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Back in Time | Hermitcraft AU by Thysted
Back in Time | Hermitcraft AUby Amethyst
Pearl finds herself completely alone on the server, after having defeated everyone in war. The thrill of battle has vanished, and the feeling of emptiness is slowly sett...
Corrupted Sunflower by KayKnine
Corrupted Sunflowerby KayK9
Right before Gem cast her spell to restrain Xornoth, he had reached out and corrupted Pearl. With the kind and forgiving emperor gone, what will her friends do? Best Ran...
Poems by me! by Seth189
Poems by me!by Seth J. Robins
The title. This won't be updated often but I hope you enjoy anyway!! This work belongs to me, @Seth189. I reserve the rights to this work and please do not repost it or...
Soulbound - A Double Life Story by Syrens_Voice
Soulbound - A Double Life Storyby Syre
A story of love and heartbreak. What is love? Is it the beating of a heart or the tightening of a stomach? Or is it more. Love is the wind in the trees as we walk side b...
As The Red Moon Falls by stars_r_pretty
As The Red Moon Fallsby ☆ ❛ CAS !! ❜ ☆
Pearl wasn't normal. Not anymore. Probably not ever, but definitely not anymore. Not after the shit he put her through. Not after sobbing every night of Double Life, fee...
Pearl's Problems by I_am_a_Frog_
Pearl's Problemsby Frog!
It was always Grian. Or it was always Gem. But never her. These days, Pearl just chilled on the HermitCraft server, jealous of why her friends got all the lore... But wh...
Crystal Sight (Empires SMP fanfiction) (ON PAUSE) by Xcreed07
Crystal Sight (Empires SMP Xcreed07
Gem, the heir to the Grimlands, ran away after her father's death. And after two years of trying to survive on her own, she finds a cliffside tower. She dedicates her li...
The Watcher-Prime by WiseWing77
The Watcher-Primeby WiseWing77
Xelqua (or Grian to the hermits) isn't sure what he is. He's always hidden from Minecraftia, hidden behind various masks and hoods. If the full truth about the mysteriou...
Legacies || Hermitcraft by XandeaTheWatcher
Legacies || Hermitcraftby Xan
In a found family of 26, you're bound to get a couple of interesting stories. The Hermits are no exception. Brought together through tragedy and hardships, each person's...
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian AU story by XeraTheWatcher
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian Xera
He thought it'd be easy, just go into a server and keep a eye out for glitches... Spoiler alert: It was not. He didn't factor in lying to the whole server, hiding his ma...
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 2 by aaehikira
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 2by Kas >X]
what the title says! this is Part 2- bc theirs a fucking page limit of 200 pages...
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 1 by aaehikira
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 1by Kas >X]
what the title says! this is Part 1- bc theirs a fucking page limit of 200 pages...
I WILL end you {Hermitcraft AU} by sunny14321
I WILL end you {Hermitcraft AU}by sunny14321
Grian is the most feared assassin known for his ability to kill swiftly and quietly. Hiding away, he holds a grudge against the King and anyone with power of unknown rea...
Forgotten or Forbidden {A Hermitcraft Story} by JeanBasener
Forgotten or Forbidden {A LilaJean
Stretched fin as canvas, will Hermitcraft become the portrait of tragedy? Another burning sun rises over season seven, happy Hermits busily build away unaware of the dan...
Oneshots! (Mostly Hermitcraft) by ButterFlies77Writes
Oneshots! (Mostly Hermitcraft)by Jade Sundragon
Hello, and welcome to my oneshots book! I write Hermitcraft fanfiction, with a side of shenanigans from Hermittpad and (recently) Empires. Anywho, the content here is mo...
Canary in a Birdcage by JELLYbamboo4
Canary in a Birdcageby JELLYbamboo4
Flower Husbands. Small itty bit of Fruit Salad (Copper) Duo. --- "Owen what is this?" Scott asked, picking a Poppy from the floor. "Just a little surpris...
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2) by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2)by Rainy Joi
[Cover credits to @Allium687] "Scott- Stop!" Gem said in panic. Erin smashed the window in the room and jumped onto the windowsill. I took one last look at Gem...
The Temptation of Power ||| Hermitcraft Watcher AU by Xanthicat
The Temptation of Power ||| Xanthicat
Grian's life was shattered into a million pieces a long time ago. So long ago, he didn't know whether it was ever even whole. When he joined Hermitcraft after running aw...
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshots by XandeaTheWatcher
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshotsby Xan
New season, new book, and hopefully this will be longer than my S8 one! I can't wait to write about and make art for the new Season, and hopefully you'll enjoy reading t...
a bad idea to put the empires in highschool by crazy_pe3p
a bad idea to put the empires in Ori.Relish
[fWhip created group "Best class [E2]"] [fWhip added Jimmy Solidarity, Joel, Pixlriffs, and 8 other people] fWhip: HEYO ----- Or; A mostly-chatfic, partially-g...