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Is it Love?-Harry Potter x Criminal Minds by oddfanfiction
Is it Love?-Harry Potter x Sky Bolton
Pairing: Harry/Derek Morgan and is an Omegaverse fic. Summary: Harry Potter was the middle child. The child who could do no right. He could never be good enough. Always...
Finding you can change »L.S by jealouslouis_
Finding you can change »L.Sby Z
"Call off the wedding." He hears Louis say after a few minutes of silence. "What?" Harry asks, dumb folded. "I said, call off the wedding."...
Our Omega(Zianourry) by shrutimishra500
Our Omega(Zianourry)by shrutimishra500
Harry Styles was not used to be loved. Kicked out of the house for being gay, he lived on the streets for months. He's an omega and have some secrets he hide deep inside...
Bought And Sold /zarry /Hybrid/Omegaverse by skillaudontknow
Bought And Sold /zarry /Hybrid/ skillaudontknow
When Zayn makes his weekly routine to a hybrid agency to calm his nerves but wound up with something he didn't expect or someone.
Beautiful Flames - A Harry Potter Fanfiction by oddfanfiction
Beautiful Flames - A Harry Sky Bolton
Pairing: Top Original Male Character / Bottom Harry Potter Summary: Voldemort has conquered and brought the government to its knees. Purebloods were satisfied, well most...
~𝑯𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒐 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆~/𝒟𝓇𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 by LittleKiwi09
~𝑯𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒐 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆~/𝒟𝓇𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎by LittleKiwi09
Draco Mafoy,Alpha,Owner of N.1 Most successful company in town. cold hearted, thought bastard. whoever you shall ask that is or was at one point close to him. will descr...
Omega ((Drarry)) by IdkButRawr
Omega ((Drarry))by IdkButRawr
All you need to know is this: Harry's an omega, and Draco is an alpha. Yeah I'd say that's about it. ((All art is my own))
Books And Mates by Supersocks123
Books And Matesby Socks
A story where Draco is and Alpha, and Harry is and omega. They both have feelings for each other, but what will happen when Harry unexpectedly goes into heat? And what w...
Pretty Little Flower - A Harry Potter Oneshot  by oddfanfiction
Pretty Little Flower - A Harry Sky Bolton
Pairing: Surprise Top / Bottom Harry Potter Summary: A pretty Omega can get and Alpha wrapped around his little finger... Notes/Warnings: Omegaverse Feminization Crossdr...
A Touch of Innocence - A Harry Potter Fanfiction  by oddfanfiction
A Touch of Innocence - A Harry Sky Bolton
Summary: Determined to prove Omegas aren't weak Omega Harry Potter embarks on a journey to prove everyone wrong and to make his father proud. He faces the challenges of...
wbwl, drarry- he with the avada kedavra green eyes !!!DISCONTINUED!!! by ItIsMee1412
wbwl, drarry- he with the avada ItIsMee1412
IS BEING REWRITTEN!!!!!!!!!! Charlus Potter is wrongly declaired the boy who lived. Little did anyone know that Harry Potter, Charles younger twin, the actual child of t...
a/b/o one shots || Larry Stylinson  by WallsIsAboutHarry
a/b/o one shots || Larry Stylinson by dont_eat_yellow_snow
Since a lot of people don't like a/b/o stories (I also didn't read it for a long time) I decided to create another extra book for these stories. It's just smut again Som...
Whiskey - A Harry Potter Oneshot  by oddfanfiction
Whiskey - A Harry Potter Oneshot by Sky Bolton
Pairing: Top Theodore Nott / Bottom Harry Potter Summary: Running a billion galleon company was not easy, especially on Theo's family ... Notes/Warnings: Omegaverse Omeg...
Cherry Wine {l.s.} by runwiththethieves
Cherry Wine {l.s.}by reine
"open hand or closed fist would be fine" or the au where Harry used to be abused and Louis is his neighbor.
𝔐𝔄𝓣ℰ𝔖 - ♔   ♕〖Omegaverse〗 by imafookinlosah
𝔐𝔄𝓣ℰ𝔖 - ♔ ♕〖Omegaverse〗by austin moon
Louis Tomlinson: Alpha, Prince of England Harry Styles: Omega, Servant in the royal castle ♔ ♕ ♔ ♕ ♔ ♕ i'm so sorry for the slow updates i'm just trying to make i...
Oh I Will Carry You Over, Fire and Water For Your Love  by la281D
Oh I Will Carry You Over, Fire la281D
It's been 3 years since Harry and Louis had Luna, and they couldn't be happier. Life was perfect with their pup, friends and family all around them. But what happens whe...
Devastated Omega, Determined Alpha by kaylaytay123
Devastated Omega, Determined Alphaby kaylaytay123
Second story for My Alpha, Your Omega
Innocence & Purity by hazstylesisabttm
Innocence & Purityby gwendolyn🍒
alphaxomega au - louis adopted harry when harry was the age of 14 after moving to Canada. harry is full of innocence and purity, and is oblivious to almost everything. l...
The Royal Family of Angelland  by harrysfinelinehabit
The Royal Family of Angelland by 🐇fine line 🐇
Harry never wished to get married before the age of twenty - in fact, he wanted to break the rules and leave = live. He left his abusive household at the age of 18. Sadl...
Forgive me by DiaMadhav
Forgive meby Dia Madhav
larry stylinson alpha/omega it's a story of 2 people too much in love with each other that the fear of breaking each other's heart keeps them apart!! Keep reading to f...