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Blind Instincts by _Serza
Blind Instinctsby Serza
*COMPLETED* My head bowed in a heavy mannor, not in respect, but in trepidation. I discern his unwavering gaze over my ill silhouette. "Look at me." I opened m...
She would persevere by SaarJT
She would persevereby Sarah J
How would you feel when the world you grew up in crashed and burned? What if you were tossed into one that was all about survival? Would you persevere? Or would you crum...
Relentless-BoyxBoy ✔ by BriBillau
Relentless-BoyxBoy ✔by Brianna
Ace Reynolds is a former army officer. Brought down by his sexuality multiple times, he is conflicted when it comes to love and acceptance. He's looking for the one thin...
Meeting Mr. Whitaker by JacqTheWriter
Meeting Mr. Whitakerby Jacqueline
Is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person? According to Hazel Barrett, yes, it absolutely is. Especially if that person happens to be your teacher.
The Isle by CLmauve
The Isleby CLmauve
what is a man to do when his secret haven is ravaged by a true force of nature?. based on the tribe form of poetry
Mafia Heiress ✔️ by Jackieloveswriting
Mafia Heiress ✔️by Jackieloveswriting
NB: Previously titled, the Mafia's Fallen Angel. Now titled, Mafia Heiress✔️ "A female can never be a heir to anything. Useless trash" he says in our language...
The Villainess Protects The Heroine by MJLGRD
The Villainess Protects The Heroineby MJLGRD
A hybrid-genre novel revolving around the life of Minerva Pallestine, the notorious villainess of the duke's 2nd daughter from his 4 children whom Cecilia Arzeniss have...
Avengers and the Multiverse by alecia00
Avengers and the Multiverseby Alecia
After Loki, Peter, Wanda, and Dr. Strange break the multiverse, the Avengers are brought together to try and fix it. To do so, they must watch the movies and tv shows ma...
The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Lacey Anne Ferry grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana where riding horses was an everyday part of her life. She loved the horses, cattle, and the hard work that came wit...
Personality(A SOUL Trait Undertale book) by MEJ2235
Personality(A SOUL Trait MEJ2235
Have you ever wondered what each of the seven SOUL traits meant? What do they make you? Which colour are you? This book is my attempt at explaining them and hopefully cl...
Bolts and Trials (Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue Fanfiction) by AmiSki1717
Bolts and Trials (Disney Planes: ⚡️ジェイエイ⚡️
Fire season has been very rough on the Fire and Rescue team, and they find themselves in need of Dusty's help. At least, that's what Dusty thought. When he arrived at Pi...
Living with a prince (Jimin x reader) by Shireblossom72
Living with a prince (Jimin x Shire
"I'm not that intimidating am I?" He asks looking at me like the most innocent person in the world. I didn't trust him for a second. I couldn't I knew I couldn...
Undertale: Three Player Edition (The Genocide Route) by Schrumbs_17
Undertale: Three Player Edition ( Schrum
Three friends fall into the underground. However, things will be different this time. I recommend reading the pacifist version of this story first to understand some thi...
Music Heals All Wounds by BooksByNisha
Music Heals All Woundsby Nish.
All she ever wanted to do was sing. Since she was a little girl Essence always dreamed of being a singer, but never actually pursued the idea. Her dream is further defe...
Adept in Peril by Feran_meee
Adept in Perilby Israel Esther
This follows the journey of a courageous teenager who navigates the turbulent waters of bullying and infatuation while steadfastly holding onto her Christian faith. Desp...
God and I by stories_by_tanya
God and Iby Tanya Mombeshora
Collection of poetry about my relationship with God. Challenges I faced to be loyal and Him hanging on to him #15 triumph #16 perseverance
The Prophecy of the Lost by BLUEEEpancakes
The Prophecy of the Lostby Blue
What would happen if a certain someone decided to appear? What if someone else, from the past, too? What would happen to our heroes? WARNING: death, blood, suicide, ment...
Akai Hana : Birth Of The Fire Blossom by charm_meson
Akai Hana : Birth Of The Fire charm_meson
"Mirai, a new life awaits us." "I know." "Is there anything you want?" "Will you give me what I want, uncle?" "I can try. Ju...
Back Stronger Than Before by WriterLiz_
Back Stronger Than Beforeby WriterLiz
This is an old story from the 7th grade. I am sorry for the cringey-ness of it all.... --------- ------------- Andrea Grey treated cruelly by her p...
Undertale: Three Player Edition  by Schrumbs_17
Undertale: Three Player Edition by Schrum
Three friends fall in the underground. ( I DO NOT own undertale. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. )