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Our Omega(Zianourry) by shrutimishra500
Our Omega(Zianourry)by shrutimishra500
Harry Styles was not used to be loved. Kicked out of the house for being gay, he lived on the streets for months. He's an omega and have some secrets he hide deep inside...
The professor and babysitter l.s/a.b.o by stephaniekw1234
The professor and babysitter l.s/ Stephanie Kerr-Wiseman
Louis is a alpha single father of his 2 year old son Freddie and his a professor at a college but his last babysitter quit and he needs a new one so he sends out flyers...
First and four-most by crew_six
First and four-mostby crew_six
Harry finds himself overwhelmed way more often then he should at the young age of 16. As much as he loves the spotlight and being an idol sometimes he needs to relinquis...
Books And Mates by Supersocks123
Books And Matesby Socks
A story where Draco is and Alpha, and Harry is and omega. They both have feelings for each other, but what will happen when Harry unexpectedly goes into heat? And what w...
Innocence & Purity by hazstylesisabttm
Innocence & Purityby gwendolyn🍒
alphaxomega au - louis adopted harry when harry was the age of 14 after moving to Canada. harry is full of innocence and purity, and is oblivious to almost everything. l...
abo one shots from ao3 by heartfullofharry
abo one shots from ao3by offline
i wanted to put my one shots here so it was accessible to my followers here 2 :))))
Not so weak now by sugardaddyniall
Not so weak nowby Niall's always on top
Harry Styles is a trouble omega that no one wants. Niall Horan is a millionaire alpha without an omega.
Eclipse ☀︎︎ ☾︎ - larry stylinson by vintagestylinson
Eclipse ☀︎︎ ☾︎ - larry stylinsonby larry stylinson
If one of them is the sun then the other is the moon. If one is day then the other is night. If one is rain other is a rainbow. They were opposites yet needed each other...
Evil like a rose by wifeydolouis
Evil like a roseby ⋆
Harry as a duchess and Louis as his lovely, protective husband.
Alpha || l.s ~ a/b/o ~ oneshot  by peterparkerscreek
Alpha || l.s ~ a/b/o ~ oneshot by peterparkerscreek
~ complete ~ Louis is Harry's alpha and Harry is Louis' omega . (very short)
viktor krum's little sister(female reader insert) by SetoKaibaEyeCandy
viktor krum's little sister( Seto the bitch
(omega harry potter x beta female reader x alpha draco malfoy) y/n krum was a beta and viktor krum's sister she want to Hogwarts and claimed both omega harry and alpha d...
Zarry Story Ideas (Z.M/H.S.) by GypsyHeartGypsySoul
Zarry Story Ideas (Z.M/H.S.)by N
This is not a book, but it contains different story ideas that can be used for writing Zarry books/ fanfics. So if anyone is interested or in need of ideas for Zarry b...
sweet Neko  by RoraHorn
sweet Neko by Rora Horn
harry becomes a neko?! he has a mate ?!
Maybe one day by randymyqueen
Maybe one dayby randymyqueen
Louis is a very gentle alpha, he wants nothing more then to meet his omega and take care of them. Harry and Marcel are two very sweet omegas who lost trust in alphas a...
The Princess and His Steadfast Company by YaoiFangirl6
The Princess and His Steadfast Danny
A grand adventure awaits the princess and company to prove their worth as King and Knight.. Prince Harry has recently come into his inheritance and is now ready to ascen...