning...
Ragini- a broken soul (Complete) by Alkaa1
Ragini- a broken soul (Complete)by Alka🥰
It's a story of Ragini..... How she overcome her fears....her pain...her loneliness....and the betryals....she got from her loved ones.... I'm continuing the
Still Into You ↠ Roman Reigns  by BriFlare
Still Into You ↠ Roman Reigns by -BriFlare
Can Lamia and Joe forgive each other, the people in their lives, and themselves for the mistakes made in the past and rekindle their love, as a family? Started on July...
The new nanny by secretboyband999
The new nannyby secretboyband999
I had to leave. I didn't have a choice I can't stay anymore. So I did I left all I knew for this job I saw. I'm 19 and as I've heard I'm young. But I practically raised...
A life of Sin ( Complete ) by BreannaVickers8
A life of Sin ( Complete )by Breanna Vickers
An average, vanilla girl named Valere is convinced by her friend to go to the BDSM club that she waitresses at. Valere feels out of place, maybe even a little scared. It...
New Beginning! by background21
New Beginning!by Neetha Sai
She started her new life with a heart full of hopes and lots of dreams to be fulfilled by her life partner, but got to know later that he will be the one who shatters th...
The right time by CoetzeeJaun3
The right timeby Jaundri Coetzee
It's been eight years since their divorce, and James hasn't seen his ex-wife in such a long time. What will happen when Charlotte faces her ex-husband and his lovely wif...
New Beginning (A Chicago Fire Fanfic) by 1774Hemmings
New Beginning (A Chicago Fire Becca
All Quinn needs is a new beginning. All she needs is somewhere to start fresh. When she moves to Chicago to begin again, she gets put on a roller coaster that will show...
Believe Me ✔️ by itsdamaris8
Believe Me ✔️by Mare 💜
Isn't it ironic? The three middle letters of 'believe' are L-I-E *** Addyson "Addy" Alway has done horrible things in her life. Lying about sexual relationsh...
Unexpected Love by justsomeone30
Unexpected Loveby justsomeone30
hey, im Y/n Y/l/n i live in Kolomna, Russia. I have a normal life i go to School, i do alot with my friends and i had a perfect life, until it happend. Now im in Moskau...
The New Guy  by GlamorousMia
The New Guy by Queen Bey👑
As You May Know Beyoncé Who Is Originally From Houston, Texas, Is The Mother Of 7 Year Old Caleb Jenkins. In This Story You'll See Beyoncé Encounter Many Trials And Trib...
❁ ════ ❃•Sweet Blossom•❃ ════ ❁ Jikook AU by namtiddiesavior
❁ ════ ❃•Sweet Blossom•❃ ════ ❁ Vᴀʟ
New Girl at the Academy (Slow Updates) by UnHandyWriter
New Girl at the Academy (Slow Tweety
Ebony Knight is new to the Royal Academy Private School for the rich and famous children or the child may be famous all on his or her own. With having to move away from...
Lost & Found by sincerelysamika
Lost & Foundby 𓍼
/BOOK 1/ ❝Because a daydreaming soul is the best shield from the cruel secrets of the past.❞ In which sixteen-year-old Indigo Clarkson finds her long-lost family and a n...
Reborn my life in Harry Potter [Editing] by Azeneth2523
Reborn my life in Harry Potter [ Azeneth2523
An 18-year-old girl with a lonely life, a lover of books, dies from an illness, but is given a chance to live again, only to be reborn into a world she never thought pos...