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A Little Secret by Jerriesgirl
A Little Secretby Tigger💕🙈
Perrie Edwards, shy and anxious. (also a little) Jade Thirwall, popular and caring. (also a caregiver) Dormates. How will they work together?
Hollie Edwards-The Second Child by c0kelover
Hollie Edwards-The Second Childby Kika
Hollie is the 2nd child of Perrie and Alex, Millie is the 1st child and although they're both close life tests their friendship to the max. Triggers// selfharm, eating d...
Nothing Else Matters - Perrie Edwards by anonymouslmfan
Nothing Else Matters - Perrie anonymouslmfan
A fanfiction between Perrie Edwards and a male fan.
ZERRIE : Unknowingly His by AnamQureshi1D
ZERRIE : Unknowingly Hisby AnamQureshi1D
Running away from her past, Perrie thought she had finally moved on. But little did she knew, she was walking into the lion den itself. After losing her career. She thou...
The Surprising Family  by Kingdom001
The Surprising Family by Kingdom001
Percy is the IT guy in the Greek world. He's friends with everyone and is deemed a savior. But he's hiding a secret. Perrie Edwards. His mortal life is a secret known...
My mommy ❤️ by Jerriesgirl
My mommy ❤️by Tigger💕🙈
Perrie is need of a mommy. Jade is in of a Little. Read to see how their paths cross
Perrie's Little Sister by contentcreator22
Perrie's Little Sisterby contentcreator22
When her big sister Perrie leaves to go on tour with Little Mix eight year old Jay feels alone, having recently transferred schools after her old one was forced into cl...
Golden Hour | Rudy Pankow by LiasMaybank
Golden Hour | Rudy Pankowby lia
Welcome to the social media world 💬 where your life can be whatever you want it to be A social media fictional story starring Rudy Pankow and the rest of the Outer Bank...
The Little One by Mickey5125
The Little Oneby Mickey
Mikayla is the fifth member of Little Mix but when they were put together she was only 11 so she is the youngest in the group which caused a few people to question wheth...
Life With Little Mix (Spanking Story) by CelinaJuliette
Life With Little Mix (Spanking CelinaJuliette
Mackenzie is a nine year old that has been living with little mix for the past year. Mackenzie has been in an orphanage since she was 6, her parents died in a car accide...
jailbirds by kthirlwards
jailbirdsby kthirlwards
Jade doesn't want a cellmate but along comes Perrie Edwards
Baba and her Babies. by A_stroNot
Baba and her Unnamed Fuck
Leigh-Anne has a Lioness hybrid who she loves dearly. She wants a friend and so, Leigh-Anne gets her one. !!OT4!! Quick Dislaimer: I'm no certified smut writer okay? Ok...
No matter what  by perrielmixx
No matter what by perrielmixx
Perrie and Alex adopt a young girl but how will she react to the harsh life of her parents being in the media?
Jade's Best Friend by Perrieislyfe
Jade's Best Friendby Perrieislyfe
What happens when Jade's best male friend meets the other girls of Little Mix?
You Only Live Once (Jerrie) DISCONTINUED by SmolJellyBeanz
You Only Live Once (Jerrie) SmolJellyBeanZ
Jade Thirwall starts to get lonely being a little by herself, so she turns to Kik to try to find a Mommy. Little does jade know that the girl she started talking to is m...
I Love Her by glory_jade
I Love Herby Cam
Gp Perrie ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ sort of light dd /lg.. no age play! Just punishments, and names. Sex and cursing Jade's family owns a restaurant and is now hiring. *future serie...
let us love you by DreamySecrets
let us love youby Jesse :)
Rework of @Jerriesgirl Grow with me book. (without Jesy obvs) When Jade gets a new case at work, she struggles majorly to find a home for Perrie. Perrie has been abused...
Ready, Set, Don't Go by Perrieislyfe
Ready, Set, Don't Goby Perrieislyfe
What if Jade has a child that she disguises as her brother Karl's?