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Son Of Nick Fury (Percy Jackson x Avengers) by BrodyCrimson
Son Of Nick Fury (Percy Jackson x...by Brody Crimson
Percy Jackson fanfiction, Son of Fury. When Percy returned from his first quest, he came home to find his mom had been murdered by Gabe. (sorry, I still love Sally!) He...
The Betrayed Stark by YassenTheAssassin
The Betrayed Starkby YassenTheAssassin
Percy closed the door and sunk to his knees. His mother, the one who helped him through everything, the one who always had faith in him, the one who stood by him...Gone...
Keep him safe for me (avengers x pjo crossover) by Boo1265
Keep him safe for me (avengers x p...by Boo1265
WARING: abuse, maybe depression- suicadal thoughts, self of harm and maybe attempted suicde Percy Jackson's Mum, sally Jackson was surprisingly very good friends with N...
Hurricane {ON HOLD (thanks writers block)} by fruitygoblin0
Hurricane {ON HOLD (thanks writers...by fruitygoblin0
Percy Jackson x Avengers Crossover After the war with Gaea, Percy is left alone. The rest of the seven are dead, including Annabeth, the love of his life. Nico is gone...
SAVED || Peter Parker by OceanRTC
SAVED || Peter Parkerby Ocean
Olivia was done with everything. After the war with Gaia, she doesn't think that anything will ever be the same. Her closest friends? Dead. Her family? Murdered. Her san...
Marvel Demigods, Seaweed Brain; Avenging Wisegirl by SuperSilverSpy
Marvel Demigods, Seaweed Brain; Av...by MariaBlack
Perseus means "Avenger" There's important info in the first chapter, and a whole rant about how this fic is not like other PJoxAvengers fics *summary coming so...
Pjo x Avengers x Maximum Ride by fruitygoblin0
Pjo x Avengers x Maximum Rideby fruitygoblin0
Nick Fury was stumped. After the Chitauri, he spent his time anxiously pacing his office or searching through every SHIELD file he could get his hands on. One day, durin...
Frank Zhang and the Avengers by ayeathelas
Frank Zhang and the Avengersby ➭ ayeath
"That sounds like a terrible boyband name." "Stark, I'm going to kill you." In which a terrible boyband + a demigod try to save the world so aforemen...
THE DEMIGOD by sallyjacksons
THE DEMIGODby sallyjacksons
in which nick fury wants to kidnap percy jackson to learn more about him but, nick and the avengers are forced to read about his life. (pjo×the avengers) reading the boo...
Clouds(A Pjo/HooxAvengers crossover.) by Pjofan89
Clouds(A Pjo/HooxAvengers crossove...by Pjofan89
Tony Stark thinks that all things are going well for him and his team. Until he learns that he has a nephew. --------- Leo Valdez just came back with his girlfriend Caly...
Percy Jackson and the Avengers by Bookworm-no2
Percy Jackson and the Avengersby Nyxwritesfanfic
Chiron, with the help of Sally and Paul, sends 4 demigods to Goode high school for a 'normal' experience in high school. They are quickly split up due to their age diffe...
Elements of Tartarus (PJO/ Avengers Crossover) by chickentenders56
Elements of Tartarus (PJO/ Avenger...by chickentenders56
After the war against Gaia, Percy and Annabeth just wanted a break. However, the fates are cruel, and send the Avengers their way. With Tartarus rising, a new great prop...