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Lovers ripped apart by duty by fijifan_sos
Lovers ripped apart by dutyby SHIPPERS OF ALL SHIPPING
It's about Kajol and Sharuhk love. It gets very complicated and if you wanna join us with the drama then click READ and you will see what's behind the camera.
Blood Rose by 34mehra
Blood Roseby pihu
Zaina daughter of Indian businessman settled in London hot-headed, sexy and wild girl meets the dark prince of Dubai. peep in to know more..........
Joys of Historical Knowledge by KarenHikari
Joys of Historical Knowledgeby Karen Hikari
"See how it feels when they ignore you and you're trying to teach them something interesting?" Annabeth offered. "These are the simple joys of historical...
The Chronicles Of Charlie by JayPheeInc
The Chronicles Of Charlieby JayPheeInc
----------- Who am I kidding he totally saw me looking at him. He then got up and walked towards me, Great hes gonna come here and kill me now, or worse embarrass me, I...
El Radiant Sonder by sereyyyyyyn
El Radiant Sonderby sereyyyyyyn✨
They say that our purpose in life Is to finding the reason to live But why does The glint in your eyes Reveals how sad your soul is?
Anturaż by 1MarBe
Anturażby 1MarBe
Polska rzeczywistość w alternatywnym świecie...
Forever Linked by Deep_Down
Forever Linkedby Deep_Down
Three millennia ago the world was in a state of Chaos. Creatures were killing humans without mercy and the Gods could not intervene themselves. To save their dwindling p...
Connor Hawke Origins by StoriesByPerson
Connor Hawke Originsby StoriesByPerson
My name is Connor, Connor Hawke... This is just a quick short story to set up the backstory for one of the characters in Destiny's sequel book, [untitled]. This sets up...
The great pizza mystery by _fullstop__
The great pizza mysteryby N♥Y♥S♥A
When Aadya Bhaskar's pizza gets stolen Nysa Verma, THE GREAT DETECTIVE AF , helps her overcome her biggest fear, HER PIZZA GETTING STOLEN. Writer: NYSA Producer: AADY...
UNI TED by _fullstop__
Uni, a simple girl who runs a simple bakery , was offered to spy on the businessman , Martin Murphy. But when Uni falls in love with his son Ted Murphy, she instantly...
NYSA - one reason love by thesanebeing
NYSA - one reason loveby Francia
....... While sitting in corner window seat in public bus just like back in time, she was in deep thought about how can passing time not just changes the things around u...
The World is for THE GAMBLERS - English Version by moancihuatl
The World is for THE GAMBLERS - En...by moancihuatl
This is the English version of the fanfic The World is for The Gamblers (El mundo es para los APOSTADORES) Friend reader, if there is something wrong written in your lan...