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A place to belong by CottonPepper
A place to belongby CottonPepper
Paul's life is not exactly the best one, or the healthier one, or the most fulfilling, actually, nothing exactly works right for him, but one night an unexpected meeting...
Paultryk Story (I can't think of a better title) by 8MelancholicEntity8
Paultryk Story (I can't think of 8MelancholicEntity8
Tord makes Paul a Grindr account. I wrote this for a buddy. Don't get your hopes up, I'm horrible at finishing stories, and yes, my grammar is horrible. I get it. Don't...
Feelings are Fatal  {Paultryk or Paupat} (COMPLETED!!) by laurenMitsukiiiii
Feelings are Fatal {Paultryk or burnt chicken nuggie
So, who ever were at the beginning I started this, I CHANGE MY MIND. IM NOT INSPIRED BY TRAITOR AU- or anymore at least. Oh yeah, if you decide to read this fanfic... p...
Gay Pilots (Paultryk) by RyanLeeArts
Gay Pilots (Paultryk)by Ryan
I'm obsessed, ok- But Paultryk. Just Paultryk. And a few other ships like EddMatt and TomTord. If you don't ship, don't shit. (Analogy for don't have if you don't ship)
Eddsworld: They're here (written version) by spade_of_aces_
Eddsworld: They're here (written Spenceinabag
Patryck is sent to an abandoned Red Army base after the Red Leader heard noise complaints from a nearby city. As Patryck's first mission he expects nothing special but l...
paultryk pics by Magicpotion725
This is a book where I just post a bunch of paultryk pics!! ----don't like? Then don't read-----
Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [ Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
You're Not A Monster (TomTord) by BisexualBajaBlast
You're Not A Monster (TomTord)by Emhaspaws
A story about hate, pain, monsters, memory loss, past mistakes, forgiveness, and most importantly, love. I don't own the characters, they belong to the animated series E...
Pool Prison (TomTord) by bigdum69420
Pool Prison (TomTord)by ✿Lamer✿
It is the summer before senior year, and Tom has just landed a job with his ex girlfriend as a lifeguard at a public pool. Things start to take a turn when a regular at...
Complete Again (TomTord Mpreg) by Colatum
Complete Again (TomTord Mpreg)by Colatum
Tord was wrong if he thought he was getting away scot-free with destroying Edd's home, Matt's looks, and his relationship with Tom. Little does he know that his nights w...
lost and found.  by Paigleks
lost and found. by EggApproaching
A Paultryk story. Paul is alone walking back to his car on a stormy night. he soon finds a small baby crying, he doesn't know what to do at first.
EDDSWORLD ~Cinderella AU~ by enby-tainment
EDDSWORLD ~Cinderella AU~by ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕
A TomTord story (Seriously I researched it, there are literally only Matt/Edd for the Cinderella ones). Cinderella doesn't belong to me, Eddsworld belongs to Edd Gould...
Childhood Love (Paultryk) by SebastianMarshmallow
Childhood Love (Paultryk)by Sebastian Shea
Paul and Patryk are orphans living at an orphanage. One day, they are adopted by four men, Edd, Matt, Tom, and Tord. As they grow up, they both realize they have feeling...
☭ imagenes paultryck ☭ by lexzi18
☭ imagenes paultryck ☭by hello? 👀
♥ el siguiente contenido no es mio le pertenece a sus respectivos creadores.(imagenes y comic's ) ♥ algunas de las imagenes podrian contener contenido no apto para meno...
In love with a Siren- Tomtord- *OLD* by Slaininsanity
In love with a Siren- Tomtord- * Death's fuck buddy
COVER ART: @Tordlebear Thank you so much!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ Tord was the master of the seas with nothing but his crew, ships, and gold he thought nothing mattered in the world. Th...
Incorrect Red Amry Quotes by 0DontKillTabe0
Incorrect Red Amry Quotesby Soworamitsuwu
Just the lovely family (might add Furture tom/edd/matt for effect maybe) Dedicated to my lovely friend, Michael :] Yeye
Eddsworld Images and Comics by pantastic_da
Eddsworld Images and Comicsby ~Pantastico~
Just some EDDSWORLD images and comics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Cut Ties (Paultryck Mpreg) by Colatum
Cut Ties (Paultryck Mpreg)by Colatum
Patryck knew the rules of Tord's army. He knew that no one could let love get in the way of work, but here he was - His relationship with Paul threatening to ruin his ca...
We are a different type of family-- EDDSWORLD monster au by CriBabyBoyo
We are a different type of Wisdom the Wizard
*Discontinued* EDDSWORLD MONSTER AU Edd - Radioactive wizard Tom - Monster Tom Matt - Vampire Tord - Demon Paul and Pat - Werewolf What you don't see...... Is what we...
~♡Paultryck Images♡~ by Scourgeclaw99
~♡Paultryck Images♡~by Ryland
For all of your Paultryk needs All the images are not mine. Credit goes to their respected owners