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Secretly Married To My Professor {Completed√} by ShaiPearl26
Secretly Married To My Professor { JaiJai
"I-ikaw ang asawa ni Sir?!"
Notice - A KathNiel Story by chancesandestiny
Notice - A KathNiel Storyby chancesandestiny
Will Kathryn Bernardo ever get her true love back despite her past? Will they notice their love for each other or just be blind to each other?
Out of the Darkness - A KathNiel Story by chancesandestiny
Out of the Darkness - A KathNiel chancesandestiny
Is there darkness in your own life? Do you feel trapped in a terrible situation or stuck in a cloudy storm and are you wondering when you are going to see the light? Do...
Hot Showers (Ianthony) by totallycheesey
Hot Showers (Ianthony)by totallycheesey
When Ian is forced to shower with Anthony, he is left with a divided mind.
Behind The Photographs by mayariwrites
Behind The Photographsby JOYCE
This is a collection of KathNiel one-shot stories. Get ready to fall in love with Kathryn and Daniel all over again.
KathNiel Facts 2016 by dimpledz30
KathNiel Facts 2016by Ems
You want to know more about KathNiel and be updated ? Add this book on your Library, read, comment and support it. Note[!] Only KathNiel Fans are allowed to rea...
The Famous Girl has a Secret [COMPLETED] by KyeoptaDancer
The Famous Girl has a Secret [ Andrea Lyn Magnetico
HIGHEST RANKED: #5 in GMA #216 in MISTERY #11 in AMIHAN She has everything... She is admired by the...
Happy Place - A KathNiel Story by chancesandestiny
Happy Place - A KathNiel Storyby chancesandestiny
She may look like everybody, but she's not like anybody. She has a secret dying to get out.
You're, my one and only (Ianthony) by smosh_my_life
You're, my one and only (Ianthony)by smosh_my_life
Anthony is a manager of a globally known gang. Ian is a slave. What happend when these two meet? War or something else? Rating: MA (16+) (Violence , Language , Adult The...
NOTES⇒JUSTIN FOLEY✔︎ by -angelsinner
NOTES⇒JUSTIN FOLEY✔︎by take me to the sky
ɴᴏᴛᴇs ❝She left you notes because that's the only way she thought you would know she exists❞ ❝But what she didn't know was that you always noticed her❞ ❝You just never s...
"The Experiment" - Ianthony (Smosh) by SmoshPetra
"The Experiment" - Ianthony (Smosh)by ONLY ACTIVE ON AO3
It's a crazy time for Ian and Anthony. They find out that they may are in love with each other. But are they really? They start an experiment... Pairing: Ianthony Genre:...
StepBrothers -Ianthony ~ (BoyXBoy) ~ by jbr123246
StepBrothers -Ianthony ~ (BoyXBoy) jbr123246
Anthony lives with his dad and Ian lives with his mom. Ian is emo, gay and pretty much doesn't know why he's still living. Anthony on the other hand is captain of the fo...
Married? Break up? Divorced? Happy ever after? Us? by Kathniel_Jadine2002
Married? Break up? Divorced? Kathniel_Jadine2002
A story of Kathryn Bernado and Daniel Padilla, they have been dating for 4 years, will Daniel ask her to marry him...... What will happen..... Did they marry of break up...
One Week (Ianthony) by totallycheesey
One Week (Ianthony)by totallycheesey
Ian has one week to spend with a gay Anthony in his dreams.
The Smosh Kid by CosmicCactus
The Smosh Kidby G
Alice Derringer lost her family at a young age and has been living in and out of an orphanage ever since. Just when she starts to get sick of being tossed around, intern...
The Way We Were [Short Story] by sourpatchedkid
The Way We Were [Short Story]by sourpatchedkid
(In English) There are 5 things that changed between Kathryn and Daniel since the audio scandal.
One Damn Cold Night by prettyvisitors
One Damn Cold Nightby prettyvisitors
"I always thought, being the idiot I am, that I'd crash my car while drunk or something along those lines. I never thought I'd freeze to death."
PERFECT⇒M.D.L.C✔︎ by -angelsinner
PERFECT⇒M.D.L.C✔︎by take me to the sky
ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ❝You are perfect❞ ❝Nobody is❞ ❝You are❞ {social media + real life} {montgomery de la cruz x oc} {13rw} {started-1st may 2017||finished-31st july 2017} {UNEDITED}
He Cheated  (Zild Benitez Short Fanfiction) by nicsc0le
He Cheated (Zild Benitez Short nicole
He loves me. He told me loves me. But not enough that he can let go of Shanne. Because whether he really loves me or not... He cheated.