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Saved By A Thug by KierraColeman4
Saved By A Thugby Remyi Bond
What happens when a thug save you Find out!
SAVAGE(Lucas Coly Story) by Trippyyyvibes
SAVAGE(Lucas Coly Story)by Are’ Vibe✨
If you like Lucas coly(Kid Lucas),Nathaniel Fernadaze,Nolen Pryor,and sexy ass Tray Bills,well read this book then,A girl name Y/N (your name) moves from Compton to New...
My Baby (Kid Lucas Y/N) by ratedaugust_
My Baby (Kid Lucas Y/N)by ratedaugust_
Love isn't the word when it comes to Lucas and Yn. Everyone knows he's hers and she's his, and nobody gonna ever break them. Yn is his R.O.D and vice versa. They been to...
Unexpected by jaytheauthor21
Unexpectedby jaytheauthor21
Sevyn rose has been living life perfectly star basketball player tracks star and straight A's Tory banks is fresh outta school living the life of a king not caring what...
My hoodlum | A G Herbo Story | by CreativeeMindd
My hoodlum | A G Herbo Story |by SuperCaliFragiListicExpialiDo...
"Aye lil baby come over here and count this money while I roll this blunt" Herb got up and grabbed the backwoods out his back pocket. I watched and started to...
Brothers 2 (The Sequel) by Reine825
Brothers 2 (The Sequel)by Paii
Chresanto Is Gone So Is John . Who Killed Chresanto Though ? if it Wasnt John ?.or Is Chresanto Really Dead ? More Secrets & Pain To The Pryor-Coly / August-Roger Brothe...
You left US  by heavenbandz
You left US by Bandzmakinheavem
Me:lucas I have sum to tell you L:what baby Me:I'm pregnant L:get out!! Me:what? L:GTFO!! That baby ain't mine Me:yes df it is I gave it up to you L:shut up hoe Me:bit-(...
Right Next to You by FairlyOdd-
Right Next to Youby ❤
I dedicate this whole book to @soo_mindless because if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't have written this.Love you.
Dede,Jazzy,Kammy, and Dia went to the club one lucky day and they saw August Alsina,Darius(Dario),Nolan, and Angelo(DopeIsland) and let's just say there is ALOT of drama...
The Walking Dead by Yazzi_Alsina
The Walking Deadby Yazzi_Alsina
A group of friends takes a trip to the Bahamas for summer break after graduation. Nothing but late night parties, getting drunk and late night sex. But what happens when...
me and mines by Kaylam04112
me and minesby Kaylam04112
after mya mother kicked her and her to grandchildren out of the house mya finds a place but she will have 10 roomates..... but there all guys😭
The DREAMS that the members want for the group...
Crazy In Love by iamchanell
Crazy In Loveby iamchanell
This is story about 2 sisters and a cousin who fell crazy in love with some crazy ass thug niggas and no matter how much they argue and fight they Always ride for each o...
Gone Bad by putrespectonmyname
Gone Badby Courtney
Before you read this story listen to the song gone bad by lil boosie that's what this story is based off of
Bad Boys Club by gvldchains
Bad Boys Clubby gvldchains
Bad boys club is the boy version of the hit tv comedy and drama bad girls club. this is a fiction story made up of my imagination none of these events are true.
Brotherly Love 🌹❣️ by Unknown4OneReason
Brotherly Love 🌹❣️by Unknown4OneReason
15 year old Jalayah goes through a rough struggling time with her twin brother Jackson and her oldest, Jr. Jr is the biggest drug dealer in downtown New Orleans and one...