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The strongest primordial by Daovenerable
The strongest primordialby Daovenerable
Percy Jackson had been betrayed by the very people he swore to protect, he had watched them turn against him slowly, like an infection spreading throughout the body. The...
Percy the gamer by snakesrawesome
Percy the gamerby Dylan Lampe
Percy gains gamer powers,the layout is a bit different as I play weird games, and will be influenced by games such as, Monster Hunter World Battlefront 2 Minecraft And S...
Ascension of the Fallen by thann_3
Ascension of the Fallenby thann_3
Millennia ago, he was cast from Olympus, exiled to the Pit. Olympus quakes in fear at the return of the Fallen. As the Titans rise, the eldest of Kronos and Rhea returns...
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A New Wolf of the Moon by Annafu3344
A New Wolf of the Moonby Ombra
After the giant war, Perseus Jackson son of Poseidon, and Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena went back to camp half-blood for repairs, and it is all happy and smiles unti...
Perseus The Disgraced Archangel by Randomrandomness12
Perseus The Disgraced Archangelby RandomRandomness12
Lucifer wasn't always this way. Half of what humanity says he is, he isn't. Then again they didn't even get his original name right... Perseus. I do not own Percy Jackso...
The Tide of Magic by ECOWarrior18
The Tide of Magicby Eco Warrior
Read as the great Percy Jackson is more than just a demigod but the Saviour of the Worlds. His actions have impacted more than just the world of Greek and Roman and help...
Percy Jackson -  The Most Powerful by zafeldaf
Percy Jackson - The Most Powerfulby Zohaib Arsalan
Back in the Beginning when Chaos created the universe down of her creations started to gain consciousness, The Earth gained Gaea, the Night turned into Nyx, and so forth...
Percy Jackson: Howling at the Crossroad by _deadly_Deadzio_
Percy Jackson: Howling at the Cros...by _deadly_Deadzio_
Unprepared for the coming conflict with the Titans, Olympus calls upon the help of an old ally. But who is Percy, the Son of Artemis and Lycaon? Who is this man coming f...
Perseus, Demigod of Olympus by HERALDOFSET
Perseus, Demigod of Olympusby Herald Of Set
A/u where Perseus was born a son of Artemis , but was thrown away by the goddess due to his gender . Six years later he is adopted by Zeus , blessed and trained by Apoll...
Rwby : The God of Olympus by ahmadnazem
Rwby : The God of Olympusby Am0104
After the destruction of the greek pantheon, percy jackson is sent to a new world as the last legacy of the greek pantheon.
Saiyajins and Olympians by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Saiyajins and Olympiansby Fire Hero: Inferno
During the fight against Gaea, Annabeth dies and Percy accidentally reveals a secret that he's kept for the last 7 years. A secret that only 5 others, excluding his moth...
Perci : Goddess of the Sea by QuinneRafael
Perci : Goddess of the Seaby Ace of Spades ♠️
Perseus Achilles Jackson is dead. He died pushing Annabeth out of harms way during the Gaia War. After BOO Poseidon can't take the grief anymore, he's been blocking off...
Percy Jackson, in the World of Attack on Titan by Kardock
Percy Jackson, in the World of Att...by Kardock
Percy Jackson is now one of the most powerful beings in the universe. After he is blessed by lady chaos after the betrayal of his friends and family. He takes his little...
Lucifer  (PJO Fanfiction) by ViciousViking03
Lucifer (PJO Fanfiction)by Nobody
[I don't own PJO or HOO Rick Riordan does] did you know their was another sibling with Kronos and Rhea, the eldest out of them all. His name was Perseus, but you wouldn'...
Castaways by Djrusso33
Castawaysby Djrusso33
Percy is thrown into Tartarus for reasons unknown to him. What will happen when he gets down there and Zoe Nightshade is there too.
Percy Jackson: Defender of Dreams by IsaacChristensen
Percy Jackson: Defender of Dreamsby IsaacChristensen
Every world needs its own Percy Jackson, a selfless and powerful hero to protect and defend its citizens. Unfortunately, they don't have one... until now. After seeing P...
Trapped In Immortality by powerseeker7545
Trapped In Immortalityby powerseeker7545
Percy Jackson has seen enough. He's been through enough. But after the battle of Gaea comes the last straw. As he walks onto Olympus, he doesn't realize how much his lif...
Percy Jackson the universal assassin by Percyjacksonfan28
Percy Jackson the universal assass...by Me
What happens when Percy gets betrayed by those dear to him? What happens when his true love rejects him? I know this has been done a lot but give it a try will ya?
The invisible assassin ( Percy Jackson fanfiction)  by Elemental_Goddess
The invisible assassin ( Percy Jac...by Elemental_Goddess
Persous Achilles Jackson the son of Posejdon and the two times Hero of Olympus is betrayed and cheated by his abusive girlfriend and leter on kidnaped by a person from d...
Percy Jackson Friend Of Chaos by LeonidasDestroyer789
Percy Jackson Friend Of Chaosby Leonidas
Percy jackson is troubled kid trying to get through middle school at good whilst being abused by Gabe or as he would put it smelly Gabe. He met someone in the woods who...