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Weathering The Storm... (A Pokemon OC Story) by LittleGameBoy123
Weathering The Storm... (A Pokemon...by RebelGalaxy
Lucas is an ordinary trainer, travelling with his partner, Torchic. Like any other trainer, he is travelling around the Hoenn Region, collecting all the gym badges he ca...
Obligated Ambitions ( Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime x OC/ Male reader) by zer0420
Obligated Ambitions ( Pokémon Sun...by Zer0420
To have a ambition, is to have the drive and determination to make something a reality. Everyone at some point in their lives will one day have an ambition. But what if...
An Alolan Trainer, A Galar Journey (Leon x Reader) by KimFoxyHONK
An Alolan Trainer, A Galar Journey...by KimFoxy15
Not sure how to do a description of this XD
My Pocket Monster Academia by DarkNarukami112
My Pocket Monster Academiaby Dark Narukami
Welcome to the world of Pokémon. Originally long ago when the first man was alive Pokémon were just normal animals until a strange phenomenon happened that gave them uni...
☀︎︎The aura boy☀︎︎Remade •Lance's little brother• Pokémon journey X male reader  by skyler10845
☀︎︎The aura boy☀︎︎Remade •Lance's...by Skyler
I changed my mind about giving up on my first book so I'm going to remake it. And about Me being there let's just pretend I dont exist in this book. Y/n blackthorn the y...
The Scarlet And Violet Experience  by Hambo_Again
The Scarlet And Violet Experience by Hambo
This isn't going to be like my other Pokémon stories but simply a dumb retelling of what happened to me during my adventure with the game. But as a male reader insert!
Beyond Pokemon by NasukraBTsuki
Beyond Pokemonby Nasukra Tsuki / ナスクラ 月
In the world of Pokemon, there are some adult situations the cartoon failed to touch on. Many fail to realize the severity of a pokemon's attack, others did not touch on...
My Edge Lord Complex! [Gladion x Moon or Lonashipping] by Champion_Moon4060
My Edge Lord Complex! [Gladion x M...by Champion_Moon
Moon and Gladion hate each other right? So why is Moon feeling this way around this edge lord? It's Moon's Edge Lord Complex!~ Moon has just moved from Sinnoh to Alola a...
Pokehuman One-shots by dratiinii
Pokehuman One-shotsby brave man
Just a bunch of random one shots that involves Gijinka, aka Pokéhumans, and the reader.
Pokémon: Journey of  A master book 1:Kanto by Chase0345
Pokémon: Journey of A master book...by Blazeking
Arceus sees of a danger coming in the next few years and sees ash is there only hope,will he be the light that defeats the darkness,or the light that the darkness burns...
A Boy and His Dragon Book 2: Secrets and Lies Unraveling by LunarPlayer16
A Boy and His Dragon Book 2: Secre...by LunarPlayer
This is a continuation of A Boy and His Dragon Book 1: The Journey Begins. It picks up exactly where the past story stops, so please go back and read that if you haven't...
°°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Shit Ni??a °°° by MaxieAndCyrusOwO
°°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Sh...by Lynn Moxśkla Zbszka
This will be a first for me, since I never really wrote Pokémon fanfics before. Wish me luck, I guess.
The Lady in The Woods by TheWrittingPan
The Lady in The Woodsby TheWrittingPan
N x reader Completed When N is looking around the forest he stumbles upon a stranger in a cave. PanPirate on Quotev TheWrittingPan on Ao3
Pokèmon One shots! ( Requests are Open! ) by Blade_Dancer12
Pokèmon One shots! ( Requests are...by 🖤Blades🖤
All of the Pokèmon in this story can be human and not human. But Hopefully you guys will enjoy!
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Reader x Piers x Raihan by skrrt_misfitz
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Reader x...by skrrt_misfitz
After winning the largest battle of the trainers and becoming the number one champion your life takes a pleasent turn. You are the current gym leader of the Fairy Type G...
Pokémon in a Shinobi world by DarkNarukami112
Pokémon in a Shinobi worldby Dark Narukami
A boy in a terrible accident left him fully paralyzed but his love for Pokémon and Anime remained the same. A new accident has occurred causing him to be transported to...
An art book cause Wynaut? by fluff_writer_
An art book cause Wynaut?by Fluff
I may not be updating this very often due to other commitments. Goodness... the old stuff in here is pretty cringe Xd. Full of artworks and junk... Well... yea... That's...
Red by KyleAlingus
Redby KyleAlingus
As the Omnitrix was sent to earth it came with a guardian. Now watch as this guardian fights alongside the new wielder of the Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson. With the power that...
The Man of Steel (Steven X Reader) by pokebubble
The Man of Steel (Steven X Reader)by kate!
You have just arrived in Hoenn. With your powerful team it's seems you are invincible, but you are stopped after you find the Champion injured in the woods. What has h...
Kim's Adventure In The Pokémon World ~Pokémon Fanfiction by KimberlyMcClure
Kim's Adventure In The Pokémon Wor...by Kimberly McClure
A Pokémon fan fiction by: Kimberly McClure A new trainer Kim gets the adventure of her life when she starts her own Pokémon journey. New things happen along the way! Ne...