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The Dead Never Return by bboydgryffindor
The Dead Never Returnby Lynn
Voldemort's dead. The war is over. The unnessesary bloodshed stopped. The Wizarding World is changing for the better. What happens when people appear? People Nova and Ha...
Nova, Natasha and Venom one-shots by twelves_thick_thighs
Nova, Natasha and Venom one-shotsby 𝕋.𝔸.ℝ.𝔻.𝕀.𝕊
Our favourite messy assassin/alien relationship scenarios. Much smutty goodness, other things as well, please suggest things if you would like to :)
Life without you. *hp x mcu* by AhRach8
Life without you. *hp x mcu*by milf_lover
all the characters belong to J.k Rowling except Nova black she belongs to @_big_fudge_ go check out there Original Nova Black x Natasha series
Bullet Wounds // Shameless (slow updates) by twelves_thick_thighs
Bullet Wounds // Shameless (slow 𝕋.𝔸.ℝ.𝔻.𝕀.𝕊
Nova Black was stolen at a young age, her family killed and buried god only knows where. After being trained, she became the best assassin in the world. No one knows her...
Manipulation Of The Fates by RandomWrites1234
Manipulation Of The Fatesby RandomWrites1234
When the past and present meets their fate in the form of the cinematic universe Enjoy!
Nova Vega Black: Daughter Or Sister? by BiancaWoods1307
Nova Vega Black: Daughter Or BiancaWoods1307
Nova Vega Black is-or was-the daughter of Regulus Black. But somehow, she was sent back in time. Why? Nova has no clue. But the weird part is, when Nova gets sent back...
The Ways of the Wicked by Estellaslibrary
The Ways of the Wickedby Estellaslibrary
Nova Aoife Black I don't own any of the characters besides Nova, Hugo, Daphne, Aoife and any other character that doesn't belong in the Harry Potter Universe. *J.K Rowl...
BELIEVER ❘❘ The 100 (1) by Void_Lydia_
BELIEVER ❘❘ The 100 (1)by Ben Whelan
"We all have regrets. But we can't undo the things that we've done." In which Nova Black is sent down to a radiated Earth with 99 other juvenile delinquents be...
The Girl Who Fought | h.p | by bboydgryffindor
The Girl Who Fought | h.p |by Lynn
"I'm in love with you, Nova Lily," Harry said softly as he caressed her cheek with his thumb delicately. "And I'll make sure Merlin knows it." Wolfst...
Poison Onyx by twelves_thick_thighs
Poison Onyxby 𝕋.𝔸.ℝ.𝔻.𝕀.𝕊
~ "Will I d-do that again?" She asked quietly as he grabbed a new wipe. "Yes." He nodded, wiping down her forehead. "A lot?" She question...