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Summoning the Five Power Defence Arrangments by jikdot
Summoning the Five Power Defence Jikdot1
The Nations of the Five Power Defence Arrangements; the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand were mysteriously transported into another world...
Summoning The Republic of the Philippines: Thus the Armed Forces Fought There by JudeTime
Summoning The Republic of the Jude's Time
It's the 67th Century The Philippines is the 3rd most predominant superpower of the world. Of course it didn't became a superpower without any struggles. Then one day ev...
The Lonely Earth - Earth ISOT into Magitek fantasy by TastefulFeelings
The Lonely Earth - Earth ISOT TastefulFeelings
The continents of Earth gets mysteriously transported to a larger and more chaotic magitek world, where technology and magic collide. Amidst the turmoil, rising characte...
Summoning United galactic federation (Discontinued) by darknight123654
Summoning United galactic darknight123654
28th century humanity finally unite milky way but because of over populatuon humanity force to explore distance galaxy but what they found shock them (creature and magic...
Cold War Rivals in a New World  by Object416
Cold War Rivals in a New World by Object416
The United States and the Soviet Union of 1990 are transported to the World of Summoning Japan. A few assumptions are made: 1. Germany is reunited and no longer part of...
Axial Age by Sp3ctral_52
Axial Ageby Sp3ctral
Terminology: Axial Age (Or Axis Age) "A pivotal period in history, characterized by the simultaneous appearance of new ways of thinking, religion, and philosophy in...
Summoning Italy by catcatsu
Summoning Italyby catcatsu
After a mysterious aurora borealis descended upon the Italian Peninsula, Italy and its two micro nation neighbours find themselves in a mysterious and hostile world. Los...
Story of a Summoned Microstate by oofy_oof
Story of a Summoned Microstateby oofii
The Republic of Nusiare had celebrated the day it gained independence almost a week ago. On one sunny day however, a small earthquake shook the microstate followed by a...
Tales from New Terra by yoda_gaming
Tales from New Terraby yoda_gaming
Cast off of Earth, forty thousand "undesirables" are packed onto colony ships headed to a nearby exoplanet and consigned to a lifetime of slavery under the tyr...
"Emergence" - Summoning Japan Fanfic by VTSP921
"Emergence" - Summoning Japan Vostro
"(y/n) Schmidt is your average german boy living in Leipzig and enrolling in college, he's also a cold war history enthusiast. One day, he woke up in a strange off...
Summoning Indonesia by bocchips
Summoning Indonesiaby bocchips
What would happen if a developing country was transported to another world? In South East Asia, there exists a nation of over 17,000 islands strategically placed betwe...
Liberating Remant by USS_Stockdale
Liberating Remantby Sebastian James
Remnant is the future-fantasy world of RWBY, with airships, gadgets, high-tech weaponry, and a form of natural energy called Dust, existing side by side. Meanwhile, in a...
Summoning Liberty(cancelled) by BlitzkriegTurtle
Summoning Liberty(cancelled)by BlitzKriegTurtle
It is the year 2035, 3 years after world war 3 ended and 3 years and 5 months after operation dragon sky, the invasion of China started, President Jerry f kennedy, took...
Summoning Theia by coocatcher126
Summoning Theiaby
Summoning Theia is a satirical fanfiction based off of Nihonkoku Shoukan, or Summoning Japan, where instead of japan the hypothetical planet Theia is summoned.
GATE: Journey in the New World by Dom2040
GATE: Journey in the New Worldby Dom2040
Following the demise of a great empire, the New World experienced temporary peace, but the cycle of fear and death continued until fate decided to intervene, and it beca...
Just A Reincarnation Story (Summoning Japan Edition) by ngilerjo_
Just A Reincarnation Story ( ngilerjo_
As he closed his eyes, his life flashed before his eyes. Starting from birth, adolescence, adulthood, and then his death. He had witnessed his homeland decline from pros...
Nihonkoku Shoukan: A New World To Conquer]Hiatus] by __Crocus__
Nihonkoku Shoukan: A New World __Crocus__
[god dammit, idfk why am i making another new fanfic]
Summoning the Maghreb Union by Marcus_Couffaine
Summoning the Maghreb Unionby Marcus
The Maghreb Federation was a historic achievement, uniting all Arab countries in Northern Africa under one banner. From the bustling markets of Morocco to the breathtaki...
Summoning the Kingdom of Erusea by _Daen_
Summoning the Kingdom of Eruseaby Daendels
1 August 2019, Usea, Strangereal On Usea, there's a country called as the Kingdom of Erusea. This country is well known for its Industry and Militarism. After the Contin...
The Two Americas, Godly Magic and Impossible Tech in Another Wo(Discontinued) by AnonymousAuthorNC2
The Two Americas, Godly Magic AnonymousAuthorNC2
Two Americas, one full of advance technology, another with gods and magic, go into an unknown world where they are superior in there way, will they work together, or wil...