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Road Trip by parrillas_gang
Road Tripby parrillas_gang
Regina is a successful woman who has a very handsome husband and four gorgous children. She has a perfect life and couldn't ask for anything more. One week she goes on a...
The meeting by TheWrittenFan
The meetingby SQ ~
Meeting Lana Parrilla, the person you've adored for years & years through, turns out to be a little bit more exciting than you guys will probably expect! ;) A story you...
Lana Parrilla's Lost Daughter by storyofmylife888
Lana Parrilla's Lost Daughterby storyofmylife888
This is a book of a little 3 year old girl who is in an orphanage. Her life changes when her birth mother Lana Parrilla comes to get her and takes her back. One problem...
Lana Parrilla Imagine by JaureguiUnicorns
Lana Parrilla Imagineby Sky
Well I Have Been Obsessed With This Show Called Once Upon A Time {BTW Best Show Ever} And With The Actress Lana Parrilla { She Like One Of the Most Adorable Woman A Live...
Don't Tell by onceuponatime992
Don't Tellby onceuponatime992
Lia is Lana Parrilla's adopted daughter. She was adopted by her when she was seven years old. Now shes a sophomore in high school and almost sixteen. She suffers from an...
The day it all changed. by ouat_skylar
The day it all Skylar <3
Skylar and Scarlett are two internet friends who have been counting down the days to the day they finally get to meet their idol- Lana Parrilla at a convention. But wha...
Forever { A Lana Parrilla FanFiction } (Ended See last chapter) by laurenprentiss
Forever { A Lana Parrilla laurenprentiss
8 year old Molly is abused in foster care and is forced to audition for a tv show. At her first day on set, she meets Lana Parrilla. After her foster mom doesn't pick he...
Pixie Dust Never Lies by SupergirlJo16
Pixie Dust Never Liesby Jo the Fangirl
Regina has finally moved in with Robin Hood. Well, he moved in with her. With Roland and Henry, her life seems perfect. Not to mention sleeping next to her true love eve...
My Wish for You by Fahmster
My Wish for Youby Fahmster
Regina gives Emma the best gift anyone can give her. Love.
Lana Parrilla is my what??? by ouat_skylar
Lana Parrilla is my what???by Skylar <3
Lily is a foster child from London. She loves everything Lana Parrilla, and she loves the series Once upon a time. She looks up to Emma, as she believes they are the sam...
Only friends  by ouat_lover483
Only friends by Evilregal_lover
This is a story about how to find the light about how everything you wanted everything you've dreamed about you already had it the whole time you were just blinded be lo...
Always Remember Us This Way by MykieBloom
Always Remember Us This Wayby Mykie
One shot where Tom's plane crashes, and Trina has to face her biggest fear. To the lyrics of "Always remember us this way" by lady Gaga
abandonment ♕ |  Lana Parrilla by queenoncer
abandonment ♕ | Lana Parrillaby Xo_Fan_girl_Xo
▿ ▿ I hide my tears with a smile when i say your name but the pain in my hurt is still the same as a burden i carry in my heart and tears i shed on your behalf but whate...
One Call Away by CaptainnSwanXx
One Call Awayby ash :)
When Emma Swan meets Mayor Regina Mills, they instantly do not get along. The town Emma finds herself in is so strange. But when Regina needs a friend, will Emma be able...
Lana Maria Parrilla is my what?!? by AlexaMack
Lana Maria Parrilla is my what?!?by Lexa Renee
A 14yr old girl always felt like she didn't fit in with her family and often questioned it, but would put those thoughts aside. What if she was right?
OutlawQueen Shorts and One-Shots by XoAngelox1
OutlawQueen Shorts and One-Shotsby Love Lana
A collection of OutlawQueen shorts and one shots! If you ship it you should read it! This book will be fluffy, include AU's, and be filled with lots of OutlawQueen feels...
The Other Half Of Me ( double the trouble ) by ouat_lover483
The Other Half Of Me ( double Evilregal_lover
It's hard having a sibling but it's even harder when your sibling is your twin . Regina Mills and Roni Mills are identical twin sisters but they couldn't be more differe...
IF im Elana  Miller, then who is  Valentina Parrilla? by ADB2120
IF im Elana Miller, then who ADB2120
12 year old Elana lives in Florida with her Mom - April, 33 Stepdad - John, 36 and little sister Elody, 2, she goes to see her dad - Fletcher, 34at weekends who lives w...