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the voices | kookjin & minv by satsumich
the voices | kookjin & minvby satsumi
"i'm sure, jeon. he is your fated mate." or where Jeon Jungkook, an alpha who just presented started to hear voices inside his head. ___ A kookjin & minv omeg...
True Love: A NamJin Omegaverse Story by bangtangem_1204
True Love: A NamJin Omegaverse APN
Kim Namjoon is an alpha who is the CEO of the top company of the country 'Mono'. Kim Seokjin is an omega who is a kindergarten teacher. What happens when the alpha mee...
I'll Be Your Lighthouse, I'll Make It Okay - BTS by lahrateigh
I'll Be Your Lighthouse, I'll LahraTeigh
A bunch of connected one-shots in the lives of the BTS pack. Grooming Scenting Nursing Getting drunk Getting hurt Protectiveness. And much more!
Unwanted Husband/kookjin by Littlebirdy00
Unwanted Husband/kookjinby Littlebirdy00
سوكجين، يك امگاي شانزده ساله كه محكوم به يك زندگي شده كه براش مثل يك كابوسه. جونگ كوك، يك الفاي هجده ساله كه وارث يكي از بزرگترين كمپاني هاي تجارتي كشوره و همه چيز در زن...
Rebellion [jikook]  by jikookiekiss
Rebellion [jikook] by jikookiekiss
with the fall of the kingdom of korea, the park family loses almost all of its money. omega park jimin is forced into a marriage with the ceo of one the largest telecomm...
dance dipped in honey ; yoonseok by j-saddd
dance dipped in honey ; yoonseokby 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐬𝐬𝐬
jung hoseok was just a normal omega prince, when suddenly he get forced into arranged marriage by his parents with a mysterious prince min yoongi. what will happen when...
Loving And Fighting. Accusing, Denying. by lahrateigh
Loving And Fighting. Accusing, LahraTeigh
Jungkook doesn't want to be an Omega. He doesn't want heats, he doesn't want the responsibility...he's just sorry he had to break his one and only promise to Seokjin.
according to wikipedia: Jeon Jung-kook (Korean: 전정국; born September 1, 1997), known mononymously as Jungkook, is a South Korean singer. He is the youngest member and voc...
I Came for a Story and Got a Ring | ym by ot7mikrokosm
I Came for a Story and Got a Min Yoongi’s Bitch
Jimin is Korean-American journalist who is fascinated with the idea of some of the most historic noble families having dark secrets just waiting to be uncovered. So when...
10 Things I Hate About You | yj, tk by ot7mikrokosm
10 Things I Hate About You | yj, tkby Min Yoongi’s Bitch
On his first day at a new school, Jungkook becomes smitten with Taehyung and becomes determined to ask him out. There's only one problem: Taehyung's not allowed to date...
Korea's Most Eligible: Season 10 | th by ot7mikrokosm
Korea's Most Eligible: Season 10 | Min Yoongi’s Bitch
Taehyung may have been late to the game, but that didn't mean he couldn't claim himself to be one of the biggest fans of the most popular reality show in Korea. It also...
A Wild Flower [NAMJIN] by decaf_cama
A Wild Flower [NAMJIN]by Cloudy Vi
Ini ketiga kalinya Namjoon melihatnya disini. Masih sama, duduk di tempat yang sama dengan gelas di tangannya. Masih terlihat sama cantiknya, dan masih terlihat sama han...
Instant Family | yj, vmk by ot7mikrokosm
Instant Family | yj, vmkby Min Yoongi’s Bitch
When Seokjin gets the idea of having pups planted in his head, he and his mate, Yoongi, decide to apply to be foster parents. Soon enough, they are welcoming three pups...
Fingertips Brushing, Lips Barely Touching by I_LIKE_TURTLES_12345
Fingertips Brushing, Lips Barely the28thanon
Seokjin is a stranger to affection. Sure, his few friends give him plenty, but it's like feeding a tiger with a mouse. Seokjin, in simple terms, is starved for affection...
The Omega Prince by SproutsPerson
The Omega Princeby SproutsPerson
Once a upon a time a king and queen were loved by their people. They were a traditional family, an omega mother and alpha father. They didn't expect their long awaited f...
RED AND BLUE ~TAEJIN by hartlian
WHERE A GREAT ALPHA BECAME, A GREAT OMEGA. WON 3RD PLACE OF THE ARMY AWARDS 2021 This is for my taejinshiper START: NOVEMBER 14, 2020 Highest rank Taejin: #65- 01/11/21 ...
Wine & Blood by EvaBadger
Wine & Bloodby EvaBadger
18 years ago something happend to Jin what changed his whole life... someone raped him and while he is an omega he got pregnant. Back than he was a high school student a...
MY OMEGA  by namjinfftrash
MY OMEGA by Namjin trash
kim seokjin is a poor omega and nerd at their college and he only have one bestfriend park jimin. He grew up without a father and people at college don't know he is omeg...
Officially My Omega || Jinkook || by yoonjinkook
Officially My Omega || Jinkook ||by Yeokshinira
Trapped in an unwanted life, omega Kim Seokjin wished he can run away from his current life hoping for a better future for himself not expecting it would lead him to ano...