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After All, I'm Your Secret Admirer~!! by pluckypikachu225
After All, I'm Your Secret pluckypikachu225
Paige is a normal teenager with nothing up his sleeve. What would happen if something were to rock his world all of a sudden? Something like... a secret crush perhaps?
II Kindergarten Beginning by Isabellaisafella
II Kindergarten Beginningby Isabella (Bella)
This will be a story on how some of the II characters met during there time in Kindergarten. We will be learning each of there stories and we'll see how they end up bein...
CASINO | II AU | REMAKE!! by YaboyCameron1
CASINO | II AU | REMAKE!!by Dumb sleep deprived person
I AM SCREAMING, the previous one had so much people reading it, and thanks so much! I wrote the au when I was a small infant, my drawing's improved and even my story tel...
Like a ruby flower (nickloon) by objectronpaa
Like a ruby flower (nickloon)by objectronpaa
My attempt at writing a book lol CREDITS TO Sketchaloova FOR THE COVER :D
II Kindergarten Valentines by Isabellaisafella
II Kindergarten Valentinesby Isabella (Bella)
Our fellow kindergartners have their Valentine's day dance coming up. Some of them have trouble asking someone out. One has trouble on his sexuality for a certain someon...
Inanimate Insanity Valentines Day 2018 Ships by NoeNikes
Inanimate Insanity Valentines NoeNikes
This is my first book and its almost valentines day, so why not a story with ships of Inanimate Insanity . I'm going to probably make lightbrush, fantube, suitloon, and...
It's Not The Same Without Salt by yoloclownperson
It's Not The Same Without Saltby !_!
in an alternate universe where Oj likes Salt back, will Pepper have to win over her love, or will Salt figure out for herself what she really wants?
Observations by niickell
Observationsby trophy / jo
paper was an observant person, often looking at what others did during his work around the hotel. but, what if he found out something a tiny bit shocking about everybody...
Object show ship oneshots <3 by ChoccyMilkBrand
Object show ship oneshots <3by MiloIsEnby
i just felt like making random object show ship fics so here we are
inspo. - A Comedy Gold Fic by siamranav
inspo. - A Comedy Gold Ficby 🐝vee the bee🐝
"your laugh, a motif in my soundtrack of life for even a chuckle has my heart in joyous strife" Microphone is trying to write a story for a friend, a little in...
Confession by Clothebrotato
Confessionby Clothebrotato
OJ has a crush on Paper, but there's one problem... he can't ever confess!
Royalty | II AU  by YaboyCameron1
Royalty | II AU by Dumb sleep deprived person
COVER WILL BE ADDED SOON! Hell yeah a Payjay focused fic, this time, Royal AU!! I hope you all enjoy xP
College (An Inanimate Insanity Fanfic) by II_Paper
College (An Inanimate Insanity Paper♡
Humanized Inanimate Insanity fanfic! Its PayJay!
Costume's Love * C O M P L E T E D *✓ by Talemer
Costume's Love * C O M P L E T E Sam
* human au * * human names * * inanimate insanity payjay * Love can blossom in Halloween too. start - 13/10/2017 end - 31/10/2017
Just some inanimate insanity oneshots :) More info on the first chp Requests Open!! ✨ :D
What a job.. // AN II AU // Made by XISIMPIX by iXSIMPXi
What a job.. // AN II AU // Made •!Fuck_you!•
!HUMANIZED! Cheesy is a Twenty year old boy Who has been searching for a job For a long time. Soon enough, his friend, microphone gets cheesy an interview wih this C...
(Comic/Written) The Hotel Manager's Assistant by Sketchaloova
(Comic/Written) The Hotel Manager' PayjayPerson
PAYJAY ONCE AGAIN MFS (I might also do this as a comic if I got writters block lol) It's a yaoi story.. From Teenagers to Adults lol
Meeple Love - Mephone4 x Reader by BlossomFavLover
Meeple Love - Mephone4 x Readerby GUN GO PEW PEW
You were a robot from Meeple HQ built from Cobs. You looked exactly like (Your object) but you were actually a robot from the inside due to your "advanced technolog...
My book of II fankids by YTCat123
My book of II fankidsby Mic the loud-ass bitch >:D 🎤✨
I didn't think I'd actually do this Lmfao- Welp, you can expect these things to be in this book: Oneshots of the parents, children and both parents and children interact...