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The God-level Boss Is Pampered ( 2) by yve_moon93
The God-level Boss Is Pampered ( 2)by Min Cheska Writes mœvendor'Lee
Novel Summary I heard that the only god in heaven has fallen, and the fragments of the soul are scattered in various small worlds. In order to help the gods gather all t...
Random Neko Book by BellaGlistaria
Random Neko Bookby BellaGlistaria
This book will have both smut and fluff, and will probably have a multitude of fandoms in it soooo yeah. No one but me is probably gonna read it but eh.
dog days ━ scotty valens x male!oc!  by inkpilferer
dog days ━ scotty valens x male! soft weeb
BxB!! MxB!! It takes a few seconds to work, but then Asher mewls and wraps his arms loosely around Scotty's neck. He presses closer into the older male, runs the tip of...
CATastrophic by Pikminthree
CATastrophicby DownToPlayer
Robbie just wanted to make Sportacus leave town not turn into an animal
A Pack Of Hellhounds by JINXDAPANDAAA
A Pack Of Hellhoundsby Jinx Zam'Luna
Jinx Zam'Luna loved animals and had a nack for training animals. From Spitting Cobras and Silverback Gorillas, to Sidney Funnel-web Spiders, and Harpie Eagles. However h...
Golden Antlers (Beastars) by MrToastyToast
Golden Antlers (Beastars)by MrToastyToast
Jack's school life took a bit of a turn when he finds a red deer occupying his favorite hidden spot in the library, causing him to take a nearby seat instead. Weeks of s...
give me shelter, or show me heart by RainbowRandoms
give me shelter, or show me heartby 🐝
Danny isn't feeling too good, so Arin decides his favourite guy needs a break and some snuggles from his snuggle man. [ requested fic for the lovely @SouthernVoodooVerse...
A Shifters Compromise by EliaseSeathe
A Shifters Compromiseby EliaseSeathe
A bunch of fluff about interactions between normal humans and their shifting counterparts. P.s. first time publishing, and publicly letting others read. If you don't lik...
104 Interesting and Fun Cat Facts by sachitreesha
104 Interesting and Fun Cat Factsby Gfriend@Sowon
Its all about cats ..duh ! Get to know more about the lovely cats ! ...
Physical Touch by meebzwrites
Physical Touchby meebzwrites
Chat Noir's love language, to Marinette's slight surprise, is physical touch. Apparently something he'd been severely lacking in his civilian life.
The Lucaya Story by ZxrxDxllxs
The Lucaya Storyby nelly_21
Every typical romance has the bad boy who's a player but meets a girl who changes him and they fall in love. Well lets say... This isn't your typical love story... !!!R...
jEANS by Septiphaniplier
jEANSby Dork and Spoon
Sulvivalcraft computer edition tips by railebong12
Sulvivalcraft computer edition tipsby railebong12
Tips how to survive to the survival craft in computer edition