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Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Pokemon by Crazy_Fan_Girlz
Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Po...by Fanfic Writer
Moving from Kalos to Galar was very difficult for you. You didn't like much about the Galar region. You especially disliked the Champion, Leon. What happens when a twist...
My evil Physic God ( ash x mewtwo) ( mewtwox ash) ( Firstshipping) by Ginersnap2010
My evil Physic God ( ash x mewtwo)...by Gingersnap
Mewtwo well was watching the humans....and saw ash...he of course invited him...but what with's all the glances he's given ash.... and what's with the close contact...me...
Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader x Leon) by KingGEURGE
Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader...by KingGeurge
The Dragon Tamer, Raihan. The Pokemon Whisperer, Y/N. And The Unbeatable Champion, Leon. They will encounter many things throughout their relationship, read to find out...
Lorelei x Y/N Male Reader(Read Description For Context) by Themobilewriter
Lorelei x Y/N Male Reader(Read Des...by Themobilewriter
Context on the characters Lorelei is 27 while Y/N is 25 almost turning 26.Y/N originates from the Alola Region who is visiting the Kanto region in order to see the diffe...
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x OC) by shadowkaiii
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x...by shadowkaiii
#1 pokemonfanfic 05 Feb. 2020 | #1 leonxreader 11 Feb. 2020 | #1 pokemonshield 06 Mar. 2020 Adeline spent half of her life in the spotlight, becoming very well-known in...
Kalos Redone  by PokeBall252
Kalos Redone by PokeBall252
Serena finally takes the guts to confess to Ash while the latter wins the Kalos League....in a way. Delia reveals her true nature of work and Ash takes a new and a rathe...
The Quiet Champion by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Quiet Championby 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
Ash Ketchum,After losing to Trip at the Unova League,He was heading back home with his younger brother,Red and he stumbled upon them and he was betrayed.They also kill h...
The world hated him. There were reasons too, he did things he shouldn't had. He destroyed families, he killed peoples, hurted them, took their everything but it was noth...
The Shapeshifter: pokemon sun&moon (Discontinued/Rewritten) by KonekoJr
The Shapeshifter: pokemon sun&moon...by MrsKoneko Jr
[ this fic was discontinued and rewritten. ] In which a girl named annalece lives in the world of pokemon, entirely bent on hatred towards them. Why? Because she was on...
~My Adventure Through Kalos!~ «Ash Ketchum x Oc» by MiyukiKori
~My Adventure Through Kalos!~ «Ash...by 💙❄ Miu-chan❄🤍
----------------------------------------------------------- ⭐Amari Akiko⭐ - Is a kind and energetic girl that wants to be the Kalos Queen! And a childhood bestfriend of...
SAVE YOU (A furthershipping fanfiction) by Shadow9469
SAVE YOU (A furthershipping fanfic...by Shadow9469
"You know what Leaf, Be mine and only mine." He muttered as the distance between our lips begun to close. What if Ash meet a special someone he left in his...
Unstable [Pokémon Fanfic] (Complete!) by KairahT
Unstable [Pokémon Fanfic] (Complet...by Pokemon Trainer Kyrati
"Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions." Funny, because an Eeve...
Il Silenzio Delle Stelle Cadenti [Harry PotterxPokemon Crossover Fanfic, 2015 PKMNWatties] by eri_quin
Il Silenzio Delle Stelle Cadenti [...by Eri Quin
In a fated meeting in what was supposed to be an ordinary business party, Giovanni becomes quite taken with Henrietta Potter, which ensues in a chaotic chase as "Ha...
Pokémon The Wonders of the World by PikaMew-02
Pokémon The Wonders of the Worldby PikaMew
Red, a fifteen year old boy from Kanto, was ready to embark on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. But, when his journey started, he discovered some strange oddities...
His soft side by fellinloveee
His soft sideby cinnamon
(Gladion X Reader!!) Gladion comes off as rather rude and uncaring. At least... to most people. But during the crazy events that happened at the aether foundation, (F/N)...
Super Pokémon Heroes (Cinderace x Male Reader) by FoxBoy2099
Super Pokémon Heroes (Cinderace x...by Delaven Foxboy
(Season 1) A new chapter unfolds as two parallel universes collide to create a collision course. Ash Ketchum longs to be a Pokémon master while Goh wants to collect all...
In the Hall of the Pokémon King - A Pokémon FanFiction by SpecimenOfSauron
In the Hall of the Pokémon King...by Mr. Depth Leviathan
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, all rights go to Nintendo/Gamefreak/Pokémon. This FanFiction contains minor depictions of violence, so viewer discretio...
Ups and Downs (An Eeveelution story/Pokemon drama) by ChaosSoulWrites
Ups and Downs (An Eeveelution stor...by ChaosSoul
Hoshi the sylveon and her eeveelution friends are pets to their trainer Sara. One fateful day, Hooman (Sara) brings home a wild umbreon named Kage that escaped from the...
✔️Pokemon: Cinderella (May x Drew) (Contestshipping) by NickyZaizen
✔️Pokemon: Cinderella (May x Drew)...by Nicky Zaizen | 郑晨曦
Once upon a time, there is a girl name May Maple. She is a beautiful girl that has to serve her family after her father had passed away. She was never lonely and always...
Like a Boss [Pokemon Fanfic, 2015 PKMNWatties] by eri_quin
Like a Boss [Pokemon Fanfic, 2015...by Eri Quin
After a Research and Development experiment accident, Giovanni gets de-aged and more doors are opened for him. And yet the first thing he chooses to do is harass Ash Ket...