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Polygems by tomtord_plz
Polygemsby Just call me daddy
Polygems. Amethyst feels left out. She is my baby. Protect her at all cost.
Highschool of Forbidden Love [Hiatus] by ZuleniaVazquez
Highschool of Forbidden Love [ No longer active
(Amedot Human au) Peridot is back in beach city and she has no idea of the wild ride her and her friends are in for.
《 Love triangle 》 by Pearlnet_Forever
《 Love triangle 》by Daddy Pearl
hello dear readers do u like pearlnet? Or would u rather settle for pearlmythyst? Well have u ever wondered how pearl feels? Being in multiple ships at a time not knowi...
A House Divided by twicetwitch
A House Dividedby TwiceTwitch
A Steven Universe FanFiction Book One. A Steven Universe Human AU FanFiction. "I cant be stuck in here with you all! I'll go insane!!!" I yelled, clawing at t...
Fusion College by GisLo97
Fusion Collegeby gislo97
Meet a High School for fusions. Will our Crystal Fusions accept the newbie? Can she win the heart of Alexandrite?
{The Threesome} (Garnet x Amethyst x Pearl) by CameronWritez
{The Threesome} (Garnet x CameronWritez
A smut/sexy/drama/whatever you want it to be fanfiction about Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. This story takes place In Steven Universe Season 3. So if you haven't watched i...
Crystal High School(for non-liked ships) by SU_Skank
Crystal High School(for I Need Much Help
Amydot, Pearlnet, Lappire (Lapis Sappire), Rosie (Rose and Ruby). Fan SU ships put in high school
Highschool Relations (Human Au & highschool Au for Steven universe) by Heliodor-Official
Highschool Relations (Human Au & Dory (Heliodor)
Multi-shipping. Contains eventual Amedot, Pearlnet, one-sided Jaspidot, Jaspis, Past pearlmethyst, some Rupphire, some Gregrose, possibly others. Really fricken long L...
Bad Pearl by Thtoneshortruby
Bad Pearlby Salty AF
pearlnet is underated highest ranks: #9 in Pearlnet #2 in pearlxgarnet other ranks: #66 in gems #70 in fusion
Oh no by Secretkei21
Oh noby Kei
This is just Pearl's p.o.v when Garnet finds out she tricked her to form Sardonyx and is yelling at her.
You chose the wrong gem. by Secretkei21
You chose the wrong Kei
Mayor Dewey gets on Garnet's bad side.
Memories by -absolutelypure-
Memoriesby -absolutelypure-
Pearl and Garnet were childhood besties since they were in preschool but Pearl got into a serious accident and was then dead (not really). Garnet was heartbroken hearing...
Pearls Damaged  ( Pearlnet) by Garnetsfantastic
Pearls Damaged ( Pearlnet)by Garnetsfantastic
Pearl wants to go to war and fight for what Rose had believed in, but Garnet just wouldn't let her, they had grew feelings for each other and started dating but when Pea...
Garnet X Reader (Completed) by forknspon
Garnet X Reader (Completed)by -
This is a Garnet x Reader. Its mostly kid friendly. Also, you are a 14 year old girl, who is human, half gem. Hope you like! ❤
Pearlnet Message by create_er
Pearlnet Messageby Siffrin
Garnet tries and has success at trying to get pearl to send her a dirty picture 50% cause amythest said she couldn't do it and 50% because she wants to get laid and is t...
Bring Color to My Skies (a Pearlnet fanfiction) by jasper-jinx
Bring Color to My Skies (a Jinx
Human AU. Garnet is a troubled teen, with an abusive father, and an unhelpful mother, she and her sister-Amethyst-face rejection from their own family. Not to mention Ga...
100 Things only fans will understand: SU edition  by gingerpines
100 Things only fans will hi welcome to chili's
Here's the book no one asked for! I'll be posting daily! Thats just a book full of things that only us, SU fans can understand. Come on. We all have struggles and momen...
♡ Ask Pearlnet ♡ by Pearlnet_Forever
♡ Ask Pearlnet ♡by Daddy Pearl
Ask pearl and garnet anything about their life or whatever. 😊 you can even dare them to do whatever thier ain't no limits 😁
I gonna try doing this because I want to? I haven't seen them react to pearl x Steven, please comment ship's you want them to react to, and I'll possibly do dares.
Pearlnet Author's choice one shots...(taking requests) by lykalykuhh
Pearlnet Author's choice one lykalykuhh_arts
Pearlnet. So like, go for it. Lykuhh's got you covered. Will never be disontinued. I think.