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Devotion (Thorin/OC) by Anna_Donovan
Devotion (Thorin/OC)by Anna_Donovan
She goes by many names; the fearless one...blood runner...chain breaker. She has lived through many things. She had seen many faces. But will any of this help her when G...
The Golden Hunter (Thorin Oakensheild Story) {UNDER MAJOR EDITING} by mojo_kitty22
The Golden Hunter (Thorin Oakenshe...by mojokitty
The Golden Hunter. That is what Alix is know as. She is a skin-chager, A white lioness. A hunter with a thirst for orc blood. When a dear friend of hers with a pointed g...
My love ( Thorin Oakensheild love story) (On Hold) by MariaKlemish
My love ( Thorin Oakensheild love...by MK
Thorin Oakensheild has never liked elves ever since the day that Smaug the fire breathing dragon came and destroyed his home. When Gandalf went to get the 15th member of...
More than Gold by Thilbo
More than Goldby Thilbo
(Takes place after Thorin and co. Discover that Bilbo hadn't followed them out of the midst of the goblins.) Thorin discovers his foolishness. And his love. (Two-shot)
My One (Kili Durin Fanfic) by taylahfilikili
My One (Kili Durin Fanfic)by taylahfilikili
You are the best warrior for Lorn Dain of the Iron Hills but when you go on a quest with Thorin Oakensheild will you start having feelings for one particular dwarf in th...
You love her? *A Thorin Oakenshield love story* by bestarrinatyou
You love her? *A Thorin Oakenshiel...by Gabriel Alexander
Thorin despises Elves with his every last essence, but there is someone who is different. That is when Larien comes into play. With her wit and charm he finds himself im...
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An Unexpected Meeting - Richard Armitage by liziwrites
An Unexpected Meeting - Richard Ar...by Elizabeth
Life hasn't been kind to me, but I haven't been kind to it. Meet Scarlett Evans, a 23 year old girl who leads an average life, living in London with her best friends Ava...
Insanity | A Hobbit Fanfiction by Fandom_obsessed
Insanity | A Hobbit Fanfictionby Fandom_obsessed
While at his cousin Dains, Thorin finds a Broken witch in his dungeons. She tells him that he needs her for his journey to be successful. She joins the company, adding p...
Elves and Dwarves (part 2) by animaltrainer
Elves and Dwarves (part 2)by Horseshoe
After Thorin Oakenshield and his company escaped the halls of the great Goblin king. They now have to take an unpleasant journey through the great Elven forest called Mi...
Rare breed  by Kurukocchi-fandom
Rare breed by Freya Killian
The Durin line of dwarves that wish to retake their homeland of Erabor. Throin Oakinsheild and his company of thirteen dwarves, the wizard Gandalf, their burglar Bilbo...
★Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit One-Shots★ by imagine_margaret
★Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit One...by Margaret Smith
This will be a book full of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Character based one-shots. This book will include: Aragorn Legolas Boromir Frodo Baggins Sam Wise SamGee Pippin...
The Hobbit One-Shot by SherlockismyPatronus
The Hobbit One-Shotby SherlockismyPatronus
Trial to see if I will continue this story later
Fili , i love you by kiera_in_mirkwood
Fili , i love youby kiera_in_mirkwood
its a story about a young elven princess called Lillia who has to leave mirkwood and go on eerie quests with three dwarves who she cant stand.
Alexandra Mayfair's story's by alicecooke
Alexandra Mayfair's story'sby alice cooke
this is the story of alexandra mayfair. Her father was abusive cruel and a traitor. this is a story of alice [ alice is what she likes to be called] a not so ordinary f...
Fallen Ill by fandomcrazygurl
Fallen Illby fandomcrazygurl
Imagine with Thorin caring for sick reader.