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Cosmo the seedrian by Ryan8506
Cosmo the seedrianby Ryan8506
This is a parody of the sonic the Hedgehog movie. Hope you enjoy
The fish, the plant and the Doctor by Ryan8506
The fish, the plant and the Doctorby Ryan8506
It was a normal day in tarabiscoville, when suddenly the heroes and villains went missing, it's up to Aquafish and orticia to find out who is destroyed the town
PvZ: It's About Time! by Cole_Goodrich
PvZ: It's About Time!by Cole Goodrich
BOOK 2 OF 2 4 years after defeating Dr. Zomboss and halting the creation of any more zombies, life has improved severely for the survivors and the Plants who've helped t...
PopCap-Topia: Neighborville has Moved! by LandOfPoptopia
PopCap-Topia: Neighborville has Mo...by Land of PopTopia
((WARNING! Contains strong language, and heavy topics!)) Written by OneFey Profile(DeviantART): https://www.deviantart.com/onefey Cover Art by OneFey & CrazyPlantMae Ill...
A change of a frozen heart  by Ryan8506
A change of a frozen heart by Ryan8506
Five weeks after Zomboss attacked, he cant be seen, so he uses frostybloom to do his bidding
Peashooter X Sunflower #4 by Gamingfan1935
Peashooter X Sunflower #4by Gamingfan
This carrys on from #3! The zombies start the war! Peashooter could help out his friends while Sunflower might have to stay in the back for a bit!
Plants VS Zombies:Heroes-Book 1 by Mister_AG
Plants VS Zombies:Heroes-Book 1by Mister_AG
Meet Green Shadow.A normal Peashooter that became a hero because of Dr. Zomboss' Hero-tron 3000.Follow her and their adventures together with the Plant Heroes as they fi...
Plants vs. Zombies by Cole_Goodrich
Plants vs. Zombiesby Cole Goodrich
BOOK 1 OF 2 After a year of brain-eating zombies roaming the earth and bringing humanity to an endangerment, three teenagers, Alex, Josie, and Freddy, discover they're n...
Plants VS Zombies Heroes: Ask or Dare by Gamingfan1935
Plants VS Zombies Heroes: Ask or D...by Gamingfan
Another series of ask or dare! This time. You can ask the heroes anything!!
A Peashooter's Gone Missing 3 by Gamingfan1935
A Peashooter's Gone Missing 3by Gamingfan
PVZ Right reserved to Ea And Popcap
Wall-knight's love for Green shadow  by Gamingfan1935
Wall-knight's love for Green shado...by Gamingfan
Or Penelopea if you've known already!! Anyways the second plants vs zombies heroes romance story! And I hope you enjoy it!!
Night cap X Solar flare by Gamingfan1935
Night cap X Solar flareby Gamingfan
A plants vs zombies heroes romance story!
Secret by TriciaLumictin
Secretby Tricia Lumictin
The plants heroes and crazy dave are finally capture by zomboss,the plant heroes and crazy dave are trap in cage but not an ordinary cage it a floating cage with deadly...
'Seattle' - The Cruelest Place in the World by TheNamesWereInUse
'Seattle' - The Cruelest Place in...by Marcelinus Owen
(WARNING! Contains strong language!) A group of plants and Patrice managed to survive Dr. Zomboss' attack on their home. Now, they must escape the city. They learn about...
Crystals Of The Guardians by WhiteBrim7360
Crystals Of The Guardiansby Prince Sprout
A story about an interesting duo; a peashooter and a sunflower, in the world of Plants vs Zombies. The neighborhood mail boy is living a normal working life, until his t...
Peashooter's nightmare by Gamingfan1935
Peashooter's nightmareby Gamingfan
This takes place after peashooter saved sunflower life! When It got night time. Peashooter felted tried. But what will happen??
Plants X Episode 4 by Gamingfan1935
Plants X Episode 4by Gamingfan
After episode 3 when me and peashooter were attacked by the zombies and then sunflower arrived in the real world and collided with peashooter again!
Peashooter and sunflower episode 7 by Gamingfan1935
Peashooter and sunflower episode 7by Gamingfan
Another episode here we go!
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit: Racer #1 by Gamingfan1935
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit: Racer...by Gamingfan
Seacrest country has become the ultimate place to speed. A playground for the most exotic cars and drivers in the world. But this not a lawless place. Constant competiti...