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hard times [harry potter] by madeline-eve
hard times [harry potter]by maddie
you hit me with lightning! maybe i'll come alive [riordan-verse x harry potter] [fem!oc x ??]
Percy Jackson a werewolf (Percico) by OMEGAVOID260
Percy Jackson a werewolf (Percico)by OMEGAVOID
Edit 4/06/20: I might discontinue this, though i might write lemon at the end though i've never written lemon before. What if Percy knew he was a demi-god and a wolf. Wh...
》Riptides《 A Harry Potter Percy Jackson Crossover by UsErNaMeHeRe44422
》Riptides《 A Harry Potter Percy
Some old guy named Dumb-old-door, accompanied by a creepy emo dude, a werewolf, and three teenagers, two of which were glaring at me like I had killed their parents, and...
The Demigod Spy; Book 1 by 5_m0re_minutes
The Demigod Spy; Book 1by Anonymous
|#2 in #voldemort| |#35 in #percyjackson| For all the roles he had played, a spy was not one that Percy Jackson expected. After returning home from the Giant War, Percy...
MythoMagic by PjoNerdd
MythoMagicby PjoNerdd
Discontinued! But im making a diff fanfic also called MythoMagic but Percy will be a wizard by blood this time...👀 Look, I didnt want to Half-blood... Welcome to this t...
MythoMagic: The Twins Who Lived by PjoNerdd
MythoMagic: The Twins Who Livedby PjoNerdd
Discontinued Persues Jackson and Harry James Potter are twins!? Percy finds out he's a wizard when he's 11 years old(after the quest) and harry is also of course 11. K...
Perseus's Adventure [Percico] by OMEGAVOID260
Perseus's Adventure [Percico]by OMEGAVOID
Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter / ~~~ - Crossover I am in the process of re-writing, so I won't update any chapters. Trans Percy Jackson Percy Jackson is transgender and...
𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐟𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 • PJOxHP by donttalktome_plz
𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐟𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 • PJOxHPby Mya
Draco isn't the only Malfoy child, but he certainly is the wizard of the family. Naomi is a half-blood in more ways than one. Follow the adventures of Noami Malfoy as sh...
Camp Hogwarts (Percy Jackson x Reader) by SteamBunWaifu
Camp Hogwarts (Percy Jackson x BbNikki
This is basically a Percy Jackson x reader where Camp Half Blood and Hogwarts exist in the same world. I take ideas and requests. Plot: Percy meets a Witch (you) who w...
Alternate Story for Alex Jackson by walkmethroughtherain
Alternate Story for Alex Jacksonby Oops I spent to much
Same as the other only some characters and plotlines change you'll figure it out
Harry Potter, son of Hecate and champion of Thanatos  by PercyJacksonATO
Harry Potter, son of Hecate and PercyJacksonATO
What if Lily Potter wasn't Harry's mother? In this fan fiction, Harry, Ron and Hermione are wizards and demigods. The Dursleys don't exist in this one and Mrs. Weasley...
Love Is In The Air [Solangelo] by RobinHood37
Love Is In The Air [Solangelo]by Wanda Maximoff
Nico di Angelo didn't intend on being late to potions class that morning. He definitely didn't intend on outing himself to the rest of his year due to what they were bre...
Demigods go to Hogwarts [HIATUS] by void_valdez
Demigods go to Hogwarts [HIATUS]by void_valdez
When the Seven, Thalia, Nico and Clarisse are asked to go on a quest to Hogwarts, to befriend a few wizards, the golden trio and their friends to be exact. But the golde...
When Might And Magic Meet by thegreatestbastard
When Might And Magic Meetby Elide
Ok in my opinion this whole book is a mess, I can't say its a work I'm proud of and for that reason am currently working on a rewrite. Other people have told me they lov...
Percy Jackson And The Fates Who Undeniably Hate Him. (PJOxHP) by xxXXPinkCookieXxxX
Percy Jackson And The Fates Who xxXXPinkCookieXxxX
Harry Potter never had it easy. Neither did Percy Jackson. Well, it's Percy Potter, now. Follow the twins, Percy and Harry, as they become inseparable, face challenges...
Familiarity by BETHEL_EKOH
Familiarityby EKOH BETHEL
Harry Potter Percy Jackson Vampire Dairies Originals Crossover AU
Percy A Hybrid[Percico] by OMEGAVOID260
Percy A Hybrid[Percico]by OMEGAVOID
Percy Jackson / Harry Potter - Crossover I am in the process of re-writing, so I won't update any chapters. After Annabeth finally breaks up with Percy, he leaves camp...
Nyctophobia | pjo x hp by Multifandomreader068
Nyctophobia | pjo x hpby ✿luca✿
in which the girl-who-lived overcomes her fear of darkness or in which Amaya Luisa Potter discovers that the tiniest bit of sunlight can brighten up endless darkness CO...