Plasticcrisis Stories

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'Unsuspecting' Damnation by Aylanicol
'Unsuspecting' Damnationby 'Ayla'
A five hundred word short 'story' diving into the incriminating man's wrongdoings of the plastic crisis. Nature is not mute, it is man who is dead - Terence Mckenna. A...
Unbroken by MaeveHadewig
Unbrokenby Maeve Hadewig
My series of submissions for the #PlanetOrPlastics competition by National Geographic. I hope you like them. |Highest Rank: #14|
The Q-Tip's Quip by uma2005anand
The Q-Tip's Quipby uma2005anand
This story details the life of a Q-Tip: from it's birth in a factory to it's place in the clutches of a seahorse.
No Other Fish by uma2005anand
No Other Fishby uma2005anand
This story features a dystopian world where fish live on land and have suffered a lot due to the effect of fish-created plastic- but nothing at all, compared to the agon...
Fading Beauty by covertteen
Fading Beautyby CovertTeen
My entry for the #planetorplastic competition. Drop down your comments, constructive criticism, a vote maybe or even a follow if you feel generous😉
The Dead Zone #PlanetOrPlastic by Ruechari
The Dead Zone #PlanetOrPlasticby Ruechari
A sea animal's perspective of the problems of plastic in the oceans today and a plea for you to take notice. ranked #1 November 30, 2018 #National Geographic ranked #6...