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BraiNia Oneshots by moxiety_for_the_win
BraiNia Oneshotsby Melodic Harmony
Exactly what the title suggests: random oneshots of Brainiac 5 and Nia Nal. If you have ideas, comment below. I'm not the most consistent person, so don't expect an upda...
You Deserve Extravagant by Pirate_Psychologist
You Deserve Extravagantby Pirate_Psychologist
Kelly's pregnant and our heroes don't know how to not tell people
Supergirl(supercorp) high school AU by Ellaaaaatje
Supergirl(supercorp) high school AUby Ellaaatje
--------- My first fanfic!!!! Kara Danvers her parents died almost a year ago In a house fire. Come with her on an adventure when she finds her place in Society, herself...
A Família Perfeita ( Kara Danvers G!P/You ) •One Short• by httxpmaria
A Família Perfeita ( Kara M. Clara Luthor
Um relacionamento de dez anos de Kara e S/n acaba passando por algumas complicações que exigem muito esforço das duas para enfrentarem tudo ao lado uma da outra se forta...
Willow Greene // Supergirl // by MCWAYY
Willow Greene // Supergirl //by MCWAYY
Willow Greene was the last to escape to Earth from her planet as it was destroyed. The neighboring planet, Krypton, was destroyed 25 years earlier on the exact day at th...
Dreams do come true by The_Phantom6
Dreams do come trueby The_Phantom6
Lena was devestated as she found out about her best friends true identity, well she thought they were true friends. She felt hurt and betrayed...Kara Danvers is Supergir...
Always find each other by The_Phantom6
Always find each otherby The_Phantom6
After the big reveal, Lena just wanted to never see Kara again. So, she just left National City, without telling a word to Kara or all the other Superfriends. All of the...
Pain made me(Savitar is Barry)(FlashxRed Daughter) by LONGLINESISFREEDOM
Pain made me(Savitar is Barry)( REALITYSUCKS
When supergirl AKA Kara Danvers break up(Cheated) with Barry Allen AKA Flash for Mon-el he was broken inside in every way possible but before he can respond to the break...
Our secret || Supercorp Romantic Fanfiction || by Hi10818
Our secret || Supercorp Romantic Hi10818
! I do not own the charaters or the cover art none of it where mine ! I dont know what im doing okay Trying to update ATLEAST once a month.
Candid // SuperCorp by xxCandidFangirlxx
Candid // SuperCorpby Mik
"Kara had to be careful around Lena and her eyes. Kara out of all people was all too familiar with the idea of how something could be someone's Kryptonite, but she...
Midvale College, Supercorp Fic by Whovianthasmin
Midvale College, Supercorp Ficby swag 🦢👑
Not my images by the way.* Some mature content* Supercorp College AU Kara's a smart, beautiful, popular girl at Midvale College. Lena joins late in the year and finds he...
Beautifully Bright by Mythodis
Beautifully Brightby C.A Nicky
Kara didn't become a reporter. No. She created her own path. While she still may be Supergirl, she's not the person you may know. She stuck to hearts beliefs and still f...
Supergirl one-shots   by fireponey432
Supergirl one-shots by fireponey432
Just some short stories and ideas about the show supergirl. This will mainly be based around the Danvers sisters but I'll be accepting some requests of other character r...
The Future - SuperFlash [2] by DekeThomas
The Future - SuperFlash [2]by sahloflash
Kara Zor-El has lost all of her hope after the death of the scarlet speedster. Death seems to follow her constantly, wandering the ground she walks upon. She never knows...
What Fools These Mortals Be by DKGwrites
What Fools These Mortals Beby Donna K. Griffin
Querl is already in position. He pulls his bow out and notches the arrow that quite literally has Lena's name on it along with the number 1,000. It's meant for her and h...
Arrowverse One Shots by olicity417
Arrowverse One Shotsby S
"Fanfics. Courtesy of Ray Palmer." Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Superman and Lois, and Black Lightning. *TAKING REQUESTS!*
What Does Love Feel Like? by jaelyn-volkova
What Does Love Feel Like?by Jaelyn_Volkova
A series of Brainy x Nia one-shots. No smut.
IN WHICH a ETERNAL and a MUTANT from another earth fall for the fruity bestfriends IN WHICH A KRYPTONIAN AND A LUTHOR fall for women who love the color green PART TWO...
Brainia One Shots by Zebra_Gooses
Brainia One Shotsby Analaga
Just a bunch of Brainia one shots l came up with. Please leave comments and suggestions/prompts if you have any 😊