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[BTS X New member] Male OC.   (Completed) by Buttercakes134
[BTS X New member] Male OC. ( Buttercakes134
"H-hi... I-im Ji Sung. A-and I'm Sixteen Years old..." BTS Get a new member and don't like him at first. But after seeing scars from his past and meet his fami...
New "Brother" for Nightmare (Reincarnated as Dream) by ZeroTVoid
New "Brother" for Nightmare ( Zero Time Void
Once upon a star a wish was heard. "I wish I had a brother who would understand me, who would be on my side, who wouldn't betray me" But sadly the multiverse d...
Coping Mechanism by teddybeare12
Coping Mechanismby Teddy
"lol what's this group chat? also, who the hell are all of you, and why the hell are you saying you're me?" aka sans meets other sans chatfic but it's angsty a...
*_¥♡uR  M!n€_* (Evil Sans x Reader~chan) by Glitchy_Aleya
*_¥♡uR M!n€_* (Evil Sans x ~Strawberry_Cupcake~
Find out for yourself and enjoy while you read it....
"you will be mine, darling~ by FuntimeFoxy1234455
"you will be mine, darling~by Funtime Foxy
It was just a normal day in the multiverse, a monday to be exact because the star shits never attacked on mondays so the gang where able to relax when suddenly nightmare...
I'm Lust's Kid...  by UnderTaleHyperFixed
I'm Lust's Kid... by UnderTaleHyperFixed
I died then was reborn, however I'm reborn as Lust's Kid. There is only one thing I care about, and that's my new Mother. I'm going to protect them if it's the last thin...
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad Guy Sans' x Child!Reader) by JulesRedenger
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad JulesRedenger
Nightmare found a young child a long time ago. When they fell into a coma it sent him over the edge. several hundred years later the child wakes up in a castle of darkne...
Reborn as Dream from DreamTale by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Dream from DreamTaleby HyperFixtionSucks202
One minute I'm peacefully babysitting by little brother, the next in Dream from DreamTale. Does this mean I'm gonna need to act nice towards everyone? One thing's for su...
Loyalty (Ft. Passive Nightmare) by Dont-Mind_Meh
Loyalty (Ft. Passive Nightmare)by ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ
[VOICES CLOSED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER :D] Nightmare had been given the power to go back to his Passive form by the multiverse for some unknown reasons. (Totally not becaus...
I'd Rather Not Be Reborn by CrazyFantasy_13
I'd Rather Not Be Rebornby Sunny
What if after the Dreamtale twins fight their last battle, they're reborn and have to start it all over again? But what if, as the process of getting reborn starts once...
C.C Afton Meets Bnha by AshEclipse_Playz
C.C Afton Meets Bnhaby AshEclipse_Playz
What happens when the crying child is suddenly teleported to another universe with no clue how he got there, and only the company of Nightmare keeping him sane. How wil...
Battle Scars|✔️ by evam224
Battle Scars|✔️by 🝮Eva🝮
Thea Mason. A broken girl with scars. Scars that have stories. When her life is flipped upside down Thea is sent to live with her father and brothers that she's never me...
"Stay with me" remastered naj! Killmare by FreshyTrash
"Stay with me" remastered naj! The past is the past
while i no longer like this ship, fandom or story, i really wanna sharpen my writting skills and this will be good practice. smut will pass to be a secundary element and...
Error gets Tagged.....a lot(DISCONTINUED) by Qu33nIC3
Error gets Tagged.....a lot( Qu33nIC3
Adopted from @Firehedgehog's Idea Factory Error has a social media and so do the rest of peeps but he's definitely the most popular. And with that he gets tagged.... alo...
Becoming A Dream by PastaGod_Italy
Becoming A Dreamby Pasta_Birb
Chance didn't like how the story of Dreamtale became. So in one of his famous break ins, he decides to do another flip you at Fate by giving the twins something they did...
Nightmare's Love Attention by PassiveNootNoot
Nightmare's Love Attentionby PassiveNootNoot
Cover not by me and so as the characters. Random nightmare scenarios. The 1st chapters are all kiddies but as chapters move on, they get to be more uhhh let's say not f...
Nightmare - A Dream SMP FanFiction by YouCanJustCallMeMaya
Nightmare - A Dream SMP FanFictionby Maya
⚠️TW/CW: Violence, blood, being possessed⚠️ (This is in the Dream SMP world, not real life btw) I had this plot idea and it was just too good to ignore... so here I am! ...
Little Secrets, Little Bucky by Buccaneer1917
Little Secrets, Little Buckyby Buccaneer1917
Y/n Rogers was a failed attempt to recreate Captain America. When her brother, Steve, was unfrozen they bonded fast and she joined the avengers when he did. Now they liv...
His Boxy Smiles by kezlovervamp
His Boxy Smilesby kezlovervamp
Sometimes, people need to learn the hard way not to take people for granted. Especially when that person is someone as important as Taehyung to BTS. {~I'm skipping prolo...
A Caged Dream by sharpmarble76
A Caged Dreamby sharpmarble76
I've seen a lot of stories mentioning the villagers wanting to sell Dream as a source of happiness so I decided to write it :) The title is from @iceyprincessa so thank...