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BabyGirl  by dancing_darry
BabyGirl by Jill
Dallas Winston Fanfic! In this Johnny Cades little sister, Ashley, finds herself falling in love with her brothers best friend. Although they don't get along at first, w...
The Outsiders: Ponyboy x Reader - It all started with a dance  by KarinaDeSousa65
The Outsiders: Ponyboy x Reader...by Cinderellie Cinderellie
You're a Soc and Ponyboy is (of course) a Greaser. But the night of the Carmen's dance you both have no idea what gang you belong to and accidentally fall in love with o...
The Outsiders Group Chat (reader insert) by RosesRCheap20
The Outsiders Group Chat (reader i...by RosesRCheap
The Outsiders Group Chat •Ponyboy •Johnny •Two-bit •Steve •Darry •Sodapop •Dally •(reader) Others: ▪︎Randy ▪︎Cherry ▪︎Bob Group Chat consisting of the outsiders and read...
Johnny's Girl by chrischambersismine
Johnny's Girlby ilovealotoffakemen
This is a story about The Outsiders, but if you were in the gang!
Survive: A Darrel Curtis Love Story by olympus-writes
Survive: A Darrel Curtis Love Storyby Olympus
[Book 1] [Currently Writing Sequel] Survive. That's all Blair Creed could do after her mother wrapped her car around a tree. Survive. That's all Johnny and Ponyboy co...
Johnny Cade Smuts by Cades80sBitch
Johnny Cade Smutsby
Hi. This is my first smut book... And yes it's smuts about Johnny Cade from The Outsiders. It's y/n x Johnny. Please no hate I'm just trying to live my life and write. A...
Where is Home? (The Outsiders Fanfic) by kagehinaily
Where is Home? (The Outsiders Fanf...by Lexi <3
~The Outsiders Fanfiction~ (Dallas Winston) Y/n Emerson is just your average 16 year old living in New York City, or at least that's what it seems from the outside. Tire...
The Outsiders Imagines by JosieCarmelleFanFic
The Outsiders Imaginesby Josie Carmelle
Short Imagines dedicated to the Greasers!
Greaser Girl (Being rewritten) by _pansexual_bitch_
Greaser Girl (Being rewritten)by Elsie Rose
What if the Curtis Brothers had a kid sister what would life be like? Well, for Lillian Rose Curtis that was her life and it goes all downhill after an encounter with a...
the outsiders smut by putainjeune
the outsiders smutby mae
idk if anyone is actually gonna read this
The Outsiders by xvadax
The Outsidersby vada
[Completed✔] The only place where you can imagine your life with a greaser boyfriend.
《The Outsiders Preferences and Imagines》 by Flor1128
《The Outsiders Preferences and Ima...by Flor
Have you ever wanted to watch the sunset with Ponyboy Curtis? Or go to the Dingo with Dallas Winston. §ŢÆY ĞØŁĐ
Simply a Greaser by ChalkboardWall
Simply a Greaserby ChalkboardWall
Ava Winston lived with her alcoholic father in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She didn't have anything extraordinary going on- just the usual greaser things, like avoiding...
Kid Cousin  by slaymybreathaway
Kid Cousin by slaymybreathaway
Dally's cousin moves to Tulsa and falls for none other than Ponyboy Curtis Started on: 19/1/21 Finished on: 20/3/22 No.1 in ranking for #greasers on 10/06/21 No.1 in ran...
tutor||ponyboy curtis ✓ by lindseybeth678
tutor||ponyboy curtis ✓by jackie burkhearts <3
when ponyboy curtis is pushed into being the colored girls tutor the barriers of race break
80s imagines ▸ gif series  ✓ by outsidersxobsessed
80s imagines ▸ gif series ✓by °˖✧
Basically what the title says!
We're Just Best Friends| Darry Curtis  by DAgoat1s1d
We're Just Best Friends| Darry Cur...by DAgoat1s1d
19 year old Delilah Winston and her brother Dallas have finally found a sense of safety and belonging in a gang of their chosen family. Delilah knows how to party and li...
cut my lip ☽  ponyboy curtis by heavnheartd
cut my lip ☽ ponyboy curtisby alice ☻︎
he cut his lip. but he kept going. i know he will.
The Outsiders ships, smut, and gang one-shots by r3nisd34d
The Outsiders ships, smut, and gan...by whore
The Outsiders ships:) I used to say I wouldn't do smut.... I changed my mind cause I didn't want another buckle to go into the 'I don't write smut cause I'm bad at it'...
Imagines And Preferences Pt.2 🐴🌅🏈🥤🍺🍰😎🚗 by Outsidersmarvel23
Imagines And Preferences Pt.2 🐴🌅...by ★Stay Gold ☆
So it's a pt.2! Same old thing send some requests funny or deep, how ever you like it! I'd gladly take any requests. Anyway Stay Gold! 🌅 REQUEST OPEN I DO NOT OWN ANY O...