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UNWANTED Wife (ENGLISH) by SeleneMoonLuna
UNWANTED Wife (ENGLISH)by SeleneMoonLuna
I never wanted her. I never liked her. I never loved her. I despised...loathed...hated her. But it only takes one night and my feelings for her changes forever . I thoug...
Kalyug - As told by Krishna by Ak_Mzhr
Kalyug - As told by Krishnaby MZHR
Kalyug, the final age of human generation, the destruction of the Earth- the book will tell you everything that you're wishing to know about the end of the world.
Strade gave you another hole! (BTD) Warning! Gore and rape  by SushiReads2000
Strade gave you another hole! ( SushiReads2000
Strade meets you at the bar and takes you into his basement and processed to.... well... you know.
His Drama Queen by LencySlamet
His Drama Queenby LencySlamet
Nicole Vargas. Spoiled, rich, smart, and melodramatic. She graduated Fashion Design in Brazil and was the daughter of a well known artist and the CEO of 'The Vargas' ho...
500+ Psychology Facts | ✍ by August_Parker
500+ Psychology Facts | ✍by .
Psychology, if it's your cup of tea, opens doors to a lot of interesting characteristics and traits that human beings encompass. Reading about it will not only give a me...
Short Ghost Stories by eyefar
Short Ghost Storiesby عفة
The stories in this book are based on true events that happened mainly in Asia. We do get stories from the US and Australia as well. The names have been changed to prot...
Chase Me by LencySlamet
Chase Meby LencySlamet
Amari Vasilios, the CEO of a rapidly growing Advertising Company in California, experienced a heartbreak from her best friend, Zane Shaw, five years ago-a person she lea...
The Beginning Of Someday by ILoveHotMcDFries
The Beginning Of Somedayby mocha
This is a real life happy ending for those who are losing hope of finding one.♡♡♡ ***********DISCLAIMER************ All the people and events in this sto...
I stole the billionaire's heart by LencySlamet
I stole the billionaire's heartby LencySlamet
"What if he is the one? But he is afraid to tell you?" ┉ Once upon a one night stand in Milan, Italy┉ 💗Two people fell in love.💗 He snuck o...
Useless Facts by AwesomeSauceStories
Useless Factsby AwesomeSauceStories
Useless facts you didn't need to know!
Human Psychology  by GerhardBeltran999
Human Psychology by Gerhard Beltran
Human Psychology is the science of mind and human behavior. It opens interesting characteristics and traits that human being encompasses reading about it will not only g...
තේව් (𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊) by laura-bun
පරවුණු මලකට නැවතත් පණ දීම කල නොහැක්කක්ද? Coverd by-@_Vntekoo_
Hearts Entwined by RadhithReyshan
Hearts Entwinedby RadhithReyshan
"ඔයා නම් හරි නපුරුයි රනුද්... ඔයාට අනිත් මනුස්සයන්ගේ හැගිම් ගැන කිසිම හැගිමක් නෑ...." - දුල්සාරා තෙනුලි වනිගසූරිය - ******** "ඇත්තටම සර් ඔයා නම් මාරම නපුර...
A guide: Therianthropy by Dawn-on-Paws
A guide: Therianthropyby Dawn
🍄Some tips and tricks to help you navigate life as a therian or otherkin! Also includes tips for specific types of animals, dictionary type chapters, and tips on connec...
Fun Facts! by GuestHu
Fun Facts!by GUEST_HU
Did you know that milk does not make your bones stronger? that Kids learn faster than adults? that sharks do not need sex anymore for reproduction? that sleep-deprived T...
Facts ✓ by Yarainaya
Facts ✓by Yara Inaya
This isn't your common Wattpad Fact book, it's fun and entertaining. (I don't own anything, everything is collected from the internet.)
ඔබේ ගිනිගත් හද නිවාලනු හැකිද මා හට...❤️🥺(nf) by YuWeeN_NimNaD______
ඔබේ ගිනිගත් හද නිවාලනු හැකිද මා හට යු වී හ්
අවුරුදු දහසයක හුරතල්,දඟකාර කොලු පැංචෙකුගෙයි..අවුරුදු විසි හතරක නපුරු කොල්ලෙක්ගෙයි වටේ ගෙතුණු ලස්සනම කතාවක්...මේක මං ලියපු කතා අතරෙන් රීඩර්ස්ලා ගොඩකගේ හොඳම ප්‍රතිචාරයක් හ...
The Secret Life Of The American Teenager [SEASON 6] Together Forever by magicofessence
The Secret Life Of The American rainy days
This is season six of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. RANKED #18 in NON-FICTION RANKED #73 in FANFICTION Secrets are yet to be revealed. Amy Juergens leaves...
All This Little Things ~ Poetry  by Kimberlyywolfiee
All This Little Things ~ Poetry by Kimberlyywolfiee
a personal view more than ever on relatable issues and things !
Blind Alpha Female |FURTHER UPDATES MAY 2020| by gangsterbabe13
Blind Alpha Female |FURTHER gangsterbabe13
*Going through editing* Carly Johnson a female blind Alpha. Just the name alone can bring shivers to your spine. She's ruthless, fearless and stunning. Just a mere h...