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Rhys Wakefeild x Reader Fanfic (The Purge) by HellGirl104
Rhys Wakefeild x Reader Fanfic (Th...by HellGirl104
Decided to make a fanfic with Rhys because why the hell not? He's bae. Takes place during Purge night and Rhys wants you for something...what is it exactly? Enjoy. ^_^
The Polite Leader *Love Story* by jessy1800
The Polite Leader *Love Story*by jessy1800
He changed. All the leader wanted to do was Purge and cleanse himself but he ended up falling in love. He fell for her beauty and charm.
The Purge Reader insert  by illyblossom08
The Purge Reader insert by
Ok so unpopular opinion I actually really like the movie and I didn't see any reader inserts for it so I'm changing that! also please don't be too hard on me it's my fir...
Silent Night (Polite Leader/OC) by flxwerswillgrow
Silent Night (Polite Leader/OC)by flxwerswillgrow
Rhys and Vale are familiar with each other. They go to the same school, they are part of the same therapy programme. But against the warning of their doctors, they both...
Polite Stranger One-Shots  by Bubbles_And_Tears
Polite Stranger One-Shots by Juhi Crevian Creed
I know I'm not the only one who was extremely attracted to this character in the movie...so enjoy c: