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•Taking control• by Wizard_of_ships
•Taking control•by Wizard_of_ships
There's a horrible villain attack by the LoV.... Bakugo was the one who watched Izuku being impaled. Everyone believes he's dead, but is he really? • • • • • There are...
Nomu deku by villain_deku_who
Nomu dekuby Villain Izuwuku
"deku..? Speak to me..say something..." "I'm sorry...I couldn't save you...I'm so sorry" After a long battle fighting stain, deku was taken by a nom...
My Life? | Nomu Deku | by riru_stories01
My Life? | Nomu Deku |by R 1 R U_reann
"... Ka.. cchan..?" "Yes.. That's right, De- Izuku.." It was unfamiliar to him. Or was it? He does not recall such name. But he can say it in such e...
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Villain Reader by PineappleApplepin
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Qween Momoyao
Y/n L/n, more commonly known as Shinigami, the notorious wark web assassin and con-for-hire with a terrifying quirk, was asked on a martyr operation to spy at UA high as...
Puppet (Nomu Deku) by CoutirAnimations2
Puppet (Nomu Deku)by Lesbian_Donut
At age four, he was pronounce quirkless, so what did his parents do? They sold him. He was sold to the black market as a slave. He spent years there when L.O.V. found hi...
The truth behind the nomu. by Goghchan
The truth behind the Sakuya
What if Izuku was All For One's son? What if he never met All Might? And what if he had something to do with the Nomu? Read to find out! Updates whenever I feel like it...
Shiganomu Shigaraki X Nomu (USJ) by OrphanObliviator
Shiganomu Shigaraki X Nomu (USJ)by The Archives
A very good ship. Such an amazing ship that it can sink the Bismark in one hit. This ship is so good that all the other ships cannot defeat it. This is such a good ship...
Aizawa's Beast by Belzybob300
Aizawa's Beastby Belzybob 300
Shota Aizawa was part of an investigation's of children being kidnapped when he went on a raid of a villians base with Present Mic and Midnight he didn't expect to find...
||LEADER OF NOMUS|| by Not_Normal_Paper
||LEADER OF NOMUS||by Why tho?
This book is based well started off from the Hosu city incident if you remember if you still have no clue it was the Stain incident any light bulbs there? anyway, that's...
"Just you and me... forever" [CANCELED] by SefanniMaetinez123
"Just you and me... forever" [ Ciel123RedCat
So this was a request form a friend😶 They wanted a Nomu x Deku since my friend couldn't find any fanfics about it, just fan art. so I made this for them, but if people...
My Hero Acadamia: Unyielding Wrath by Hunter4894
My Hero Acadamia: Unyielding Wrathby Red Reaper
No memory of what he did or what happened but with a quirk that isn't his follow (Y/n) (L/n) as is welcomed into UA with welcome arms. Will he be able to work through hi...
I Am Nomu by ZaintheReaper
I Am Nomuby Professor Xivass
Since the first attack from the league of villains, Nomu are believed to be people turned into mindless creatures. But what if a Nomu was always a Nomu? What if All for...
Blackest Retribution (Abandoned) by Oncealive999
Blackest Retribution (Abandoned)by Oncealive999
Izuku has had it rough. No, that's understating the matter. The amount of "rough" he has had it is incomprehensible. But does he loathe hero's for never saving...
νιℓℓαιи вαвуѕιттєя {винα} by shiggyyyy
νιℓℓαιи вαвуѕιттєя {винα}by 𝖒𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖚𝖘
"вιтcн, do ι looĸ lιĸe a вaвyѕιттer тo yoυ?!" "jυѕт тaĸe care oғ тнeм υnтιl ι ғιnd тнe cυre, pleaѕe", нe deмanded. "yoυ вeттer pay мe нoe!"...
Experimented wolf deku (bkdk) by Zozojacksoni
Experimented wolf deku (bkdk)by Purebloodbakudeku
(This is kinda like a practice draft) He was taken at the age of 12 and experimented just to be turned into a nomu for something called the league of villains. Before ta...
Erlebnisse- Nomu Deku  by Josclyn_c
Erlebnisse- Nomu Deku by Cuddle_girl
This is the second book to 'Experiment 164' please read that book first. Izuku is alone. He's always alone. He has no one and nothing left to live for. He has one job a...
The Universe's Sin (My Hero Academia× Male Reader) by susystudy453
The Universe's Sin (My Hero Susie
Ryou was born in a strange family. His grandmother was the leader, and considered him her work of art. But his young parents refused to let him be tainted by the cruel w...
вraттy prιnceѕѕ {т. ѕнιgaraĸι} by shiggyyyy
вraттy prιnceѕѕ {т. ѕнιgaraĸι}by 𝖒𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖚𝖘
"princess nanako, well if it isn't the brattiest of them all" "prince tomura, well if it isn't the crustiest of them all", nanako retorted back. ✿.。...
The Perfect Nomu(Overhauled)  by KaiRyuga
The Perfect Nomu(Overhauled) by Kai Yami
This story takes place after the defeat of All for One The story of the first humanoid nomu with the quirk allowing him to control the darkenss and bend it to his will...
Becoming a Hero (bnha x OC) by snowy_writes28
Becoming a Hero (bnha x OC)by Snowy
Izumina Kimino, Katsuki Bakugou, and Izuku Midoriya were the best of friends when they were young. Izumina was the only one strong enough to stand in between Katsuki and...