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Make Me~an MLBxMarvel Crossover by Kakabear808
Make Me~an MLBxMarvel Crossoverby Kakabear
This is a Marvel/MLB crossover. Ladybug is sixteen now, and Lila hs ruined her life, not only in school, but in her superhero life as well. Hawkmoth has gotten stronger...
Miraculous salt oneshots by gizmochem25
Miraculous salt oneshotsby gizmochem25
I do several different ships, they are all mainly salt but if you request something, I can make sure it's fluff. Make sure to check out my other book if you want. By the...
The Liar's Downfall by DanicaTrussell
The Liar's Downfallby DanicaTrussell
Marinette leaves Paris, tired of how everyone is treating her and goes to New York as Audrey Bourgeois renewed her offer. In New York, Marinette becomes friends with Zoe...
miraculous crossover oneshots by chat_noir_17
miraculous crossover oneshotsby chat_noir_17
class salt, daminette, pertnette, and more. I'll take requests, but no smut/sin. Love ya daggers!
Cover shop 2(Miraculous) by Tanjanette
Cover shop 2(Miraculous)by Tanjanette
The first one doesn't want to open so I started a new one
Peternette April by Butterflykingdom33
Peternette Aprilby Butterflykingdom33
An entire month filled with Peternette / Spideybug one shots for each day of April. If you are unaware this ship is between Peter Parker and Marinette Dupain Cheng.
Maribat, Miraculous and Marvel x MLB stories/oneshots by Coolkid_Mcgee
Maribat, Miraculous and Marvel x Bettuce B Benson
I'm honestly just really bored and don't want to write chapters for my other story. Anyways these are just gonna be random one shots or short stories that have multiple...
Miraculous Oneshots by Kakabear808
Miraculous Oneshotsby Kakabear
Just a series of oneshots including salt, maybe ¿death? and crossovers from both Marvel and DC only. Future chapters include: A good old classic trip to Gotham, with a...
Peter and Marinette meet by queengillianporter
Peter and Marinette meetby Kit Kat
Crossover of Miraculous and Marvel. Tom Holland's Spider-Man/ Peter Parker. 'Class, we have a new student. Please welcome Peter Parker.' Takes place after No Way Home. ...
Salty Song Fics by PinkSafhires
Salty Song Ficsby Ari
Lots of salt. Adriensalt. Lilasalt. Alyasalt. Chloesugar. Ninosugar. Daminette. Marijon. Etc. Also, I am taking requests. But if you request a song, could you also give...
Peternette by CtMiana
Peternetteby miana
Marinette x peter parker ------------------------------------------• Crossover of mlb and avengers ------------------------------------------• Hawkmoth was defeated 1 m...
its miraculous || one-shots by wooeaoyeayea
its miraculous || one-shotsby mina
some random one-shots. I'll accept requests as well :D Also, please vote,comment and share! Thank you!