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Daddy Anon x Reader by romanticstoryzzz
Daddy Anon x Readerby Multiple`Love`Stories
All you wanted to do was support the BLM movement, yet you didnt expect him to come. -sorry for spelling errors, I double check my writing before I post it but somehow I...
Why Don't We Imagines (Some Smut!) by Rosasavery
Why Don't We Imagines (Some Smut!)by Rosa Jane Price
Feel free to comment requests! I'll be doing regular and smut imagines.
In the darkness by Devilbaby7
In the darknessby Dark Desire
She was taken in the darkness
Sex dungeon by Teresa_Darlene_Love
Sex dungeonby Teresa_Darlene_Love
Scarlet and Mason sex all night long and for the rest of their young lives.
The neighbours son. Daddy ?  by yourveryownthotdaddy
The neighbours son. Daddy ? by yourveryownthotdaddy
Smuttttt ⚠️ So your mom(single mom) was best friends with the neighbour(also single mom), the neighbour had a son. You found out more about him, although the others didn...
911 by Amaya_Amor
911by Amaya_Amor
Dive into this compelling thriller to discover what turns a routine traffic stop into a pleasure filled nightmare.
Becoming Daddy's Girl  by SARAHSHEART
Becoming Daddy's Girl by Sarah
Maria's journey to reconnect with her father
A Sinful Ticklish Tale by UndertaleSinner
A Sinful Ticklish Taleby Proud SkeleSinner
When a young neko girl falls down into the Underground by mistake, one could only assume that a grand adventure filled with fights, friends, and DETERMINATION was about...
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated Hearts Series) Complete by MercyRose
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 ( Tara
My breath came in short pants and my heart took off at a staccato pace. I felt my skin warm and my blood tingle and this was all just from seeing him again. At first...
Sanity and Vampires (Captured sequel) by sandersensarah
Sanity and Vampires (Captured sandersensarah
Once upon a time, Laurie Cortez was kidnapped by a vampire... And now, he's hunting her down again. Will she be able to escape? Or will it become impossible to res...
Twin Flame Connection by Ariesthesunflower
Twin Flame Connectionby Ariesthesunflower
The twin flame is the form in which the mind, body, and spirit were separated. WARNING!!!!! This is my conversation with my twin flame. Keep in mind that our twin flame...
Complicated thingz by jrodslife
Complicated thingzby jrodslife
Jennifer is single and not ready to date again but can she resist....
Poems about LOVE :) by LostWriter22
Poems about LOVE :)by Alexis Nicole Flores
Poems/proses about love/romance stuffs :) hope you'll like them. NEW ones are at the top :) ~So please don't forget to read, comment, vote and even fan ^^~
The Devil of Pleasure  by ElizabethHarmony
The Devil of Pleasure by Elizabeth Harmony
A young woman finds herself in a fatal encounter that just so happens to be a devil, however he is a devil of love and pleasure. She must make her way through the journe...
In love with my sister in law  by avneil_erotica
In love with my sister in law by avneil_erotica
Read at your own risk! " Relationships are not illicit , Judgements are "
Love for a McMahon •D.M.• by queendixiedamelio
Love for a McMahon •D.M.•by Simp
The story of Brielle McMahon-Levesque and Drew McIntyre. How they meet and how they develop their feelings for each other cover credit:corbinxevans