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SABOTAGE|PEDRI by pedrinmase
SABOTAGE|PEDRIby pedrinmase
sabotage:to intentionally do something that stops someone from achieving what they want or stops something from developing as it should
Oportunidad | Pablo Gavi by MartinezBriella
Oportunidad | Pablo Gaviby MartinezBriella
About Pedri's sister Estella and Pablo Gavi "You know, one day you will find the right person and he will love you with his life." "Yeah, he'll probably b...
Mouth Of the River {GADRI} by hey_you_dude
Mouth Of the River {GADRI}by ...
Nothing a gentle alpha loves more than his emotional support anxious omega.
falling for you // Pedri Gonzalez by atletibarca678
falling for you // Pedri Gonzalezby Anne
Francesca Perez is a photographer who finds herself in Barcelona, Spain. Then the perfect job comes along. And so does the perfect boy.
Does He Know? by Milawrites
Does He Know?by Mila Writes
Sara and Pedri met. She fell head over heels for him. He did too but he couldn't accept it. And when he finally could it was too late, Gavi and Sara were dating.
all the winds //Pablo Gavi - English Version by sabsinclair
all the winds //Pablo Gavi - sab
English version my book "all the winds" the original is in Polish language (also on my profile)
CHOKEHOLD  | Pedri by pedr1n1
CHOKEHOLD | Pedriby connie
"It's like he has me in a chokehold." "Is that bad?" "Very, very bad."
Moth to a flame- Pedri by Hopeleslyinove
Moth to a flame- Pedriby Hopeleslyinove
"And he seems like he's good for you, and he makes you feel like you should and all your friends say he's the one, his love for you is true but does he know you cal...
all the winds // Pablo Gavi by sabsinclair
all the winds // Pablo Gaviby sab
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