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Lies and Deception (LloydxReader) Book 1 by KtStoryTeller
Lies and Deception (LloydxReader)...by KtStoryTeller
*COMPLETED* *NEEDS EDITING* ______ (Y/n) is one of the most wanted criminals where she lives. She steals in order to survive. One day while robbing a bank, she meets a m...
Ninjago Texting by Ominus_Potato
Ninjago Textingby Ominous_potato
Ships, story's, group chats, and one or two truth or dares. I will write a seperate story for truth or dare. This will be one of those story's that has tones of parts an...
book 1 | The Unknown Prophecy {ninjagoxreader} by looking_for_ninja
book 1 | The Unknown Prophecy {nin...by Hannah🤍
**CURRENTLY EDITING** (Y/n) was homeless, the ninja take her in. Some of them treat her as if she's unwelcome. Soon enough they would all have to trust her, or else they...
legacy high | ninjago au by alirxi
legacy high | ninjago auby ELFIREI
Welcome to Legacy High, where the sons and daughters of Royals and Rebels attend and prepare to fulfil their destinies. Join Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Morro, Nya, Sky...
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{KaixReader} Flame Mixed With Snow? by looking_for_ninja
{KaixReader} Flame Mixed With Snow?by Hannah🤍
Y/n finds her brother, and is supposed to be ready to meet his ninja friends. When she meets them, Kai stares straight into her eyes. He's known as the player, but will...
Ninjago Jole :Love On Halloween by ninjagoforlife
Ninjago Jole :Love On Halloweenby ninjagoforlife
This was the first ever fanfiction I had written and published. It is still very special to me to this day, though the grammar and storyline may not be that great; it w...
Ninjago X Gravity Falls (finished) by Ominus_Potato
Ninjago X Gravity Falls (finished)by Ominous_potato
Why would happen if the ninja were to travel to the mysterious land of Gravity Falls origin? Find out as our heroic ninja have to face one of the most powerful enemy's e...
Choices by Ominus_Potato
Choicesby Ominous_potato
Ever since Lloyd convinces Mr E to be in the team it has been nothing but misery for Zane. He could overlook all of the bad things that E has done but he crosses the lin...
Distances apart-a Pixane love story by Ominus_Potato
Distances apart-a Pixane love storyby Ominous_potato
*also has Jaya and Kailor* Zane and Pixal have been friends since they were three. They went to the same school, where in the same classes and had the same interests. Bu...
Truth or Dare - Ninjago  by LloyaShipper
Truth or Dare - Ninjago by Ninjago Fangirl
So the title pretty much says it all!!! You can ask the Ninja a question (which would be the truth) or you can tell them to do something (which would be the dare)!!! So...
Heart AU (The Island+Seaboud) -Ninjago- by Sahara_The_Hybrid
Heart AU (The Island+Seaboud) -Nin...by Sahara_The_Hybrid
Morro is back in Ninjago and is now on the ninja's side helping them fight the Villains of Ninjago! With every good team though comes great challenges. This challenge is...
20 Day OTP Challenge by inactivenowbye
20 Day OTP Challengeby lillia n
Heyo! I haven't even been tagged in this but I REALLY wanted to do this! More info inside!
Pixane Appreciation Club! by TitaniumNinjasGirl
Pixane Appreciation Club!by Jules
Welcome to the Pixane Appreciation Club, where all your Pixane dreams come true! Headcanons, oneshots, and random ideas from the Discord servers I'm in. Angst and fluff...
Mah art! ❤️ by inactivenowbye
Mah art! ❤️by lillia n
Heh heh heeeeeh. I drew the cover. All my art is complete garbage like me. Most of them are my OTPs, OCs or friends of mine. ??‍♀️ DONT be toooooo critical. I hate my ar...
Ninjago Ships by dawarriors
Ninjago Shipsby Fangirl#1
Here you can suggest ships and I will tell you how I rate them!!!! All you have to do is leave a comment about what ship you want me to rate and I will rate it for you...
Ninjago Headcanons by charlottelincoln123
Ninjago Headcanonsby Simp_Queen_Of_Anime🖕
What the title says, this book will be most of my headcanons for ninjago BTW some of these may be a bit ooc
Moss (Lloyd X cole) by LittleWriterBean
Moss (Lloyd X cole)by Just A Writer
This is for me and my girlfriend sense she likes cole and I like lloyd so it works out good hope you enjoy
Compatibility Revisited: A Nindroid Romance by FrozenSoapbubble
Compatibility Revisited: A Nindroi...by FrozenSoapbubble
12 episodes in the style of a Lego Ninjago season, focusing on Pixal and Zane - because my OTP in the Ninjago universe deserves much more interaction to develop as a cou...
Human Pixane Story  by SandraZuLan_
Human Pixane Story by SandraZuLan_
*Human! Pixal & Human! Zane they're not ninja. This is various story of them as a human. Because my mind can't stop thinking bout them. This is pretty random, so it mig...
Ninjago: Pixal x Zane Oneshots and Headcanons by FrozenSoapbubble
Ninjago: Pixal x Zane Oneshots and...by FrozenSoapbubble
The title says it all. Headcanons and some oneshots about my Ninjago OTP, the two nindroids Zane and Pixal.