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The First Spin (Drarry Story) by KiarnaCluderay
The First Spin (Drarry Story)by Kiarna_Writes
After an intense game of what was supposed to be an innocent game of spin the bottle, some eighth year students are left with swollen lips, a beating heart and a confuse...
The Break Up Pact by miadaley17
The Break Up Pactby Mia Daley
What could be worse than having your enemy shoved forcefully back into your life? Unfortunately for Phoebe Brooks that's exactly what happens when her brother chooses...
It All Started with Party Games (Drarry) by billierosiestories
It All Started with Party Games ( Billie Rose Drarry
Eighth year, at Hogwarts. Hermione decided it would be a lovely idea for some inter-house unity! After all, the Sorting Hat was right, right? Nothing would possibly go w...
The Game Continued (A Drarry fic) by fruitgalaxy
The Game Continued (A Drarry fic)by Simon Says
The eighth years decide to play Truth or Dare at a party for Interhouse Unity, after a very revealing game everyone is shocked as to what Harry Potter admitted. Unfortun...
Some Other Metal Than Earth by ShiloQuetchenbach
Some Other Metal Than Earthby Whimsical Dragonette
Draco Malfoy is bored out of his mind in his eighth year at Hogwarts. After a prank gone wrong, he discovers that Harry's life isn't really that much better than his own...
{DISCONTINUED}    Fairy Tail 7 minutes in heaven (Character X Reader) by PlaidPrint
{DISCONTINUED} Fairy Tail 7 Okami Nara Redfox
Ever imagined playing 7 minutes in heaven with your favorite Fairy Tail boys? Now you can read about it! Requests are open!! Also I will delicate each chapter to a ra...
Wrong Number || Reddie by Lonely_Gryffindork
Wrong Number || Reddieby Lonely_Gryffindork
What happens when Richie Tozier accidentally texts Eddie Kaspbrak? We'll a friendship form? Something more? Stenbrough also! This will be switching from Instagram, texti...
Finding Potter (HP - Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Finding Potter (HP - Drarry)by Whimsical Dragonette
**Hogwarts 8th year Drarry AU**When returning 8th year Draco Malfoy spins the bottle under duress and gets Harry Potter, he thinks things couldn't get any worse. But tha...
Practice!| bkdk by _katsuxxboyf_
Practice!| bkdkby Katsuki midoUwU
"Hey, midoriya! Truth or dare?" Mina asked. "Truth" "Lame!" Some of the students yelled playfully. "Who was your first kiss?" sh...
Truth or Dare  by DailyDrugz
Truth or Dare by 🖖🏼👽✨
Sassy Truth or Dares for you and your friends. Every chapter has 3 truths or dares to choose from. First one = Easy, Second one= Medium, Third one= Hard I hope you lik...
Death the Kid x soul x black star x reader lemon by HangingOnLove
Death the Kid x soul x black Fan.Fics
HP Marauders Era Play Party Games by LunaEclipsWolf
HP Marauders Era Play Party Gamesby LunaEclipsWolf
This is just a crack fic that I update when I'm bored. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I'll try to add it in. The Marauders Era students (at least on...
PJO/HoO Around the Campfire by holy_cutlery
PJO/HoO Around the Campfireby Random_person
What happens when Covid-19 affects the world? What do the demigods at camp half-blood do? Play games, of course! Lots of fun, games, and cute moments :) ~40k words // in...
Spin the Bottle (Sebastian Stan x Reader) by fandomwritingsgalore
Spin the Bottle (Sebastian Stan fandomwritingsgalore
Reader finds out how wrong party games can go, and how good Sebastian Stan is at them. Fun times ensue. (COMPLETED)
Sleepovers and Shenanigans, a DuckTales fanfiction. by Celestia_Primrose
Sleepovers and Shenanigans, a Celescatia Purrimrose
The kids have a sleepover filed with fun and games. Join Webby, Violet, Lena, Gosalyn, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Boyd, and others as they attempt to have a normal, non-mystic...
Duke's Party by Paigerose2020
Duke's Partyby Paige Rose
Duke has an party and Invites all of his mates to his birthday party, at his place. until something bad happens at Duke's party and he gets angry about it because some...
Party Games by crispy_pakora
Party Gamesby MJ
A first kiss in the closet.
Guess The Song:  Game by DeadDaisyLove
Guess The Song: Gameby Elaian
*Music is art, painted on a canvas of silence* This book will future different popular songs. I write the lyrics and you guess the song! The first to guess right gets me...
Party At Hogwarts by IShipDramione7
Party At Hogwartsby Amariah Amarantes
Harry Potter characters play party games!
Truth or Dare (snowbaz) by Aurynisno1
Truth or Dare (snowbaz)by Alex the shooting star
hey guys! this is my first ever snowbaz fanfic so its probably trash but still, baz goes to a school party where simon happens to be. what'll happen when a game of truth...