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ASAHI NO NISHISEI - Rising Sun Goes West (1) by KageNishi
ASAHI NO NISHISEI - Rising Sun KageNishi
"On September 4, 2025, Japan disappeared into another world. The adventures of the Self-Defense Forces, diplomats, politicians, and the Japanese people will begin...
Summoning Poseidon: A New America by YMPlays
Summoning Poseidon: A New Americaby YM Plays
(Nihonkoku Shoukan belongs to Minorou. This is merely a fanfic written by me) 23 October 2077. After years of war between the USA and China, the old world ended. Bathed...
Tenno Heika Banzai by roviaufa
Tenno Heika Banzaiby Mohammad Rovi Al Aufa
This is a story of people isekai to most prominent position in the Empire of Japan. Can he change the course of history or swollowed by the tide of time?
The Two Americas, Godly Magic and Impossible Tech in Another World. (Hiatus) by AnonymousAuthorNC2
The Two Americas, Godly Magic AnonymousAuthorNC2
Two Americas, one full of advance technology, another with gods and magic, go into an unknown world where they are superior in there way, will they work together, or wil...
Just A Reincarnation Story (Summoning Japan Edition) by ngilerjo_
Just A Reincarnation Story ( ngilerjo_
As he closed his eyes, his life flashed before his eyes. Starting from birth, adolescence, adulthood, and then his death. He had witnessed his homeland decline from pros...
Summoning People's Republic of China (ENG) by TheGreatNy
Summoning People's Republic of The Great Ny
(Nihonkoku Shoukan is Minorou's) Far to the east of the continents of Philades and the continent of Rodenius lies a large country, large enough to be considered a contin...
Summoning the Alliance of Free Nations by MtMcly6005
Summoning the Alliance of Free MtMcly6005
The president of the United republic's of America John T. Mcneely was doing what he usually did as the president of the U.R.A and current leader of the constitutionalist...
Axial Age by Sp3ctral_52
Axial Ageby Sp3ctral
Terminology: Axial Age (Or Axis Age) "A pivotal period in history, characterized by the simultaneous appearance of new ways of thinking, religion, and philosophy in...
The British are Coming | Summoning the UK. by Kind-River
The British are Coming | Kind-River
February, 2022 - The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, along with the entirety of her overseas possessions vanish from our planet. In an instant, her o...
The Pearl Of The East - Summoning The Philippines by lapazbatchoy155
The Pearl Of The East - no name
The Philippines, an archipelagic country composing of more than 7,600 islands, located in Southeast Asia, suddenly found itself in an impossible event. Suddenly transfer...
Summoning Indonesia Empire by boya-kun
Summoning Indonesia Empireby boya-kun
Without Japan's intervention, Louria Kingdom successfully conquers Qua-Toyne Principality and Quila Kingdom. The surviving civilians of both nations evacuate to islands...
Summoning Cordelia (On Hiatus) by Roseheart245
Summoning Cordelia (On Hiatus)by Sara Roseheart
On the magical world of Draius, The Principality of Cordelia is an island nation that is located in the west of the continent of Draelsidia in the Ardel Ocean... or at l...
The Trapped Point of View (A NHS Kai fanfic) by jjvillage
The Trapped Point of View (A NHS Director Kun
After reading NHS Kai (I'm still reading it by the way) I decided to write a fanfic of fanfic about the civilian point of View more specifically the Tourists point of vi...
Summoning the White Sun (A TWR China Summons Fanfiction) by menachembegin
Summoning the White Sun (A TWR Menachem Begin
The Republic of China suddenly finds itself in a situation that is deemed impossible to happen even by expert scientists. China, now alone must survive in this unknown w...
Summoning the Five Power Defence Arrangments by jikdot
Summoning the Five Power Defence Jikdot1
The Nations of the Five Power Defence Arrangements; the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand were mysteriously transported into another world. Without a...
Summoning Liberty(cancelled) by BlitzkriegTurtle
Summoning Liberty(cancelled)by BlitzKriegTurtle
It is the year 2035, 3 years after world war 3 ended and 3 years and 5 months after operation dragon sky, the invasion of China started, President Jerry f kennedy, took...
Samening Amerika by Peconigirii
Samening Amerikaby Peconigiri
amerika gets isekaid to magik world and do the freedom and steal oil becose amerika. totally not based of DrDoritosMD's Summoning America. cover is totally not gladeanus'