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Porsha Academy: School of Magic by itsmaidenblack
Porsha Academy: School of Magicby J.
Zeilyn believes her life is simple as others-even though it's not that peaceful. Because of memory loss, she's having some hard time when unfamiliar images linger in her...
Sing Your Harmony (Human! Johnny x Reader) by OneArtsyGamer03
Sing Your Harmony (Human! Johnny x...by Sabrina ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** Not my image for the cover, but I inserted the words! Previously titled "Our Voices Are Strong" ... Dream Big Dreams, right? But maybe- mayb...
My therapist  by choniforlife
My therapist by choniforlife
Porsha is going through a divorce with her husband kordell ,during this divorce she is having depression and losing herself, she calls her friend shamea for advice and...
Buster Moon Takes The Stage!: A Sing 2 Mini-Movie by Brickfan25
Buster Moon Takes The Stage!: A Si...by Smart Rascal Studios
(Taking place after Sing 2) After the events of Sing 2, the Moon Theater gang have been a big success! Once their latest show (Out Of This World) had been on tour, every...
Le Petit Fee by Ninja0fTheTurtle
Le Petit Feeby Ninja0fTheTurtle
Life for Angie has always been simple despite being possible the only human within Red Shore City as well a complete fathers-daughter. Now, she finally has a chance to s...
Grown Man Activities  by DianiecesGrant
Grown Man Activities by Dianieces Grant
A very sexual and romance story about a young black successful Male named Mactaveis Shibazz Grant who loved showing off his special sexual skills to different and many m...
Twins That Stick Together (HAKEEM AND SKYLAR  STORY) by Takeem610
Twins That Stick Together (HAKEEM...by Takeem610
Skylar is a twin to Hakeem Lyon who is over protective of her along with their two other brothers.Cookie also just got out of prision from 17 years. Read to find out sho...
A group of 6 girls have been hidden deep in thew maze in another 'glade'. Just like thomas they all had something to do with wicked. But what happens when the gliders fi...
The Euthord Sisters of Dark-Ridge Lane by mermaid_aaboo
The Euthord Sisters of Dark-Ridge...by c a r l a a u g u s t a
The Euthord Sisters, all different in shape and transform. But can creep you-I repeat: CREEP YOU! So if you like fantasy and mystery, Lilith, Ruby, and Endie are waiting...
Dancing In The Dark. by maceyrios
Dancing In The Dark.by Macey Rios
Rose is a lone person. One night stands every week. But this one Man, Manu, moves her. She asks to see him again. But little does she know the life she was getting into...
the best friend by lakenyahill08
the best friendby Akeilah Mayers
A girl that finds out here bf cheated on her with here sister and bf
Sueltate by Sehmti
Sueltateby Sehmti
"...have you ever seen that?" the voice came quietly, almost as if he couldn't accept what he just saw. "No, not me," was the response. The least s...
Rollercoaster  by pmartin18
Rollercoaster by pmartin18
When you least expect it someone might die
Sing: Rhythm And Romance by TheAverageWriter13
Sing: Rhythm And Romanceby TheAverageWriter13
This is a Sing fanfiction. Well more like a spin-off. The story revolves around Porsha, the daughter of the one and only Jimmy Crystal. The story takes place three month...
Jimmy Crystal's Shadow by mxltixcrqstal
Jimmy Crystal's Shadowby SHIZA
Hey everyone i always felt personally and sing fans are always like who is Porsha's mom? what happened o her and did she divorce from Crystal because of his abused behav...
My Heart Is Yours Sing 2 Porsha X OC Alexis by destinycopley13
My Heart Is Yours Sing 2 Porsha X...by destinycopley13
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Porsha Crystal x OC | Oneshots | Sing 2 by -MightyFrog
Porsha Crystal x OC | Oneshots | S...by MightyFrog
Yes, I did make oneshots about an animated wolf from a children's movie.