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Once We Were Lost (Lost Boys) by TheRoseOfTheVolturi
Once We Were Lost (Lost Boys)by Trafalgar Aurelia
Aurelia's green eyes scanned the boardwalk as she lifted her bag higher onto her shoulder. Her red hair glowed in the light from the Ferris Wheel and it caught the atten...
Kissed by The Moon (HS) by AdelineNielsen
Kissed by The Moon (HS)by Della
*not an A/B/O* Amelia Dayton, Daughter of the pack's Alpha, is forced to give up hopes of ever finding her True Mate. With her pack bordering the rouge territories, atta...
The Place Far Away by twokaytwins
The Place Far Awayby twokaytwins
The fantasy of Polly Everest Written by kayon Grambery
Loving Mr. McDonald by Reading-Is-Grate-
Loving Mr. McDonaldby Reading-Is-Grate-
Ronald McDonald had vanished from the public eye seemingly forever until now. The infamous mascot and entrepreneur was the center of attention once again! Everyone was r...
Not Like That by Nicolle_Kelso
Not Like Thatby AbbeyGale
When Addie was 17 she went to a concert with her best friend KK. Afterwards KK suggested that they hit up a few
A Wolf and a Vamp by CreativeButLazy1
A Wolf and a Vampby Creative; But Lazy
My friend Tia started this story, but in Gwin's prospective. We both wrote from our views and wanted to see where we would go. I wrote the first five chapters with her...
Let Love be Love by katnisskitty
Let Love be Loveby katnisskitty
Everybody writes the stories of the humans point of loving a being of my kind, but no one writes them from my view. Maybe it's because we are too hard to understand, I w...
Blood Bath by renenouve
Blood Bathby Nik
Joshua Collins had gone missing for three days already. His dad and his only friend Evan worried, the small group he walks with at school disturbed, and the whole school...
HP Safe place by hpgirls23
HP Safe placeby coffee coffee coffee
This is a place where you can vent and we'll vent. All about Harry Potter. Mistreated Slytherins- wizardingprincess108 Why Harry is not a Ravenclaw- ravenclaw111004 How...
She Thought. (girlxgirl) by Words_To_Words
She Thought. (girlxgirl)by Words_To_Words
Jenna Archer finds herself discovering that there is life after death.
Guardians of the Forest (Silver Creek Pack 1) by 25_speedy
Guardians of the Forest (Silver 25_speedy
Xavier had known since he was a pup what his future was going to be, Alpha, like his ancestors before him. So far, he was on course to the top of his pack. One night, un...
Bloody Temptations by PeopleArePoison109
Bloody Temptationsby Killer Killjoy
btw iv never watched twilight. I let my friend read this and she told me that there was a vampire doctor. sooo ya
Unsalted Cashews by seajellies
Unsalted Cashewsby seajellies
Irabella 'Elle' Vanrindé was just a normal girl, at a normal school, with normal friends. And she's deathly allergic to cashews. Especially when they're unsalted. So whe...
To the moon and back by CrystalDoobie
To the moon and backby CrystalDoobie
This is a book about a girl, who's a werewolf and shtufff. The girls name is Nicole, she kind of likes girls and is into girls. She goes by 'Cole, she's perty coolll, ju...
my Ocs and eventually stories by Starlighmss
my Ocs and eventually storiesby hyper fixations galore
so... my aunt is bribing me so I'll post my characters enjoy these shitposts
Blood Draw: Book Two of the Blood Type Series (complete) by MLGarrett
Blood Draw: Book Two of the Melissa
After seventeen-year-old Blake Ehlert is brutally attacked and infected with vampire venom, she must choose between imminent death and eternal life. Unable to turn away...
The Wolf's Secret by QueenOfWolves110
The Wolf's Secretby Belle
Read and find out!
Ollie by immaRUSHER05
Ollieby amelia
So, everyone knows that a wooden stake kills vampires and garlic freaks the chizz out of them, right? Well, what if there was a new breed of vampires that wooden stakes...
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