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Past, Present, and Future by Andiwalden
Past, Present, and Futureby Andi Walden
The past is a memory and the future is unknown, but what does that mean for the present? What happens if your past is a memory you can no longer remember and the future...
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 1 > LOK [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018] by xdistantwords
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 1 > LOK [ ✩
Lyra (LYE-RUH) is the adopted daughter of Tenzin and Pema. No one knows anything about where she came from - at least that's what she thought. Join her as she figures ou...
Legend of Korra X Male Reader by Ellera22
Legend of Korra X Male Readerby Ellera22
You are the son of Bumi, and your life was a little less than ordinary. Being the first grandson of Aang and Katara, the oldest grandson of your cousins, a waterbender...
Burning Bright (A Legend of Korra Fic) by nene91310
Burning Bright (A Legend of nene91310
"How are you so excited? You're insane!" "I know!" Many call her crazy and wreckless. She takes that as a compliment. Join one girl's crazy ride with...
𝑩𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑶𝑵𝑮   korra by dattebaby
𝑩𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑶𝑵𝑮 korraby 👑
❝ YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE A BEIFONG ? ❞ Ami questioned shyly. She was a shy person. Korra may be able to handle the elements, but Ami wasn't sure that Korra could handl...
Jinora x Male Reader (Legend of Korra) by Deotakukids
Jinora x Male Reader (Legend of Deotakukids
This story takes place three years after Kurvia attacked Republic City but Republic City has been rebuilt. Jinora is 17 and (Y/N) is 20 at the beginning of the story. Th...
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 2 > LOK by xdistantwords
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 2 > LOKby ✩
( sequel to The Longing > Book 1 ) Lyra and Mako finally have the epic love story they've been waiting for. Handling a new job she is very passionate for and a new re...
The Airbender by Pineapple_juic3_
The Airbenderby Pineapple_juic3_
Aanya Beifong, A well raised girl who lived with her Aunt and Uncle.. until her Aunt informed her Father, Councilman Tenzin, of Anaya. Now she and her parents must learn...
 LOK Korra x Male!Reader Fanfiction by KqmuiC
LOK Korra x Male!Reader Fanfictionby KqmuiC
A non-bender who comes from a clan where everyone is a bender whether they are fire, earth or water benders, reaches Republic City in order to train with avatar Aang׳s s...
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the guardian | asami sato by kelpbrainz_
the guardian | asami satoby kelpbrain
before Jinora was born, Tenzin and Lin had a son. born 11 years before Jinora, Zurin grew up to be a prodigy in Airbending and had soon became an Airbending Master by th...
Winding Legacies: A 'The Legend of Korra' Rewrite by JinxingGinny
Winding Legacies: A 'The Legend gin
Korra, the new Avatar of the world, has grown up happily in the Southern Water Tribe. Well, as happy as one can be with constant Avatar training. However, her best frien...
Modern AU Everyone is GAY YEAH THATS IT What will these 8 teens find out on there way to be de-gayed, nobody knows. Will they make it out alive who knows? Will they fi...
Book 1 "A Promise" by gbow1999
Book 1 "A Promise"by Gbow1999
170 AG the year of change for two friends. It is finally time for the Avatar, Master of all four elements, to learn airbending. But before she can learn airbending she...
Like it used to be by RainbowGirlLOL13
Like it used to beby Natalia Patricelli
After the whole Kuvira and Tortuga ordeal Lin is frantically looking around the city for two very important people to her. Her son and daughter, Kuzon and Sora. When Ten...
His Red Scarf Mako X Reader by Camival101
His Red Scarf Mako X Readerby Kamryn Nicole
The southern water tribe is holding a festival and Korra and Mako are getting sickeningly sweet to each other and it is bugging you to no end because you haven't told Ma...
ATLA/LOK Incorrect Quotes by satcheliscute
ATLA/LOK Incorrect Quotesby Scatterbrained Disaster✌
Exactly the title may contain some swears has some Kyoshi stuff A lot of Bolin bc he's the best boi
Book 2 "Recovery" by gbow1999
Book 2 "Recovery"by Gbow1999
Part 2 to Akari Series Read Book 1 "A Promise" first DON'T READ SUMMARY IF YOU HAVE NOT READ FIRST BOOK!!!! SPOILS FIRST BOOK!!!! There will be a Book 3. AL...
atla & lok one shots😇 by midasgxld
atla & lok one shots😇by ryder ✨
okay so uhm so i wanted to do this, i rarely see male ones for starters and most of them are just the ships, i wanna do stuff like you know, growing up in a family, or h...
Forest Green and Chocolate Brown by boompowgunman
Forest Green and Chocolate Brownby boompowgunman
This is just my Kainora fanfic, hope you enjoy. btw this takes place modern day, but with the same plots as Legend of Korra, Jinora meets Kai sooner, and it starts in th...
Book 3 "Change"  by gbow1999
Book 3 "Change" by Gbow1999
Book 3 of Akari Series Read book 1 and 2 first DON'T READ SUMMARY IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS!!!!! Two weeks have passed and now Team Avatar has new enemies...