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A lucky warship by AbyssalEnterprise
A lucky warshipby 𝕶𝕸𝕾 𝖅24
KMS Prinz Eugen. A fine and good warship of the Germany Kriegsmarine. after the Soviets and British defeated the German third reich, The British Royal Navy recovered the...
Gate: The New Era by DemonIsTooShort
Gate: The New Eraby DemonIsTooShort
A Gate opens up in Times Square, right in the middle of a war-torn world and a war-torn America. Having suffered nearly 3 decades of war, the American people will not st...
Fallout 4 | Vault 111 Survivor x Fem Deathclaw by ShawnSpires
Fallout 4 | Vault 111 Survivor x ShawnCoolFnia
You see in the eyes of a male human named Shawn, who survives the bombing from vault 111, his sister is kidnapped whilst in the vault, and it's up to him to find her, bu...
Fallout of Azur Lane by user444890
Fallout of Azur Laneby user444890
Disclaimer:I don't own fallout or azur lane.Fallout belongs to Bethesda softworks.Azur lane belongs to yostar limited. When the great war of 2077 occured most of the US...
A Trial of Time- India/US Transference. by Aestas-Vivax
A Trial of Time- India/US Aestas Vivax
"People, who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything." Co-Authored with Marine325, Author of "War of the World", Ying...
Eburnean Tommy by lil_painter
Eburnean Tommyby Willows_Hiraeth
Tommy Escapes Dream after reviving him multiples times During this Tommy runs into familiar people WILL TOMMY BE FREE? WHO ARE THE FAMILIAR PEOPLE, CLICK START READING...
D-Day: West Germany (Africa-German male reader x Union academy) by 221September
D-Day: West Germany ( bucketman
(I do not own any thing) Y/N, A weak powerless hero been bully by any students (Exept RWBY, JNPR, SSSN, and CVFY), He was kick out from the union academy and his now lea...
Pilipinas Shoukan by IsekaiNerd68
Pilipinas Shoukanby
When an Earthquake happens on the entire United States of Philippines something happens that will rock the entire history of USP and how they will survive in the world t...
Fractured Dawn by Phasmoo
Fractured Dawnby RumpyJupiter32
New Orderia is a technologically advanced nation, I won't finish that shpeal about it, long story short they are testing weapons in another reality, war crimes will be c...
A retarded idiot got transported to another world (Command and conquer x hoi4) by 221September
A retarded idiot got transported bucketman
Another goe adventure, he will survive, alot
I troll the remnants with my mods and meme ( Goe mod x rwby) by 221September
I troll the remnants with my bucketman
Commander goe, now a mod player transported to rwby universe, he has power to control mods and memes, with his odd team (Warnings: this contains sex and violence in the...
Summoning India: Bhaarat Samman by Aestas-Vivax
Summoning India: Bhaarat Sammanby Aestas Vivax
Give Me Blood, and I Will Give You Freedom." Surrounded by the ruthless and communist foes, there exists a tale of a tiger known to be the world's fourth largest ec...
Azure Lane: Fanfic by a guy who hasn't saw the anime. by DarthGreatPerson
Azure Lane: Fanfic by a guy who Darth GreatPerson
Don't bother trying to read this, the only things i've seen were the fanfics about shiney new MURICAN supercariers. Then i thought 'why not make a wehraboo version?' and...
Spell War by SpellOpening7852
Spell Warby P. A. Aoi
A ragtag group of adventurers find a teenager, unconscious and alone in a town destroyed by war. Taking her with them, they set off in search of a new home, with only o...
boom goes the trauma by cockcicle
boom goes the traumaby slime
bedrock bros angst w/ major character death<3 really short & a lot of ooc
Evil always born by 221September
Evil always bornby bucketman
In this timeline, evil always born in the world, fill destruction and death. Many have female characters having childrens, including loli. (Contains: Lemons, Sex, Death...
The Great Nation's Remnants by EmmanuelBautistaCaal
The Great Nation's Remnantsby EmmanuelB. Cañal
This is a story of a group of remnants of the American Air Force, Army and Navy of a forgotten nation which perished in a nuclear holocaust. Lets dive into the story of...
Gate And Thus The Appalachians Fought There. by NapalmRus
Gate And Thus The Appalachians Meep
Appalachia 2112, 35 years after the bombs dropped and 10 years after vault 76 opened to the wasteland a new nation has formed in the ashes of America. Flourishing due to...
The Kraken (2019) by TheDabbingCrew
The Kraken (2019)by TheDabbingCrew
By TheDabbingCrew (2019) A huge tentacled monster rises from the Atlantic Ocean after "a secret US military nuclear base explodes sending a huge wave of radiation c...