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Hatzgang x reader stories, headcanons & scenerios by mccully765
Hatzgang x reader stories, Amiyah McCully
I mean I really love the hatzgang so i will request fluff, smut, romance stuff & other stuff EXCEPT angst, rape, phobias, and sudden blood so the rest i agreed on so a b...
Steps to Fight Plagiarism by Ruhani_Gupta
Steps to Fight Plagiarismby Ruhani
Fellow authors, if your book has been plagiarised by a third party site and you're confused about what course of action you should take, then hopefully this book would b...
novelhd by MAMMON4LIFERS
novelhdby Molly Of Phoenix Drop
lets talk about novelhd for a second and bring awareness to this
Hatzgang stories by mccully765
Hatzgang storiesby Amiyah McCully
Hewwo, It's me again!! This time i'm gonna allow a LITTLE angst & suicide Because i have suicide problems too. So maybe making this will make me feel better :) ENJOY~~...
REPORT NOVELHDby johnlockedturtle
All my stories have been stolen. This has happened to many other authors as well. HERE IS A GUIDE TO WHAT YOU CAN DO.
... by -leviachann
#8 leviathan - avatar of envy !
About the situation
urgent, please read by HolySanitizer
urgent, please readby •Holy Ominigizer•
basically an urgent situation as my works are being stolen.
NovelHD by SonicFanficLover19
NovelHDby Kianna The Humicorn
NovelHD is a website that steals people's stories and they CAN make money off of them. Art is not owned by me.
Report NovelHD by Berrywritz
Report NovelHDby ¡! Berry ¡!
I am very angry and furious at this point
PLEASE SHUT DOWN NOVELHD!! by mavis_writes
Please share this with everyone you know because their book may be on here as well. The platform NovelHD has been taking wattpad books and reposting them on their websit...
Important Stuff by Hedgeoctoling
Important Stuffby Hedgeoctoling
this book is about a website that is stealing stories from Wattpad authors (cover made by Killer_Wail)
NovelHD is stealing books (how to help) by antiNovelHD
NovelHD is stealing books (how once wasn't enough huh NovelH...
NovelHD is stealing books from authors, whether it be big or small. So, here's everything I know and how to help with the current situation.
NovelHD Important Please Read by Kitty_catpup
NovelHD Important Please Readby Kitty_catpup
Disclaimer: Cover belongs to the rightful owner. Name of owner is at the bottom of the cover. All credit goes to her on the cover. I decided to make this awareness book...
FCK Y by evnrwru
FCK Yby Even
A book for Novelhd :DD
NovelHD by purpleparisa
NovelHDby 𝒥𝒶𝓈𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑒
NovelHD is a website and some writers have been copied and this is the website.
Daydreams: Short stories by slowwriterz
Daydreams: Short storiesby 812Htex
As the title says, daydreams. This book will be composed with short and random stories that appear in my daydreams. The stories may vary in genres. Some may contain har...