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The Playboy Stole My First Kiss by Snuffelwaffle
The Playboy Stole My First Kissby Snuffel Waffle
➶ ➶ ➶ "You're a bad kisser" I said as we pulled away. "And you're a bad liar" ...
His Pizza Girl ✔ {#2} by colloidal
His Pizza Girl ✔ {#2}by vanz
→ SPIN OFF TO FLIRTLINE BLING When Isaac accidentally calls a local pizzeria, he meets Jenny, a sarcastic and witty girl, as perfect for him as you can imagine. Amidst l...
Insomnia (A FNAF x reader) by nightmare597
Insomnia (A FNAF x reader)by Nightmare
*COMPLETED, UNDER EDITING* (Y/N) (L/N) is looking for a new job to help pay off her apartment. While searching for one (Y/N) stumbles upon a kids pizzeria named Freddy F...
I Am Always Here ~A FNaF x Reader~ by SnowyFrostedWinter
I Am Always Here ~A FNaF x Reader~by SnowyFrostedWinter
You were an excellent kid. Everyone noticed this. Your parents especially. They would take you to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You loved going there. The pizza, the music...
Changing Tides by DragneelHearts
Changing Tidesby Moon_Dragneel
(Cover is Mine) Bryan has watched as Springtrap and Molten plan something that he doesn't like.So Bryan begins to make his own plan to stop them. His attitude towards th...
Investigating You - (WilliamXFem) by DavesLittleH03
Investigating You - (WilliamXFem)by DavemillersSLVT
Y/N is a young woman in the crime investigative field. A tragedy happens at the Fredbears Pizza diner which leads officer Taylor to hire you to discover what truly happe...
FNaF x Reader One shots (Discontinued) by FNaF2BalloonGirl
FNaF x Reader One shots (Discontin...by Balloon Girl
I did one shots for tons of characters from FNaF 2. But they all have a specially given name (what I call the new ones) and chapters that are about them will have their...
Wake Up (A Fnaf Au Story) by Jluvartz
Wake Up (A Fnaf Au Story)by Jay
Dean Robbinson, a 17 year old boy who's dearly close to his sister, Harmony, find out that a local Pizzeria Diner has recently opened. He, Harmony, and their friends dec...
𝐷𝑜𝑛'𝑡 𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑣𝑒 ♡︎ by Reno_liquid
𝐷𝑜𝑛'𝑡 𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑣𝑒 ♡︎by Reno ;)
Freddy has a crush on Monty but Monty never recognize him or even makes conversation with Freddy will Monty ever get to know him? ♥︎ Btw don't worry I will finish the bo...
William X Henry FNAF (abdl themes) by DarkSlab11
William X Henry FNAF (abdl themes)by
Some non abdl said it was cute so if you like William X Henry this might be a good read. This is before any events happen in fnaf so that's why Will doesn't act like a m...
×-Spare Parts-× by SunMoonAndLollipops
×-Spare Parts-×by ☆Sunny☆
Careful... don't get caught.. or you may never escape.
My Father's Experiment (FNAF FanFic) by Nordesse
My Father's Experiment (FNAF FanFi...by Nordy
Hey, this was written by younger fetus me. So I just wanna warn you that it's an awful and outdated fic. It's motivating for me to look back on my old, preteen self's wo...
Slavage [ Lefty x Reader ] by JefferyWoodsBabyGirl
Slavage [ Lefty x Reader ]by Stormie Bishop
(Y/n) is a shy sweet defenceless girl who works at her father's pizzeria. She's happy for her father's work but what will happen when a mysterious animatronic bear come...
{Our little purple nightmare~} Yandere Purple guy x female reader!  by Coffee_ladywriter
{Our little purple nightmare~} Yan...by ☕️Coffee lady<3☕️
While waiting in line the person in front of you looked strange. He seemed to be completely purple including his eyes were different it was black with two white orbs to...
Yan!Molten Freddy x Fem!Reader by Cleasmilkq
Yan!Molten Freddy x Fem!Readerby Vincent
This whole story is based on thefamousfilms minecraft role play series. If you haven't watched it yet heavy spoilers will be included if you hadn't already watch it! It'...
phoneo and juliet [ a dialogue story ] by callmegauche
phoneo and juliet [ a dialogue sto...by pooj
"This is Julio's pizzeria, what would you like to order?" "Hi, could I have a large pepperoni pizza with a double chocolate mocha delivered to 76 Maple Av...
Why not do an ask or dare but drunk? by Whentheworldisending
Why not do an ask or dare but drun...by Mox__7002
Yes i stole this idea.. DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT!!!
In Love with My Darn Enemy~Fangle by Aye_pirate_gurl
In Love with My Darn Enemy~Fangleby ¿Que?
*Takes place inside the Pizzeria* *Human's with Animal Feature* Story Plot: Ever since the New came to the Pizzeria one of the old's didn't approve. he wasn't really hap...
Dave Miller x female Reader 18+ by Rats2008
Dave Miller x female Reader 18+by RATS
This is a Dave Miller x female Reader story This is also from the book "The silver eyes"
An enemy love story (Ennard x Michael) by AlyLBM
An enemy love story (Ennard x Mich...by roxy lbm
You all know the Aftons. You all heard the Afton family reunion. I don't have why to explain it,but I do have to explain the love story between a killer and his victim. ...