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Plants vs Zombies Heroes Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Heroes Wolfgang
The plants and zombies heroes have stopped fighting each other and became friends. They bring peace and joy to the world.
The L.E.A.F. Chronicles: Eclipse of the Grave by HardboiledEgg88
The L.E.A.F. Chronicles: Eclipse starving gremlin
Update (as of May): Sorry yall for the inactivity, I've been busy with college stuff and am preparing for that so I haven't been able to focus on my art and story accoun...
a nit in the night (pvz bfn oc story) by pvz_and_waffles
a nit in the night (pvz bfn oc Waffle man
you can go through my oc characters life as an nightcap, with a strange ability that cause trouble throughout her life. (lol, i am bad at drawing and photoshop)
Wall-knight's love for Green shadow  by Gamingfan1935
Wall-knight's love for Green Gamingfan
Or Penelopea if you've known already!! Anyways the second plants vs zombies heroes romance story! And I hope you enjoy it!!
The crazy night  by Bayboy50
The crazy night by Bayboy50
A pvz story about solar flare and nightcap going on a night out.
Dandelion's Dillema  by MarcEmmy
Dandelion's Dillema by Marc/Emmy
Dandelions have one purpose. Blow up as much zombies in one go as possible, but thats not what Dee wants. Dee joins the battalion in Neighborville and wants more to life...
Plants vs Zombies Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Friendshipsby Wolfgang
This is where plants and zombies meet each other. They made peace and now the world is a better place.
Night cap X Solar flare by Gamingfan1935
Night cap X Solar flareby Gamingfan
A plants vs zombies heroes romance story!
Wish Upon A Star, A Rainbow One! by ScampiP
Wish Upon A Star, A Rainbow One!by Lord Of The Stories
Wh ・Wh ・ What?! Everyone has suddenly gotten a lot smaller. And the reason is why the deceptihogs, accompanied by the cruel and brutal Blastgirl is stealing all their lo...
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Wall-Knight Almost Dies Again by strawberry_bubbletea
Wall-Knight Almost Dies Againby Whisk
Wall-Knight gets crushed by a building and everyone freaks out over it, this is what happens after the fact. Just a little fluff fic for him because he's underrated, als...
The dragon curse by Bayboy50
The dragon curseby Bayboy50
My second pvz story about nightcap going in a somewhat"new form",which causes the other heroes to worry about him. And yes they are humans in this story.
bedtime habits by tianathesinger
bedtime habitsby tianathesinger
This was meant to be a single poem. But there seems to be more coming.
It Happened Tomorrow by WriteSansDroict
It Happened Tomorrowby Baronet
A collection of oneliners, thoughts, poems and all sorts of gooey crap...
pvz a walk in the park by DanK914
pvz a walk in the parkby Dan K
thanks to the person who made the cover
pvz ships im against by GarbageName
pvz ships im againstby BlackOpsGrief
Lazy work, although i hate these ships, most of my followers (pvz) ship em
NightCap x Solar Flare by GarbageName
NightCap x Solar Flareby BlackOpsGrief
lemon uwu (btw i wrote this Description without my consent)
Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes: The Elseworlds Conflict. by Abizzaremorning87
Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes: The Abizzaremorning87
Dr Zomboss has suffered a crushing defeat. Yet again, thanks to the Plant Heroes. And yet, he has decided to learn from his mistake, he thought he had such a brilliant p...
Pvz Nightcaps Betraly by PotatoLex4
Pvz Nightcaps Betralyby Potato Lex
nightcap is angry
Plants VS Zombies Heroes: Ask or Dare by Gamingfan1935
Plants VS Zombies Heroes: Ask or Gamingfan
Another series of ask or dare! This time. You can ask the heroes anything!!
Heroes in the house of mouse by ScampiP
Heroes in the house of mouseby Lord Of The Stories
Green Shadow and her gang are heading to the house of mouse for a special school trip crazy Dave has planned. But Dr. Zomboss and his group are coming, so is supertato a...